GAME GRLZ are back on the show floor and there’s nothing like being at the epicenter of of the gameing. In between all the games talk we talk about the season 4 finale of Totally Spies in which the Spies moms come back totally different and Mandy is the best villain. We talk about: Bit Regret, KH, Anthem Defense Squad, Yu Gi Oh, Cyberpunk, Bethesda Sucks, Spy Gene, Luke’s Theory, Spy Creed, Shitty Moms, Cool S DNA, Sad Joke, Mandy Linetti, White House Sam, Spy Kids, 

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Episode 100: Broccoli Boyz

There are over 100 episodes of Totally Spies and we have watched 100 of them. A vegan is trying to take over the world and turn people into vegetable people. Also fuck we did over 100 episodes of this stupid show. We talk about: GAMR GRLZ: 10,000, Dark Souls, Little Witch, All About The Gaming, Immersive VR Porn, Furious 7, Wife Arm City, Clover Gets Hands On, Amory Wars Look Alike, Homegrown Manure, Tomato Accident, Metal Barn, Powered by Corn, Great Ropework, Topless Lady,

Bonus Episode 4: Catwoman

After nearly getting fired from her job, Alex gets murdered by Yanny Hadere, a make-up mogul with a devious scheme to conquer the world of women's fashion. Now it's up to Sam to catch her and save the day. In the subplot, Clover gets sick and tries to hit on her doctor.

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Episode 99: The Cain Of Outer Space


We’re joined by Ava as we rocket off to the stars! The music stars! Also to space because that’s something that’s not that big a deal in Totally Spies? We Talk About: Southern Living, Nicepunk, Metal Gear, Children Murder Machine, 30 Minutes Or Less, Worst Ice Cream Truck, 2000 Cartoons, Polyam-Pod, Sam Is The Worst, Missing David, Space Brakes, Why Ashley Is Like This, Made of Man, Coheed & Cambira on the Moon, How Fucky Is It?, Concert In Space, Protomen,

And cause Molly asked for it here are three out of context shots of slides/coasters


Episode 98: Soccer Space Jam

We’re joined by Maxie to talk soccer and also get so far off the rails that we might as well never been on them.. We Talk About: Portfarmio, Jerry “Tobey” Maguire, New Podcasts, Assigned Cop At Birth, Battletech, Kids, New Season of 24, Mo From GUTS, We Get Political, Inspector Gadget 2 Caused A Car Crash, Mandy Dies, Globetrotters Of Soccer, Inflater, Peach Ball, T-Shirt Adventure, Thick Skull, Fist Net, Demon Ball, Actual Spy Kids, NBA Street, Sports Injuries, Cheeto Bath, Ashley Accidents,

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Episode 97: Kyle Katz Fucked My Mom And It Was Actually Great

The spies are faced with their biggest obstacle yet, a villain who looks nice who is competent. Also this episode is great. We Talk About: Blown Intro, Farmer Luke, Night Mind, Twitch Doms Someones, Boy Fetish, The Daredevil/TMNT Connection, Powered On Makeup, Transformer Hit And Run, First Dick Pic, Foot Dance, Slammed Safe, Works For WOOHP, Bi Icon Priscilla,

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Episode 96: BROTHER


It’s the second part and after the dull first half we thought this would be a bore. WE WERE WRONG. We talk about: Stabucks, Homestuck is Normie, Detective Conan, Hayley Kiyoko, Timesplitters, Kinda Sad Dad, Mark The Samurai Respector, Bioshock: The Ride, Ashley is Activated, Dumpster Diving, Pamper Points, Gladis Marches Towards Her Death, Hole In A Submarine, Boogie Boogie Revolution, Clover Canonically Sucks, Brain Blast, Molly Sees A Cat,  Knot Jokes, Jerry Mask, WHOOP Graduation, Wiki Vandalism, Robot Illuminati, Death Of I <3 Travel Boys, “I Though Bolonge Was Weird,” Sentimental Game Items,

Episode 95: Strange Mall Shop

It’s the first part of a two-parter and that means that we basically just watched the first half of a regular episode stretched out. The spies get their minds wiped and it seems like the villains are gonna win until the villains decide to fuck everything up for themselves. We talk about: Kirby Games, Mad Ashley, Far Cry 5 Spoilers, Blade Runner, Blue Pulp Fiction Case, Whoop Elevator, Dead Journal, Memory Loss, Brit Boutique, Taking Off Weighted Fashion Scratch That Itch, Wasabi Face Mask, The Most Problematic Moment, Return Of Dark Mario, Luke Does The Same Joke, Taxes, Kirby Games, A Too Serious Talk, Ocean Fears

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Episode 94: Vanity & The Emoji Factory


The spies are forced to look a certain way after being hit with a makeup gun, Alex does a baby  voice for half the episode and everything is conspicuously well animated. Could we have hit the Horniest Episode Yet™? The gang talk about: Sad Week, Wrestle Talk, John Legend Is A Bad Jesus, Bible Spoilers, GTA: Washington DC, Hey Remember The Frag Dolls?, Clover Embraces Nihilism, Drive By Pop-tart Eating, Horrifying Emotions, Miss Vanity The Dullahan, Awex, Alex Gives A Girl A Facial, The Bondage Scene, Sad Jerry, Tit Handprint, Naked Net, Depression Looks Like Ashley, Horny Ensemble, YouTube Comments Get Dark, Makeup, MGS 4 Talk,

Episode 93: I Embraced The Piss

The spies are after an evil Ice cream man and Clover is just making shit up about bad luck. Molly, Luke and Ashley join together to tackle the very clear fact that the people making this thinks ice cream looks like piss. We talk about: Creepy Ashley, Theatre Pies, Shawshank Redemption: The Game, Early 90s Rap, Kingdom Hearts, Himbo Goofy, What Splits?, Mario Mario Senior, Dress Superstition, 1 Seat  In Back, Ice Cream Slip, Actual Pics of Presidents, The Ice Cream Man, Wiki Comment, Tar Pit Sundae, Space Party, Jerry PR, Ben Donaven, A Lot About KND, Sherbert Asshole, Pete & Pete,

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Episode 92: Flat Hotdog

After a week of we are back… with a not great episode of Totally Spies. Joel joins us for a episode all about cheerleaders and bondage so we still manage to make a quality podcast between all the yelling. We talk about: Burnout, Bad Sci Fi Movies, Wuss Questions, SNES Classic, Dark Souls, Blood Taken, Good Youtube Good People, Anti-Hypnosis Contacts, Eiffel 65 Sex, Like The One Piece, Hypnotizing Pom Pom, Traditional Loving Cup, Bad Running Goofs, Suspension Bondage Trap, “Why Are You Like This”, No Squad, Elite Beat, Forms Of Jerry, AE Prison Escape, Fetish Graph

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Episode 91: The Power Of Horror Yoga

Horrors abound in an episode where we get into the lives of the rich and famous of Totally Spies. The girls are obsessed with wealth more than usual and we have to have guest Emily help us get through it. To get our minds off it we talk about: MMO House, Coming Out As A Furry, DBZ Is Mondo Cool, Gamer Secrets, The Good Place Is Good, Titty Balloon, Sushi Boat, Sexed Up Oprah, Staying True To The Bit, Longing For The Hilton Years, Magic Finger Ladies, Iggy the Dog, Clover Forgets A Kidnapping, Evil Robot Dog, Bondage Stocks, Big Brother But Traps

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Episode 90: Fernando AKA WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel

We dive into an episode where plants are putting men to sleep and there's a new, worse Poison Ivy in town! We discuss: "My Disturbing, Over-Muscled Son!", DBZ Recaps, Talking about Other Podcasts, Return to Totally Spies Underground, Rod Bentley's Estate, Totally Spies Guest WWE Superstar Justin Gabriel, Nation-States, Triangulating Plant Locales, Jet Ski Combat, Clover Gets Caught On Purpose, Not *ALL* Men!, Self-Correcting Villain Problem, Tons of questions about Plant Girls, Alien 3, and a post-credits clip about Cucumbers.

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Episode 89: Cruisin’

We were all very excited for a time loop episode but it’s really bad and makes no sense. Also the episode has tons of technical issues and Ashley makes a dumb joke. We still manage to talk about: Time Loops, Birthdays, Your Name, Strength, Fighterz, 40 Pound Ashley, My Hero, Time Loops, Random Giant Robot, Washing Suits, Evil Villain Chip Cheezum, Anchors, Time Loops, Clover Identifies With Bill Murray’s Low Point, Jerry Tapes Everything, A Test, Getting Very Mad About Totally Spies, We Try To Fix It, We Get References, Treehouse Books,

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Episode 88: The Girl With The Velvet Dick

The spies say the word mani- way too much and we have our first gay coded villain! Neither of those things are stuff to get excited about but I want to give a sense of excitement to these descriptions! We talk about: Ashley’s Birthday, Celeste, Poison Got A Haircut, Grandfather’s Book, DBZ Silk Shirt, Horny Gambling Anime, JoJo Tusk, A Hand Episode Clover Is The Human Torch, Seinfeld, Broken Nail, Nails For Peace, Nutella Heart, God Hand, Mandy Is As Strong As 3 Gorillas, Whip Nail, Mirror Bullshit, Alex’s Nails, Robot Talk, Changing Skin, Beyonce Was In Austin Powers

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Eposode 87: The Tavros Theory

The spies run into Arnold, who is trying to be superhero, and of course mind control and horniness follow. Also Alex has a puppy! We talk about: The Big Gaming, Monster Hunting, Your Name, Gamera Fucked A Giraffe, Money Bank, Working The Neck, Mandy’s Island, Jerry Doesn’t Know What Dogs Are, Arnold Sucks, Sam’s Men Shirt, The Worst WHOOP Jail, The Spies Have Cell Phones, Thanos Sitting, Arnold Memes, Mind Alteration Chamber, Power Roulette, Purity Ring, Comic Talk

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Episode 86: Days Of Our Spies

Luna joins the crew for an episode of Totally Spies that’s bad and idiotic and an episode of Totally Reprise that’s a mess, but a fun one! Jerry goes Hollywood and for real kidnaps several people without realizing it. We also get rather political so if you want to hear us talk about  We talk about: Unnecessary Chunk, Boys of Meat, When I Was 19, Horny D Beefz, Wolfenstein 2 Is Bad, Golden Lovers, Luna Ends The Podcast, Gothic Prison, Jennifer Hale Receipts, Hollywood Illuminati, Halloween Hills, Jerry Lewis: The Absolute Dumbest Bitch Alive, The Slicey Boys, Luna Dies, Cashmere Vest, Plane Spinning vs Nukes, Partake In Jerrance Milk, Alex Solves The Mystery, One Day Movie, No Film Camera, Pulled A Truman Show, A Jerry’s Purpose, Ashley Is a Normie,

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Episode 85: Thank God It’s Mandy

Ashley, Molly and a returning Luke finally arrive at the giant Mandy factory. One of us is surprised by a special guest and we all have to deal with Diminutive Small’s voice. We talk about: PAX Live, Thoughts On Uub, High Concentration Cucking, We Murder Luke, Teddy Bear Crime, Smoking Helium, California Cliffs, Evil Microchip The Villain’s Awful Horny Plan, Whoop Ass Girls, School Night Shift, Giant Volleyball, Hungry For Toes, Mandy Just Kidnaps People, Catsuit Under Robe, Big Head Mode, Living Off Spa Snacks, We Get Liked By A NYT Bestseller, Bad Transphobic Jokes, Giant Fight, Snail Manga, Mandy Gets Mind Wiped Again, Alternate YouTube Comments Ending, Commercials On Fetish Websites, Ashley’s Talent Show Adventure, There’s A Lot Of Dragonball, Stay Gold Poetry Boy

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Episode 84: In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Mime-3: Walking Against The Winds Of Destiny


Molly and Ashley are Luke-less, but they’re joined by Mike for one of the crews favorite episodes of Totally Spies. All it took to bring those smiles to our faces was a mime named Jazz Hands.We talk about: Luke Substitute, MMO GF Revenge, AGDQ, Jeff Dunham Sucks, Cold Fusion Class, Alex Kickflips, Ashley Tries To Make A Classic Film Reference, Giving Up Witnesses, Boy Band Supergroup, Watching Final Destination In Drivers Ed, Mime Alley, Vocaloid Sam, Cat Cafe Woes, Undercover In Clown Town, Blowjob Lips Painting, French Self-Hate, We Just Re-Do A Chowder Joke, Terrifying Mime Wrestlers, GLADIS Is Cute, Fuck You I Got Mime, Convict Mime Cop Dog,

Episode 83: Ascended To The Jerrance Form

Molly, Ashley and Luke are finally proven right about Jerry being evil and the smoothie spies being real. For that we have to learn about Terrance’s evil DNA and none of us were ready for that. We talk about: Molly Is A Liar, James Hitman, PopTeamEpic, Full Metal Anime, My Roommate Snorlax, The Joker of Totally Spies, Mandy Zuckerburg, Smoothies & Spying, Born To Be Jerry, Ashley’s Awful Cockney Joke, Killer Plunger, Toilet Paper Etiquette, Evil DNA, Molly Is Deeply Upset, Terrance’s Evil Milk, Teeth Suck Up, Dragon Ball Jerry, Milk Experience, Mario Kart Rhymes,


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