Episode 96: BROTHER


It’s the second part and after the dull first half we thought this would be a bore. WE WERE WRONG. We talk about: Stabucks, Homestuck is Normie, Detective Conan, Hayley Kiyoko, Timesplitters, Kinda Sad Dad, Mark The Samurai Respector, Bioshock: The Ride, Ashley is Activated, Dumpster Diving, Pamper Points, Gladis Marches Towards Her Death, Hole In A Submarine, Boogie Boogie Revolution, Clover Canonically Sucks, Brain Blast, Molly Sees A Cat,  Knot Jokes, Jerry Mask, WHOOP Graduation, Wiki Vandalism, Robot Illuminati, Death Of I <3 Travel Boys, “I Though Bolonge Was Weird,” Sentimental Game Items,