Episode 94: Vanity & The Emoji Factory


The spies are forced to look a certain way after being hit with a makeup gun, Alex does a baby  voice for half the episode and everything is conspicuously well animated. Could we have hit the Horniest Episode Yet™? The gang talk about: Sad Week, Wrestle Talk, John Legend Is A Bad Jesus, Bible Spoilers, GTA: Washington DC, Hey Remember The Frag Dolls?, Clover Embraces Nihilism, Drive By Pop-tart Eating, Horrifying Emotions, Miss Vanity The Dullahan, Awex, Alex Gives A Girl A Facial, The Bondage Scene, Sad Jerry, Tit Handprint, Naked Net, Depression Looks Like Ashley, Horny Ensemble, YouTube Comments Get Dark, Makeup, MGS 4 Talk,