Episode 82: Woke Before It’s Time


Molly, Ashley and Luke are back in 2018 with their friend Dul and we’re going to J.O.E. where Alex becomes a FUCKING DOLPHIN. Also Jerry is the absolute worst in canon. We talk about: Weed Gift Cards, The Fly Fucking Sucks, Live Airport Let’s Place, Outdoor Shower 2, Snow Crash, Toilet Bed, Report Card Forgery, Multiple Missions A Day, One Tim Scam Away, Banned From Every Hotel, Luke Is Mad About Dorsal Fins, Moisten Those WHOOP Chutes, Bad Uniforms, Dolphin Wearing a Headset, Dolphin Family Photo, Everyone Loves Flower Horse, Alex’s Motivation, Dolphins: The Best Pokemon, Alex Made A Bad Joke, Weird Last Laugh, Alexa Guest Stars, Ecoo The Dolphin, Immortal Lobster, We Got An E-Mail

Episode 81: Bodied By A Mom


Maxie and the crew head to the OP where life is perfect and everyone is mind controlled. Also is it a parody of the OC? We just don’t know. We talk about: Sick Cast, Medieval Times, Totally Spies In Theatres, VGAs, 12 AM Midnight, Love Computer, The Perfect Jerrance, Double Whoop’d, One Way Car, Totally Evil 4, Mysterious 3rd Bed, Ashley Goes Too Dark, Jojo Is Weird, Todd Was Mind Control, Clocktower Games Except Clocktower The Game, The Equivalent of Hip Hop, WHOOP Canonically Detains People Without Trial, Molly Say Fuck In A Toys R Us, Super Tim Scam Odyssey, Stepford Spies, The Fuck Is Up With The Parent Trap, Gucci Mane is a Furry

Episode 80: You Got Spy Mail

Crystal joins us for a slightly shorter ep as we are transported into the world of 80s fashion and age regression. So really the world of normal Totally Spies. Also sorry for some audio issues this episode! We talk about: Yoshi Safari, More Bizarre, Someone Gave Luke A Panel, Zero Dawn Is Better Than Neir, Molly Watched Fast Five, Beverly High Street, Is Clover Racist?, Luke Actually Laughs At Totally Spies, GLADIS Rules, Alex The Lesbian, Double Digits, One Dude and Two Bad Henchmen, Raver Mandy, Drive By 80s, Neon Graveyard, Jerry Canonically Sucks, Deep In The Sewer, DO NOT FUCK YOUR SPY DAD, Luke’s First Episode, The Best Vlog, The Many Faces of Tim Scam, 

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Episode 79: Mandy Lives In The Ceiling


We finally have Joel on in an episode that takes into the distant future of 2025 where Mandy rules, Jerry is seeking to become immortal and the future spies are mercenaries and the current spies are slowly dissolving. None of those are jokes we made. We talk about: Alcohol Problems, Job Application Woes, Buying Pokemon  Again, Mix Dropping, I Would Have Zero Dawns, The Moon Scoop Group, Return of David, Revenge of Revenge of the Sith, Actual Time Travel, Mandy Rules The World, Jerry The Life Seeker, Clover Thinks She’s Single, Hypnosis Keyword, Stretching The Future, Don’t Fuck Your Spy Dad, Cheerleading Is Forever

Episode 78: Stretch Into Your DMs

We break into a new season and a new group with old villains. We got some dreamy teenz who are actually killer robots! We’re joined by Sean to talk about: Moving Up The Road, Recording Together, The Prest-ige Spoilers, Master of Disguise, Mandy For Mayor, Fifth Tim Scam, Pirate Costumes Problems, Helga’s Villain Credentials, Anarchy Ashley, Canadian Boy, Jerry Repeats 4th Grade, Less Than Jake Cover Bands, GLADIS Lives, Dead Rising, SPORTS, Fake School, Vampire Robots, Dyson Fans, Triple Flip Sandwich Kick, Canadian Sterotypes, Luke Was Still Watching The Episode, Monster Yearbook, Robot Reveal,

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