Episode 86: Days Of Our Spies


Luna joins the crew for an episode of Totally Spies that’s bad and idiotic and an episode of Totally Reprise that’s a mess, but a fun one! Jerry goes Hollywood and for real kidnaps several people without realizing it. We also get rather political so if you want to hear us talk about  We talk about: Unnecessary Chunk, Boys of Meat, When I Was 19, Horny D Beefz, Wolfenstein 2 Is Bad, Golden Lovers, Luna Ends The Podcast, Gothic Prison, Jennifer Hale Receipts, Hollywood Illuminati, Halloween Hills, Jerry Lewis: The Absolute Dumbest Bitch Alive, The Slicey Boys, Luna Dies, Cashmere Vest, Plane Spinning vs Nukes, Partake In Jerrance Milk, Alex Solves The Mystery, One Day Movie, No Film Camera, Pulled A Truman Show, A Jerry’s Purpose, Ashley Is a Normie,