Episode 85: Thank God It’s Mandy


Ashley, Molly and a returning Luke finally arrive at the giant Mandy factory. One of us is surprised by a special guest and we all have to deal with Diminutive Small’s voice. We talk about: PAX Live, Thoughts On Uub, High Concentration Cucking, We Murder Luke, Teddy Bear Crime, Smoking Helium, California Cliffs, Evil Microchip The Villain’s Awful Horny Plan, Whoop Ass Girls, School Night Shift, Giant Volleyball, Hungry For Toes, Mandy Just Kidnaps People, Catsuit Under Robe, Big Head Mode, Living Off Spa Snacks, We Get Liked By A NYT Bestseller, Bad Transphobic Jokes, Giant Fight, Snail Manga, Mandy Gets Mind Wiped Again, Alternate YouTube Comments Ending, Commercials On Fetish Websites, Ashley’s Talent Show Adventure, There’s A Lot Of Dragonball, Stay Gold Poetry Boy