Episode 83: Ascended To The Jerrance Form


Molly, Ashley and Luke are finally proven right about Jerry being evil and the smoothie spies being real. For that we have to learn about Terrance’s evil DNA and none of us were ready for that. We talk about: Molly Is A Liar, James Hitman, PopTeamEpic, Full Metal Anime, My Roommate Snorlax, The Joker of Totally Spies, Mandy Zuckerburg, Smoothies & Spying, Born To Be Jerry, Ashley’s Awful Cockney Joke, Killer Plunger, Toilet Paper Etiquette, Evil DNA, Molly Is Deeply Upset, Terrance’s Evil Milk, Teeth Suck Up, Dragon Ball Jerry, Milk Experience, Mario Kart Rhymes,