Episode 44 - Fan Fiction Product Placement

Episode Discussed: S01E44: Lions and Blizzards

Episode Discussed: S01E44: Lions and Blizzards

Luke takes the hosting chair this week with Zack out on undisclosed, vaguely baby-related reasons, and the 5 remaining crew members  take a podcast joyride and look for the biggest, fastest bus they can find to throw him under.

Join us as we take umbridge with some bulk and skull slash fiction (not for the reason you might think), Luke diggs up some old unused scripts for the show to try to find out if they ever say 'Cut To The Moon',  and the crew takes the well thought out and carefully constructed discussion about the movie suits from last week and poops all over it.

Hey, who did you think wrote these writups?


Highlights: Podcast Stalin, Theme Song Singalong, Disney Sellouts, Zack Negs the hell out of Angela, Can't have an Erotic Tug Of War Without A Mud Pit, Ernie Gets Tired Of The Rangers Shit, Unexpected Wolf Whistle, Snow Megazord, Mayonnaise brand Mayonnaise, Luke tries out some new catch phrases