Episode 60 - Horse Firmware Updates

Join us and our friend Dustin, who hath returneth from the Abyss Of Lost Recordings to give us tales of Double Demon Hunters and OP Horses before we settle down to talk about Zack's final attempt to romance Angela using the power of poor characterization, material wealth.... and song!

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Episode 59 - The Moby Dick Of Children

Join us and TWA Theme Scribe/Performer Mitchell as we struggle against technical issues to bring you a discussion of Tommy Oliver's crippling, Memento-like memory loss, witness a Putty Training Montage, and cheer on Bulk & Skull's protest against the restrictive societal standards enforced by Mrs. Appleby. 

Mitchell gives us his history of watching Power Rangers in Secret, we learn the Secret Origin of Goldar, and Zack reads THE LAST MORPHACNOMINAL EVER.

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Episode 58 - More Mean Boy Hugs

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOOTBAAAALL? Mike, Luke, Joel, and returning guest Tyberius are! Tommy tries to get over his crippling social anxiety to try out for the football team while literally everyone else on the cast has seemingly no problem with making the team! We learn the sad tale of Ernie's promising football career cut short, watch Bulk try out some sweet Ballet moves, and desperately try to unearth the secrets of the Mysterious Football Rap, all while making copious Space Jam comparisons.

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Episode 57 - Legendary Tuba Asshole

Liz Returns to join us for the introduction of the Lizzinator! Which is not her, its a big dumb monster that talks in a very poor Arnold Schwarzenegger impression, don't get them confused.  

This week Jason finds out if putties can drive, we talk about the giant golden statue of Kimberly, we try to puzzle out exactly what the Lizzinator's car fetish entails, and Liz learns things about Matt she'll never be able to forget.

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Episode 56 - Juicing Your Bugaboo

Join us and returning guest Other Zack for the moment you've all been waiting for: Jason V Tommy: Dawn of Biceps, as well as discuss the Moon Crew's rampant alcoholism, Rita's collection of empty Franzia boxes, and the spell breaking power of high fives.

But before that, we catch up with Zack and discuss his unease with Shin Godzilla, a retrospective of Peter Jackson's filmography, and converting his apartment into the hold of a pirate ship. 

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Episode 55 - Professor Edward G. Nasty

Listener Lucas joins us after hunting Zack down like wild game in order to discuss what its like to be a Power Ranger fan who grew up after the show's heyday and talk about Ernie's Youth Soccer Team, the Power Ranger's suspiciously encyclopedic knowledge of all of Angel Grove's small children, and what Bulk & Skull do every day from 3 to 5.

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Episode 54 - The Legend of Chip Hayes

Join us and previous guests Lau and Tal to discuss an infamous episode from a time littered with Rappin' Grannies and Santas: That's right, the time of the Pumpkin Rapper is upon us. We talk about the weird early 90s landscape of what culture did to rap for a while, talk about how in the universe of Power Rangers, the "most popular game show in the country" is absolute complete nonsense, and discuss the mechanics of Pumpkin Wiggling.

Oh and Luke totally invents a new Pokemon Go craze.

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Episode 53 - The Intercontinental Burger Beef

Join returning guest Graham and new guest Sleepy Jules to discuss Zack's predilection for showmanship and magic, culminating in possibly the stupidest and most confusing monster-fighting plan of all time.  

More importantly than that though, let's get down to business: Welcome to International Burger Beef 2016: Jules V Zack in a verbal fight to the death and/or extreme frustration as we take a completely unreasonable amount of time out of the middle of the episode to determine once and for all what, exactly, is a Burger. Or maybe we get exasperated and give up, I forget.

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Episode 52 - Do It With the Pamango

Zack went on vacation and accidentally left behind the keys to the podcast, so the rest of the crew takes it on a joyride.  Meanwhile on Power Rangers, Tommy and Jason teach self-defense to middle-aged women and Rita Repulsa misunderstands a common aphorism about as badly as possible, but it's okay because apparently the writers did too.

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Episode 51 - Bee Grade Puns

We are joined by our friends Josh and Emily from the podcast VGM Jukebox to discuss the crushing dissappointmen of Billy receiving a B, and we try to determine exactly how it is possible that he built a magic flying car, and yet does not know that whales live in the ocean. Josh gives us the bizarro experience of growing up knowing about Sentai but not knowing about Power Rangers, and Emily talks about how important Trini was to her growing up, causing us to let up on Trini for a grand total of about 60 seconds.

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Episode 50 - The Crotch Era

Liz returns to join us for an exciting/frightening new era of Zordon's Tutelage as Tommy returns to full Power Ranger status! The Morphin Grid's savior is resurrected and returns in a beam of white light! For the first time, he'll do it again later don't worry. We lay to rest the argument that Billy definitely, for sure doesn't have a mom, and we are witness to Bulk's Clowning achievement.

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Episode 49 - Instead Of An Airbag, It's Clowns

Join us and our friend Liz for the momentous, epic, and not at all comically overplayed return of Tommy! It's Parents Day in Angel Grove and that means we meet the hilariously dressed parents of our main characters, discover Jason's dad's arms are literally full hams, learn about the hereditary nature of Bulk's curse, and begin the Great Billy's Mom Debate of 2016!

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Episode 48 - 1 v 1 Me Bro

Join us and our new vocally Non-American friend Lau as we embark on a discussion of Power Rangers' most Culturally Insensitive if not downright racist episode yet. We discuss the shows wildly misplaced ideas of homogonous "Asian-ness",  Honor as some kind of Far East Street Cred Currency, and how dang near everyone involved in the show, including the Japanese production company Toei and even Rita, an evil space witch not from earth, somehow manage to go off the racist deep end

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Episode 47 - And Dr. Teeth As Ernie

We (mostly) overcome technical issues to bring you this episode of Teenagers With Attitude against all odds to bring you the level of quality you expect from us: a solid 4 out of 10. In the episode we learn about Ms. Appleby's rehab recovery, the Rangers deep and pathological mistrust of the future, what exactly is on Zack's 1993 Slammin Tunes CD, and whether or not we've been misgendering Goldar all along.

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Episode 45 - The Nightmare of Eternal Boners

Zack's back in the host seat and we welcome new guest and First Time Power Rangers Watcher Hugh to discuss an episode with Goldar getting an all new face and explaining his plan to Rita, preferably in very small words.

Plus, we get down to details on the tenet's of The Cult of Zordon,  Mr. Kaplan's new boner pills, and the universal appeal of the space Winnebago while we follow the Rangers to the mountains and watch a surprisingly homoerotic study session while Bulk & Skull pilot the Megazord!

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Episode 44 - Fan Fiction Product Placement

Luke takes the hosting chair this week with Zack out on undisclosed, vaguely baby-related reasons, and the 5 remaining crew members  take a podcast joyride and look for the biggest, fastest bus they can find to throw him under.

Join us as we take umbridge with some bulk and skull slash fiction (not for the reason you might think), Luke diggs up some old unused scripts for the show to try to find out if they ever say 'Cut To The Moon',  and the crew takes the well thought out and carefully constructed discussion about the movie suits from last week and poops all over it.

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Episode 43 - Kaiju Conflict Resolution Seminar

EMERGENCY BROADCAST: 4 of the 6 original crew are out this week! Zack retrieves Simon from a life of intense Baby-Watching and corrals three guests, Molly, Second Zack, and new friend Dan in order to discuss an episode of power rangers. Or maybe two episodes of Power Rangers simultaneously, depending on who you ask.

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Episode 41 - Whack The Weed Will Grow, Girl

Welcome our first listener-guest, Liz, as we move into the first post-Zyuranger Finale episode of power rangers! Learn the secret if boring origin of the TWA crew as we watch an enormous amount of reused footage, struggle to understand how Ron Wasserman slipped so badly, and learn that Bulk & Skull definitely do not actually know what a toilet is!

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