Episode 45 - The Nightmare of Eternal Boners

Episode Discussed:  S01E45 : Crystal of Nightmares

Episode Discussed: S01E45: Crystal of Nightmares

Zack's back in the host seat and we welcome new guest and First Time Power Rangers Watcher Hugh to discuss an episode with Goldar getting an all new face and explaining his plan to Rita, preferably in very small words.

Plus, we get down to details on the tenet's of The Cult of Zordon,  Mr. Kaplan's new boner pills, and the universal appeal of the space Winnebago while we follow the Rangers to the mountains and watch a surprisingly homoerotic study session while Bulk & Skull pilot the Megazord!


Highlights: Wikibeef, Powermorphicon's Hot Guest List, High Five Devaluation, Bulk & Skull & No Child Left Behind, Strong Strong Karate Boys, Burgasaurus, Finnster's Artist Block, Kaplan's Comuppance