Episode 43 - Kaiju Conflict Resolution Seminar

Episode Discussed : S01E43: Something Fishy

Episode Discussed: S01E43: Something Fishy

EMERGENCY BROADCAST: 4 of the 6 original crew are out this week! Zack retrieves Simon from a life of intense Baby-Watching and corrals three guests, Molly, Second Zack, and new friend Dan in order to discuss an episode of power rangers. Or maybe two episodes of Power Rangers simultaneously, depending on who you ask.

Dan gives us a rundown of some Tokusatsu we haven't discussed before to start us off, and we finish up with a lengthy discussion of the Power Ranger Movie suits: What works, What Doesn't, and what's just straight up upsetting. 


Highlights: Return Of The Canada Joke (Not Simon, actual jokes), Belated Ultraman Discussion, Bigger Luke/Smaller Tommy Theory, Putty-Corpse Reef, We finally learn what the fox says, Horrific Fishing Accidents, Zack & Simon get Punk'd, Power Rangers Samurai And The Racist Ranger, Greco-Roman Fishing, Rock Lobster Reprise