Episode 27 - Dead Kimberly Storage

Episode Discussed : S01E27: Wheel of Misfortune

Episode Discussed: S01E27: Wheel of Misfortune

We welcome back our friend Molly as we wind our way through our most tangent-ey episode ever, where the Megazord fights an inanimate object, Rita continues her campaign to slowly break down Kimberly emotionally, and Angel Grove High completely misses the point of Rumplestiltzkin.

Along the Way: 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, Joel tries to murder Zack with puns, Ziggy Stardust the Power Rangers Villain, Punk Outreach Program, Shirtless Bulk, In a Bag With a Hot Dog, Tommy asks a Good Fucking Question, Zordon Doesn't Give A Shit About Tommy, Just Like Pirahnas, A Million Rainbows