Bonus 7 - Flabber Is The Worst

Episode Discussed :  Big Bad Beetleborgs  S1E2: Beetle Rock Part 2

Episode Discussed: Big Bad Beetleborgs S1E2: Beetle Rock Part 2

In this long overdue bonus episode, we're finally finishing the opening two-parter to Big Bad Beetleborgs! Mike brings returning guests Tyberius, Molly, Jules, and Greg together to discuss just how much we all hate Flabber.


Highlights: Horrible Curses For Children, Self-Aware Villains, Movie Theater Shenanigans, I Have No Mouth And I Can't Eat, Monster Mash At The Crypt Keeper's Place, That's The Plan, B Fighter, Two Different Monster Crews, Brain Powers, Poorly Implemented Freeze Frame, Butler Misery, and Mike Finds A Way To Make It Worse.


You can find Jules on Twitter at GatsbyLow or read their work on Women Write About Comics, find Molly on Twitter at @IzzetMallory, find Greg on Youtube as gregcmun, and hear Tyberius on Roll For Your Lives.