Episode 28 - Angel Grove Castle Doctrine

Episode Discussed : S01E28: Island of Illusion Part 1

Episode Discussed: S01E28: Island of Illusion Part 1

Our friend Wade rejoins us as we delve into the strangest two parter yet yet and discuss self confidence, whether working for Rita or Zordon would be worse (as a Wendy's Manager, naturally), and.... we don't like an episode?!?

Highlights: Unsettlingly deep bad movie knowledge, Drinking your Ovaltine, Things with the word Illusion in them, Bulk's Day Out, The batman of Dance-Offs, Ernie invents Jackass, Earthquake procedure, The "color" Magenta, Mt. Angel Grove, Botkakke, Snake Based Acting

You can find Wade's Let's Play Youtube channel at Kruse Control!