Episode 127: Jerry Killed People In The 90s

After closing the book on Totally Spies season 5 we finally arrive at Totally Spies: The Movie. A slightly higher budget origin story that despite a lot of stuff ends up being incredibly fun. The spies go after a villain who gives people mind controlling makeovers as we learn how they became the spies we love. We also talk about: Tetris 99, Mad At Atlus, Kingdom Hearts Party, #LetTheBoyTravelsHome2k19, Rob The Rockstar, Royalton Gym, Crew Dawn, Oink, Mandy Rules The School, The First WHOOPing, Ms Scritch Was Right, Jerry Has Aliens, 15% More Teeth, Jerry Fucks Over All The Girls, Clover Moon, Muffy Returns, Learning Trigonometry, The First Deaths, More Wiki Vandalism, Ripping Off Jojo, Fashionable Abduction, Emoji Trash, Clover’s Utopia, Russian Boyfriend, Fabu Rules, Tadrrence Lewis, Sushi, PPG Rules,

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Episode 126: Crime Parade

 We’ve arrived at what was the finale of Totally Spies was for a long time and so the show decides to make it so evil is wiped off the face of the Earth, but only after Jerry’s Mom poses as a wealthy buyer that shuts down WHOOP. We talk about: Sliding Royale, Terra The Himbo, Jerry’s Mom/Jerry RP, Velvet Rope Bondage, The Most WHOOPed, Sentinels, Evil Mom, Niagara Falls Race, Shadowcat vs Nightcrawler, Bitcoin Farm Upstate, Evil Eradicated, Big Ben 2, Clover’s Crushed Stomach, Mandu Returns,

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Episode 124: The Biggest Holiday™


Totally Reprise is back and we are just in time for the holidays and talk about the real reason for the season: Santa! Also snow is taking over LA although we’re not quite sure if the show knows how. We talk about: Luke Plays Kingdom Hearts, Knife & Gun Perverts, Titty Surgery, TSA Blues, Tomb Raider The Reboot, Sexy Santa, Mandy’s Bad Plot, The Gift of Jerry, Ice Bullets, Surf Major, The Mobile Office, Jerry Seeks To Be God, Clover’s Magic Mouth, Helium, Canon Santa, Christmas Crime Scene, Rainy Day Driving

Ashley talks some body stuff and transphobia from 25:00 to 29:00.

Episode 122: Robot Gorilla

Clover gets a big head after winning an award and the spies keep fighting an incredibly racist villain. The streak of bad episodes continue and we are beginning to lose hope. We talk about: Yuri Love, BF1, Smash, Breaking Spirits, Fashion World, SonicFox Is Still Great, Vocaloid GF, Magnum Condoms, Robot Fingerblasting, Snowball, Bucket Of Dark Matter. Sexual Euphemism Pratfalls, Canned Pineapples Off The Tree,

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Episode 121: Attempted Murder Flirting

Hoo boy. The gang is forced to confront the power of the incel as Alex tries to turn a guy down and he resorts to drinking strong juice. Also we get so angry at the end of this. We talk about: Unemployed Ashley, Bros Bash, Kingdom Hearts, Broken Chelsea, Molly’s Aimbot, A Real Bad Bean Boy, A Bad Date, Car Seller Super Villain, Clover Lets Her Geek Out, Choosing Shakes Over Spies, A Very Bad Moral, Employee of the Month, The Opposite Of A Foot Fetish, Molly Kills Luke,

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Episode 120: Granny TF


All the world’s a stage and the hosts and Lexi are merely lampposts. Clover gets into acting and really wants to fuck her drama teacher. Meanwhile people are becoming even more one dimensional in their characterization. We talk about: Lexi Sting Op, Pokemon Is Weird, Xenoblade 180, Ashley Says Too Much, Human Big Mac, Terrible Up Do, Hypno Ray Play, Shity Tangent, Hey Arnold Podcast, Molly Enact Quiet Time, Disney Arrests The Podcast, Theatre Problems, Is Nancy Drew A Lesbian?

Episode 119: Mascot Blood Oath

You would think an episode about mascots attacking people would be great but you’d be as disappointed as us. So while we skim through this ep we still end up talking about a lot of stuff! Stuff like: Hitsman, Feeling Obra Dim, Billy Bat, Manga Hair, Xenoblade, Giant Bird Boy, PC Mermaid, Scratch My Tosies, Beach Murder, Cats Be Like That, Bondage Egg, Animal Cruelty Plan, The Spies Steal A Cat, Gritty, Hitman Comedy, Philly Phanatic Is A Hard Lover

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Episode 118: *Borat Voice* Mime Wife!

It’s the end of the Jazz Hands trilogy, which for sure needed to be a trilogy and it’s not like this could have been a standalone. We talk about: For The Kids, Tetris, Xenoblade, GioGio, Mime Worship, Supervillain Fund, Otto Pilot vs Travels Boys, Mime Monkey, Makeup Aquarium, Useless Undercover, Dank WHOOP Jail, Podcast Knife Fights, Mime Rope and Pulley, PPG, Him Get Big, A Holy YouTube Comment, Vampire Ben, Clownfishing, Petting Zoo, Theme Parks Domesticated Bear

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Episode 117: Operation: Secret Partner

 Sam embraces her mime side as we watch an episode that really doesn’t go anywhere. Luckily friend of the show and first time guest Ryan to make things interesting. We talk about: Resident Evil 5, Shrek, Fucking Your Foe, Grease Fire, Japanese Socks, Mime Disguise, Bring It On, The Light The Candle, Bully 2, Baby Doll, Podcast Idea Double Feature, Who Is Spirit Fingers?, Condolences For The Joke, Time Travel Prison Sentence, Clown Painting, Running Into Boys Tips, Yaoi Paddle, Helpful Brain Damage, Bully Stories,

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Episode 116: Hitwoman

Sam is taking spy gigs on the side and Clover and Alex are dealing with a racist sushi chef stereotype. Also Jazz Hands is out of prison. We’re joined by Ava for an episode with less tentacles then we hoped. We talk about: Capri-Sun Ads, Insurance Simulator, Model Making, Yuri, Communist Music, Greek Fuck Fest, Venom On Main, Sound Only Vending Machine, Hologram Breath, Vagina Strap, Sam Is Neo, Undercover Hover Limo, Squid Teeth, PAX Line Skips, Not As Racist But Still Racist, Soy Sauce Lube, Luke Gets Mad About Size,  Foley Work, Ant Farm Prison, Picky Kids,

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Episode 115: Mom & Jerry

The girls meet a boy who is just the worst. Some guy called Martin Mystery. Wait, he had his own show? Meanwhile Clover is loved by nerdy boys. We talk about: Land Based Aquarium, Venom, GIO GIO, Four-RZA, WWE is Bad, Mario Party, Sass Creed, Super Ted Bros, Depressing Nerd Plotlines, Tiny Jerry, The Worst Human Being, Snow Rat, Guy Fieri: Paranormal Investigator, Skeptic Sam, Follow The Mommy, Bigfoot Show, Game Show Podcast, Yeti Lord Fetish, High Tech Glory Hole

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Episode 114: The Sunken City Of Los Angeles

FOLKS! We’re back with a good episode as Alex & Brittney go full gay and the water level is rising. We talk about: Lost For Babies, Bookhouse Boys, Magic, Mobile Games, Boy Matches The Shoes, Slowburn, Robot Lady, T Bone, Not How Water Works, Jerry Comedy, Thot Crimes, Travel Boy Hope, Fanfic Bait, The Return Of The Plane, Juking Sub, Cats,

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Episode 113: What Is The Opposite Of Hypno?

It’s another bad episode and we’re starting to get a lil worried. In the meantime we focus on how Jerry orders a hit on the guy he mind wiped for trying to sell the exercise routine the guy made. Alex also still hates Britney. We also talk about: Twin Peaks, Spider-Man, Daphne & Velma,  Destiny 2, Unique Imports, Cane Sword, Ghost Pepper Coffee, YMC Duck, Bed Sounds, Tape Recording The TV, Crotch Height Camera, Crawling Chase, Sam And Britney Love Mind Control, 8 Hour Episode, California Sharks, 5 Megatons of Explosives, Toy Commercials, The VAs Suck, Was Totally Spies Ever Good?

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Episode 112: Spies Must Go


Mere days after recording our last episode we’re back for a new one and it’s quite possible the worst episode of Totally Spies. The spies have to fight of Britney who is also three different villains? And two of those villains are transphobic/homophobic jokes? It’s bad. We talk about: Lack Of Sleep, Twin Peaks, Evil Electricity, Swirly Hair, Transphobia In Cartoons, Actual Super Villains, Sam The Football Man, Brooklyn Alex, Ashley Rhymes, Three Person Villain, Shot Into Space, Secret Elevator Panel

Episode 111: Muffy


After an exhausting week at PAX West, we could not possibly have been ready for what the show brings at us this time. Ashley has finally been transformed into a cartoon, and she’s determined to mind-control every sorority on campus! We talk about: PAX West, Spider-Man, Destiny 2, High-Tech Government Labs, Diamond-Tipped Heels, Jerry’s Awful Feet, Sorority Castles, Ashley’s Spysona, Future Show Ideas, THEY NAMED HER MUFFY, Marathon’s Scrying Orb, Ricardo Huff, and so, so much more.

Episode 110: The Ideal Pool Boy Body

The spies return to face where they reunite with that pool boy from that one episode you probably forgot about and track down a shoe maker who controls people with his boots. Yeah…… We talk about: PAX Creep, Mafia 3, DBZ, Persona 5, Dead Cells, The European Trilogy, Bi Icon Donald Duck, Trilingual Episode, Jerry Ascends To Heaven, Just Another Inch, Invisible Man With Boots, Sapiosexual Sam, Spider Encounters, There Ghosts The Neigh-boo-hood, Luke’s Bad Shoe Torture, Jean Pierre Claude’s Fury, Sam: International Criminal, Pool Boy Heir


We talk about Persona 5 Spoilers from 19:00 to 24:40 and we talk about spiders from 58:30 to 1:03:15. It was an episode folks.

Episode 109: Mamma Mia


The spies continue their trip through Europe as they go through Italy and see all the bad accents and killer pizza chefs they could find. We talk about: Seattle Apocalypse, Balk Off, Space Needle, Rat Car, Dead Cells, Whooping Jerry, Tiny Car, Pizza Googling, Calone Discourse, Icing Dystopia, Pizza Bombs, Jerry Is An Asshole, Titanium Bread, The Ashley Sleep, Accent War Crimes, Wandy,

Episode 108: The Mobile Country of Woohpstanza

Clover is going bananas! Okay that was bad. Clover gets turned into a monkey, Alex finds some family and the girls are in Europe for the next few episodes. Our continuity curse continues! We talk about: Wrasslin, Shin Godzilla, DBFZ, Twin Peaks, Dad Taste In Movies, Wrong Order, The Writers Discover Stories, Euro WHOOP, Forever 21, Alex Wants To Fuck Her Cousins, Lack of TG, GLADIS Lives?, WOOP, Luke Reads A List Of Zoos, Second Clover, Monkey Space Jam, The Longest River, Taste Of The Monkey, Jizz Talk

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Episode 107: We Just Talk About Evo 2018

We come to the conclusion of this secret three parter and… it’s kinda a whole lot of nothing. I mean it’s still got stretchy limbs and man eating plants but that’s nothing in the world of Totally Spies. Luckily we’re all hyped up and a lil tired from SonicFox at EVO which happened just before we recorded so we just kinda talk about that. We talk about: GAMR GRLZ Ep. 45603: The Furry King, Mask Revelation, Persona, Hollow Knights, Tiny Scuba Jerry, Jerry’s Third Eye, Clover and the No Good Bad Day, Alex’s Turtle Car, Supervillain Economy, Taste Of Her Own Medicine, WHOOP Australia, Totally Dab, Wife Clover, Fighting Game Anime,

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Episode 106: Only Happy When it Blaines

Clover has an evil boyfriend and the show actually delivers it in a way we like. Also there’s an ongoing plot? Also the MALL RAT! We talk about: The Trap Of Capitalism, Homemade Cookie Cats, Hollow Knight, Norman’s Sky, Jupe Ascending, Clover Is Gonna Get Killed, Spies Jet, From The Ceiling Up, Dr Who Flirting, Jerry Throw Pillow, A Volleyball Popper, Last Supper, Caught A Boy, Future Hypno Villain, College Clover

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