Episode 127: Jerry Killed People In The 90s


After closing the book on Totally Spies season 5 we finally arrive at Totally Spies: The Movie. A slightly higher budget origin story that despite a lot of stuff ends up being incredibly fun. The spies go after a villain who gives people mind controlling makeovers as we learn how they became the spies we love. We also talk about: Tetris 99, Mad At Atlus, Kingdom Hearts Party, #LetTheBoyTravelsHome2k19, Rob The Rockstar, Royalton Gym, Crew Dawn, Oink, Mandy Rules The School, The First WHOOPing, Ms Scritch Was Right, Jerry Has Aliens, 15% More Teeth, Jerry Fucks Over All The Girls, Clover Moon, Muffy Returns, Learning Trigonometry, The First Deaths, More Wiki Vandalism, Ripping Off Jojo, Fashionable Abduction, Emoji Trash, Clover’s Utopia, Russian Boyfriend, Fabu Rules, Tadrrence Lewis, Sushi, PPG Rules,