Bonus Episode 5: Josie and The Pussycats


In our search for Totally Spies live action movie we all watched the 2001 film Josie and the Pussycats, wildly considered a cult classic and a secret great satire of the music industry. What we instead find is a movie that is real funny at its best and horrible and punching down at its worst. We struggle with that along with talking about: Re:Coded Is The Best KH Game, Molly: Apex Legend, Failed Speed Racer, Dreamcast Tower, Who Is This Movie For, The Dumb Character, Not A Hot Boy, Real Life Pop Up Ads, Eugene Levy Saves The Movie, Fionna’s Amazing Outfits, Daryl Dragon, Adam 12, Fat Shaming Jokes At Thin People, Carson Daly Is Hilarious, The Film Falls Apart, We Live In A Society, CN Groovies, Done With Movies,