Episode 107: We Just Talk About Evo 2018


We come to the conclusion of this secret three parter and… it’s kinda a whole lot of nothing. I mean it’s still got stretchy limbs and man eating plants but that’s nothing in the world of Totally Spies. Luckily we’re all hyped up and a lil tired from SonicFox at EVO which happened just before we recorded so we just kinda talk about that. We talk about: GAMR GRLZ Ep. 45603: The Furry King, Mask Revelation, Persona, Hollow Knights, Tiny Scuba Jerry, Jerry’s Third Eye, Clover and the No Good Bad Day, Alex’s Turtle Car, Supervillain Economy, Taste Of Her Own Medicine, WHOOP Australia, Totally Dab, Wife Clover, Fighting Game Anime,