Episode 110: The Ideal Pool Boy Body

The spies return to face where they reunite with that pool boy from that one episode you probably forgot about and track down a shoe maker who controls people with his boots. Yeah…… We talk about: PAX Creep, Mafia 3, DBZ, Persona 5, Dead Cells, The European Trilogy, Bi Icon Donald Duck, Trilingual Episode, Jerry Ascends To Heaven, Just Another Inch, Invisible Man With Boots, Sapiosexual Sam, Spider Encounters, There Ghosts The Neigh-boo-hood, Luke’s Bad Shoe Torture, Jean Pierre Claude’s Fury, Sam: International Criminal, Pool Boy Heir


We talk about Persona 5 Spoilers from 19:00 to 24:40 and we talk about spiders from 58:30 to 1:03:15. It was an episode folks.