Season 1 Retrospective: Trust

We’re ending Season 1. we're talking about THEMES, anything that’s come before, and accidental capslock!

We also discuss, the ne’er released pilot, co-host Pepper, we need to find a Shego, Mark Shepard, we finish talking about broadcast order shenanigans, Trust, one sentence summaries, pride, we discuss the abilities of Blizzard, Fortnite, Nate and his grief, Elliot and feelings, Parker and coding, Hardison and masculinity, Sophie and trust, best villains, the art of the con, we list our highlight, we must unfortunately drop a controversial opinion, Landis = bad.

We recap our recommendations from series 1 as well as recommend:
Supporting your local video game and non-video game wrestling
A series of unfortunate events season 2
The League of Heels at PAX Rumble 2017

13. The Second David Job

We’re finishing season 1 of Leverage with the Second David Job, we discuss curses, reunions, and coffee.

We also talk about era accurate mobile phones, Emmy Award Winning Actress Viola Davis, Corner offices, live foley work, we sort of empathise with Nate, Hardison is being creepy again, Parker chemist headcanon, Sophie drops the C word, a Mountain Goats reference for the Mountain Goats fans, the Pink Panther, Juicy Fish Ass, we always were a Doctor Who podcast, conventions sickness, we have the same X-Men, but different opinions on the Beatles.

The Rusty Lake Hotel
The Spectacle of Excess

12. The First David Job

Hey! Food talk inside. Also sorry about the whirring in the background on this episode.

We’re watching the first part of the season finale, ‘The First David Job’. We’re probably talking about Shrimp, little-naked men, and the long con.

We also discus, the similarities between the above 3 things, the show my have redeemed some earlier characterisation missteps, water based food, Oscar winning film “angels and demons”, Australia isn’t real, the team holds in intervention for Nate, Elementary with my dear Lucy Liu, the hill this podcast will die on, Little Mikettes, French National Banks and French Nationals, Frankie’s Request, collar tug, Cass’ make out and crime fantasies, horny boy Elliot, tell her the truth!, brunch is a thing people do, it’s a red state but not as we know it, how many times over this 2 parter does Cass call Blackpoole the name Blackwell (the school from life is strange), WWPD?, Bonus episode incoming, PUT ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE, MATE!, Frankie’s promise.

Matt Colville’s Youtube channel
One Night Hot Springs

11. The Juror #6 Job With Tina from Welcome to Storybrooke

We watched the Juror #6 Job, and today we’re talking about Herbal Supplements, Jury Duty, and unfortunate Aliases.

We’re Joined by Tina from ILoveTVZines and Welcome to Storybrooke!

We also talk about Impossible merchandising, Final destination 3: the one with the elevators, gratuitous product placement, chess as a metaphor,  peanut butter, lava lamps are(n’t) cute, ixnay the raisingpay the theroay odcastpay, Artistic liscence: Law, parker makes a friend, the expert witness, ParkerXPeggy fanfic, a good supervillain moment, Luck of the pizza, Chess at the Olympics, Yugioh at the Olympics, and Bad names based on our superpowers.

Jessica Jones Season 2
Let Me Tell You About Homestuck
Drop Dead Diva
Grey’s Anatomy Season (5?)

The Other Leverage Podcast can be found at: LGSaP

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10. The 12 Step Job

We watched the 12 step Job! We talked about Gangs, Rehab, and Tacos.

MAJOR WARNING: this episode takes place in a mental care hospital, and there is discussion of addiction and mental illness. Please only listen to this episode if you think you can handle this.

We also discuss Celtmetal, Blue drinks are best drinks, Sinèad and Mr Webley, The lack of nuance inherent in the genre, nice boots, Parker is straightedge, Kofi Kingston, bad musicals with good music, explosive or advert, Jim’s here, Plausible Impossibilities, Jack Hurley Will Return, Hardison is creepy again, trivia, Questions, Frankie does manage to bring up wrestling again.


Sexplanations on Youtube
Into the Breach

9. The Snow Job

On this episode we watched “the Snow job”, we talk about skiing, MRIs, and Chad/Incel Dichotomy. So, let’s go steal a podcast!

We also discussed how humidity is the worst, police exists to protect the capital of the ruling class, the US treats it’s soldiers as disposable, Geography, helmet kink, Irwin R Schyster, Parker is a Domme, you don’t deserve the big Toblerone. Fruit flavoured pizza sauces, Pizza Discourse, D&D metaphors, Chad/Incel Dichotomy is actually discussed it wasn’t just a joke, death-like symptoms, Charles Xavier is a JERK, soft-boy Onslaught.

FMA live action on Netflix
Nancy Drew games by HER interactive
Second Officer Slog from Abnormal Mapping
Everything Sucks

8. The Mile High Job

On this episode we watched “the Mile High job”, we talk about Airplane bathrooms, Crapitalism, and ‘lok'tar ogar’. So, let’s go steal a podcast!

In which we discuss actually introducing ourselves, Syndication, lots of Child death in this series, this villain is kinda one note, the Golden Lovers, Hot pocket sleeves, Frankie’s Favorite Doctor, Controversial and powerful opinions, Evelyn Smythe, Is Sophie Deveraux Down with the Clown?, golden bahhhs, World of Warcraft: we know it not, sky-mall-cop, jerky customs.

Lofty Pursuits
Let’s Place by Audio Entropy

7. The Wedding Job

On this episode, we’re talking about La Familia, hors-d'oeuvres, and Surveillance. So, let’s go steal a podcast!

We discuss introducing ourselves at the start of the episode, Nicky-a Moscone, do Boston cops eat garlic bread instead of donuts?, is this a bad episode?, Nate has privilege, Sophie is written really emotional this episode, Sprungions/Cebolletas, and Chef Elliot, Hollywood “fat”, a soft boy, Vin Diesel doesn’t make a cameo, our weekly forced Pardison scene, Sophie is mischaracterised, Necro Butcher is here, we talk briefly about the bad show “the L Word”, the Butcher’s bad look, Daleks temporarily take over the recording, he died with a mushroom in his eye, no offence to Kansas, Elliot’s spaghetti, welcome to the Yawncast, Hi Everyone I’m Hom.

The Fandomentals
The Great Gundam Project by Abnormal Mapping

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6. The Stork Job

On this episode we’re discussing  B Movies, sleazebags, and Häagen Dazs. So, let’s go steal a Podcast.

We also talk about adoption law, Mr Bean the Mafioso, do his fangs and cape frighten us?, we still hadn’t introduced ourselves, we revisit the geography corner, Michigan was lost, no one in Maine listens to us except Steven King, there’s a surprise tool that can help us later, Parker is good, we discuss Sophie manipulating Nate multiple times, we are disconnected, but we get a “to be Continued”, Frankie’s puppy gets scared, Parker is the hero we deserve, heavy stuff, tonal whiplash, and oh hi Nate! We also talk about mistranslations, Cosplay, and Leva Bates.

Pez film  A stop-motion youtube channel
Ward Audiobook Podcast
Which is the sequel to
Worm Audiobook Podcast

5. The Bank Shot Job

On this episode we’re discussing stick ups, pizza parties, and improbable editing skills! So let’s go steal a podcast.

In which we discuss, the show going back to the misogyny well to characterise the villain, our hots are different, Cass predicts Doctor Who, Nate is Peter Parker, Christian Kane is a good name, the cops are incompetent, hewwo, Hall and Oats, Nate is Uncle Ben, Cass wrongly predicted Doctor Who, Frankie’s dog Pepper makes a cameo, favourite Ricochets, we decide not to discuss the kiss players, and D&Ding the leverage team.

One Day at a Time Season 2 trailer

3. The Two Horse Job

This episode we’re discussing Horse Racing, Horse Rearing, and Insurance Fraud.

In which we forget to introduce ourselves, this season was shown out of order, we talk about power rangers for a bit, Felicity’s roommate is a witch, maybe? The horses scream, more of young Parker, creepy heterosexual euphmisms, Cass is trying to do a sexy voice throughout Sophie’s scenes, C U, the episode ends, IYS’s D&D alignment, evil Nate and rude Nate, Frankie prefers their revolutions to be red, M’Horse, we have a completely unnoticeable cut where we talked behind the scenes for a bit, Sophie’s cola, numbers, Pharlap and drop bears, Parker makes a good face, the Indiana jones theme is a thing, Jims Strerling, we plan some extra episodes, we go back and record some questions we got after we finished, excellent radio, and night-hobbits.

I Love TV Zines: Welcome to Storybrook, and Getting to 92 %
Go listen to Horse Expert Ryan’s Podcast What’s yr Fursona

2. The Homecoming Job

On this episode, we talk about Dick Cheney (who made money on the Iraq War), Postage and Handling fees, and Veteran Affairs.
in which Cass is eating Fairy bread throughout the episode, there is mention of a camel that is both drunk and slutty, there is a truly terrible line about buying politicians, the sleight of hand has a different director maybe? (it's actually a choreographer). Samus is a Metro ID, cheeky nighttime physical therapy, Cass mixes up feet and bones, Duke Nukem, “Distinctive style”, C-SPAN, Hardison predicts Watchdogs, Parker predicts Hobby Lobby, now THAT’S a LOT of money, are we talking about crate 541 or Fahrenheit 451?, Nate’s walkin’ here!, Hardison likes Sammy Davis Jr, Incriminating stuff, Corporal Perry is THIRSTY, Nate’s begun a midlife crisis and Roundabout Socialism.  Vets playing Vets, and the team are going to steal green lantern.

Black Closet
Catwishes or My Friends And I Were Granted Three Wishes By A Cat Goddess And I Swear I Got Distracted When My Turn Came Around

1. The Nigerian Job

On this episode, we’re discussing heists, Nigeria, and the manufacture of airplanes. So, let’s go steal a Podcast.

In which Nate is day drinking, Capitalism is bad, Madds Mikkelson doesn’t make a cameo, we pitch a Leverage team with Batman trying to co-ordinate DC villains, a crow can be heard, the team gets doublecrossed, we see some truly terrible acting, we both vastly underestimate the time it would take to fly between cities, the “vast” heinous crime of kinkshaming tells us who the villain is, we don’t know how the stock market works, Good lines, that’s a lot of money, and the podcast is cursed!

The game “Follow” 
Audio Entropy