7. The Wedding Job

On this episode, we’re talking about La Familia, hors-d'oeuvres, and Surveillance. So, let’s go steal a podcast!

We discuss introducing ourselves at the start of the episode, Nicky-a Moscone, do Boston cops eat garlic bread instead of donuts?, is this a bad episode?, Nate has privilege, Sophie is written really emotional this episode, Sprungions/Cebolletas, and Chef Elliot, Hollywood “fat”, a soft boy, Vin Diesel doesn’t make a cameo, our weekly forced Pardison scene, Sophie is mischaracterised, Necro Butcher is here, we talk briefly about the bad show “the L Word”, the Butcher’s bad look, Daleks temporarily take over the recording, he died with a mushroom in his eye, no offence to Kansas, Elliot’s spaghetti, welcome to the Yawncast, Hi Everyone I’m Hom.

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