X12. Ocean’s 8

We’re watching Ocean’s 8, we’re talking about Revenge, Diamonds (A Girl’s Best Friend), and Lesbian Subtext.

We also discuss these boots, Love Letter Batman edition, facebook meme, menacing old lady, kill pervert characters, Lego enforced dysphoria, Fanfic writing, big wlw episode, Debbie’s list, Schrodinger’s Clooney, Stealcast ARG, Baby I don’t even have a diamond yet, GAY, Stealcast bingo, Vegemite is the Stereotype, Cass Weil, the council of gay, Rhianna is spared from the leggening, Tammy tops from the bottom, Characters are all good, Homestucking for a while, it Banky, Met GAYla, it’s nice it’s different, do this for baby Parker, they didn’t tell us all the effects of hormones, cook corner, nail polish, Nate is here, Straightedge but not narrow, Book Clubs, 5 star bad jokes, Metro card brick joke, the Anne Hathaway Appreciation Society, cool gemstones, Transformers and Gender, fave pairings.

Discord Comcis/Kaos Komics
Corridor VFX artists React
Lizard Wizard

63. The (Very) Big Bird Job with Tina

We’re watching the (Very) Big Bird Job, we’re talking about Flight Simulators, the Spruce Goose, and Teddy-Bears. We’re also joined by Tina from Welcome to Storybrooke.

We also discuss Portland, (mostly) a good episode, (mostly) a bad movie, Jean Grey’s Aliases, the Best Omens, Kate Leth as Picard voice “Make it Gay”, Sophie/Nate good, “Less is More, John”, another of Elliot’s friends, we don’t trust Mr Rogers, Interpol and Pretzels joke, Microbrewery, Be gay do Mouth Crimes, Word Salad, Westley?!, Dropped plots, Days of Future Stealcasts, Cass is in the episode, there can only be one (pilot), Kylo comparisons, Sophie hates Portland for some reason, Sophie bad acting when?, a Sheikh-y disguise, good heist/treasure hunt, Roemer thinks he has endurance, Nate’s son was named Sam, “Drink our Juice!”, chili is the human condition, the real Spruce Goose, gimmicks for days, Tina Stark, Plushies for days.

Wolverine and the X-Men
The Chef Show
Best Friends Whenever
The Strange Case of Starship Iris

X11. The Interstitial Job

We’re playing Interstitial: Our Hearts Intertwined, and we’re joined by Erika and Riley, we’re talking about breaking into Santa Claus’ house, Stealing Magical Artefacts, and maybe that army of child Automatons.

We also discuss that beverage is a crime, Erika says Fuck, the guerrilla podcast, I’m not doing that Riley, Rley Hopkins: Distant “Hell Yeah”, Spoilers for seven year old episode of Elementary, Michael J Mouse, MJ is furryphobic, Natalie Dormer’s Half-smile, Mary-Jane Watson, Goofy G. Goof, and Irene Adler (Jamie Moriarty) ride the Teacups, Riley’s edit, Lois Lane kills Vulcan, Goofy go Sicko Mode, the Felix Noodle Incident, leaving the Goofster hanging, the missing flower, Goofy uses Gear 2 to charge in and attack Roger Rabbit, Parker as played by Lucy Liu, Summoning Jutsu, Parker in a Goocoon, Goofy backseat jumpscare, Big Bird says “Fuck Cops”.

Erika’s Games
Hearts of Magic Kickstarter

X10. The Dragon Job

This week we’re doing something a bit different, we return to the world of D&D to talk about the Joust, Changelings, and Dragons. We’re Joined by Lexi, and Jasmine.

We also discuss threats, Ky did Pitch Perfect, Lia did Prison Break, and Eroses did Moby Dick (with a squid), Egg-napping, immediately planning to seduce the princess, Horse-themed establishment, Dice troubles, Scatdragon Ky, Eroses’ time is now, Heath Ledger is here, the entire party “This is fine.”, Ky “What is love?”, it’s not Drizzt!, two girls walking in the rose garden five feet apart because they are gay, headcanons for my own characters, like Boruto’s other dad’s curse-mark, we should watch a Knight’s Tale, Mr Tudyk, when she’s been rolling a D12 this whole time, not being implicated in murders is one of our favourite activities, Knight’s tale Monologue, Bunkers and Badasses, accidentally having 2 GM characters talk to each other, regipatricide, Harry Potter as Mother of Dragons, a family reunion, All Guards Are Bastards.

The theme this episode is “Malicious” By Kevin Macleod, used under a Creative Commons: by Attribution 3.0 License.

57. The Girls' Night out Job with Erika

We’re watching the Girls’ Night Out Job, joined by @fadingroots, we talk about Online Dating, Tango, and ‘Unbridled Debauchery’.

We also discuss three girls one cast, two Parkers, rough season, Captain Marvel disc horse, El Santo, an intrinsic association with Sarah Kerrigan, 15 DLC 4 14, Cass can’t see faces, inconsistent Parkerisation, Nate ‘Daddy Issues’ Ford, the fursona of Craig, Dog-o-Tronic, biscuits, a legitimate strategy, the sole boy-liker, don’t hang your dry-cleaning in the bar, mixing fanfic and canon, we don’t know the situation in Venezuela but John Rogers doesn’t either, why is the Professor buying this USB?, bland good people are idealist teachers, Parker has killed before and will kill again, cold feet, Peggy will kill soon, the Texan in the chat, ‘Book Club’, Argentina isn’t a scary socialism country, the dying platform Tumblr, spicy edit, dance troupe story, lesbian vampire dating online, Long-distance U-Haul lesbian, nothing is gayer than brunch, Sans Interstitialtale, funny, let’s play games, Fabby-Ann’s postcredits scene.

Left at London Revolution Lover
Interstitial season 2
Power Rangers: Beast Morphers
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
For the Honor! She-Ra RPG

56. The Office Job with Chatzpod

We’re watching the Office Job, joined by Magellan and Allen from @Chatzpod, ask us about Talking Heads, Football, and Drama.

We also discuss reverse Rugratz All Grown Up, Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’, Smalltalk economy, the magic of Board Games in positive environments, stealing from TNT, Sunflower by Post Malone, James Corden is here, Fabby kidney stone live reaction, FFXIV school, Leverage background and basics, we flash back to San Lorenzo, Best Buds = men version of Gal Pals, your ex-coworker Christian Kane, Parker gets sexually harassed this episode, Community did this concept better, the coward Dan Harmon, Science Lesbian, that doesn’t sound like a good sandwich, Nate ‘Loves Foreplay’, Tara’s gonna be back soon, please call me two takes, Mr Frakes was my father, so few gridiron fans in America, accidently attending church instead of voting, 2008 AU, Trivia in synchronicity, Faux-cumentaries, the Grim Adventures of Cass and her lion wife, Matt Damon’s Downsizing was a movie, wtf Is a Dodge Durango, Chatz of SHIELD, fake ads good, she meant Cheez-its, Australia bad.

Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes
The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley
Go for a great walk/drive in the all new Dodge Durango
Breakup on Re-entry
Song: Cut your Bangs by Girlpool

49. The Hot Potato Job with Erika

We’re watching the Hot Potato Job, joined by Erika, we’re talking about Field Trips, GMOs, and the 300 Club.

We Also Discuss Erika’s games and Kickstarter, GAYmers, Apex Legends, FFXIV knows their target audience, Blue Mage bad, Sweet and Sour, Alice in Problematic Land, Heist episode, “POTATOES”, Cass is GLADoS, These good good potatoes, Sophie and Nate did it again, did SophieD come on the podcast? (Not yet), “that’s you!”, this season is the transphobic one, seeing the show in a new light, judgement upon the flashmob, the Playstation Magic Wand, Hacking Photosynthesis, Downloading Potatoes, “More Female CEOs”, Hormone Sandwich, Hardison goes too far, Eliot ‘Nerds from the aether’ 47, biting commentary here, winning at sacrifice, treating kids like people, a real mole, ‘Valerian security’ is not a reach, Parker Jungles with a healer, Scott Steiner’s weird muscle, Magneto’s TF machine, the pronoun chocolate (Her/She), Water Bottle story, what’s the AFLW?, LatinXplosion’s Masks livestreams, we gotta remember our bits.

How Good’s Footy and the AFLW
Dingo Doodles (Tentatively)
Sad Mecha Game Jam
The Orange Groves Podcast Network, 294 Note streak, and their pilot episode for RPG Design Friends
Spooks School – I want to kiss you

48. the Van Gogh Job with Nora

We’re watching the Van Gogh Job, joined by Nora from the Export Audio Network, we’re talking about Pipe Organs, Roller Skates, and Cursed Objects.

Parts of the episode takes place in the 1940s and depicts period-approximate racism, as well as Nazis.

We also Discuss this plush gif from an anime, the Kingdom Hearts tangents begin, without Depp and Rush, Bad Yoda images (Again), Mistew Obama, Nora’s Final Fantasy XIV experience, Totes Vidya Livestream for PGDC, Girl-flavoured LaCroix, Mahjong (Again), half and hour in we start recapping the episode, Recapsmon, Tieflings are cooler than Aasimar, Fabby-Ann hates Roleplaying Games, Bakura == Astaroth, another one episode friend of Nate’s, the lost Van Ghost, windows paid for this episode, Vincent Van Gogh to the Polls, audio logs, bits are happening, Oregan is basically the same as Ontario right?, the L Word returns, Texas = big, Hast Thou Considered the Skelopod?, the problem with the Parker/Hardison relationship using the Dorothy/Charlie romantic subplot in this episode as development when Beth and Aldis are playing completely different characters, Leon Kennedy’s Date with the President’s Daughter, Spy Kids 3D is Noire?, Nora <3 Vampires, Cass wants to do an M-Day on Kingdom Hearts, Hewwo darkness my old fwiend, Lexca play Kingdom Hearts, too many Xehanorts, cursed objects list, Vincent and the Doctor, Willem Defoe Vincent Van Gogh Biopic, high school hats, Brink, Sonic Vapedriver, Mario: Grinderz, Happy Birthday Pseudomuse, cursed podcast.

Call the Midwife
Exodus by Erika
The Spook School - Binary
Being a Girl (or Girl-adjacent being)

X7. The Ampersand Job

This week on the podcast, Cassidy is joined by Cameron as we sit down to play some D&D. We’ll be talking Kill Lists, how the impact of natural disasters is only reduced by timely government intervention, and how this our first episode without Frankie. So, let’s go steal an Adventure.

The theme this week is an altered version of “Malicious” by Kevin Macloed, liscenced under creative commons: by Attribution 3.0.

We also discuss Tanakha Maryam, this motivation is just Arrow, this city is a hell zone, Bedrae’s tavern, smuggling, I don’t think you know how ‘on top’ these drow ladies are, airplane rules, killing with Kindness, the Three Tish islands, Cass returns to the well of ‘old man strength’, driving music, friendly and unfriendly bandits, TSwift vs a song about holding on, Kluth protection squad, M***** K***** no longer exists, Bye bye Steverfree, the Scottish zone, Bathrae’s bathouse, current events, Cocaine of age regression, Beyondrae’s tavern.
All Along the Watchtower

46. The Ten Lil' Grifters Job with Jordan and Emily

We’re watching the Ten Lil’ Grifters Job, joined by Emily and Jordan, we’re talking about Murder Mysteries, Secret Passages, and Nate in the Library with the Wrench.

We Also Discuss how Gregatron has fallen, Emilyscream will now lead the Decepticons, the Indie videogame Final Fantasy XIV, trance/trans music, you need oxygen to live, Jordan’s (a different one) cover of Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Earth Australia, hey kinda weird how the cat in Disney’s Cinderella is named Lucifer, Robin says “Fuck Batman”, this show is darker than Batman, Fabby-Ann’s Tile Matchmaking game, the strawmanning of the Union boss by the coward John Rogers, Beck’s Daughter is acting at a twelve, Murder Mystery Home-onculus, ‘Lite Treason’, ur a blizzard Harry, Pirates of the Post-Depp universe, a sneeze lead to restarting the call, Emily says “Fuck Batman”, Fabby-Ann’s Handcuffs story, bacon wrapped things, we might have made a “Bonano Phone” joke before, the show’s two (2) references, capitalism kills our dream of secret passages, Sex Gundam, we restrain ourselves from making bondage jokes, Emily sings the “Big Wolf on Campus” theme, we forget that “Topping/Bottoming” was originally coined by gay men.

Lesbians on Ecstasy (band)
She/Her/Hers (Twitter Post)
Jessie Cooper’s Creepy Critter’s Podcast
Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

41. The Morning After Job With Jordan

We’re watching the Morning After Job, joined by Jordan, ask us about Hockey Enforcers, Baseball bats, and matte blue lipstick.

We also discuss that red hot Australian summer, a comfortable climate of grey, the thanksgiving bit, McSweeny Todd the demon FBI agent of flint street, Frankie tries to sink our IMDB bit-tleship, language is important, wrestling is the only real sport, known Beatles hater Cassidy, series overarching plot? What series overarching plot?, making reference to children’s things, Tangent central, we discuss Eeveelutions, I’m in this picture and I don’t like it, a Frankien slip is when you accidentally say the name of a wrestler in an unrelated conversation, grumpy Elliot, too many bugs on Nate’s bed (AKA is Nate Kinky?), the guys do a police brutality threat (they’re in character),  the Italian’s legs, our poor neglected e-mail and Tumblr, blue lips(tick), Democratic meat grounds inside a cellulose casing, Vriska and (Vriska), Cass gets sent to hell, El Word.

Jenny E Nicholson’s Youtube Channel
She-Ra on Netflix
What’s McCracken
She, Her, Hers
Fanfic Rec: The Many Faces of Har--er, Adira Potter

34. The Studio Job with Kendall

We’re watching the Studio Job, joined once again by Kendall. We talk about Memphis, Bjork, and Fangirls.
We also discuss: Nashville, not a bad or good episode, Music production errors, DO @ Kendal, Justin of Bieber, what is music?, the fiddle game, that one wrestler, this guy doesn’t look like Mick Foley, Something about James Elsworth, white people are really common in films huh?, The Matrix, Autotune, its just 3 chords, sampling from country, a real spit-take, Sigur Rós, ribs for breakfast, iceberg water, Autotune again, Jonathan Colton, Zack’s A-Team headcanon, Cash and Carter-Cash, Folsom Prison Blues, someone went on the internet and lied to Cass, Bjork’s hair, the invention of podcasting, Venom was a movie, Cass liked it, Kendall isn’t sure, Frankie plays visual novels, Venom knows that ACAB, that dang wig, Venom spoilers/discussion ends at 1:30:18,  Doctor Who and we don’t like shipping the Doctor with companions, our friend Taylor Lautner.
13 Demon Princes

Love is Strange
Star Wars Resistance
Doctor Who season 11

32. The Scheherazade Job

We’re Watching the Scheherazade job, and we’re joined by Kendal. We’re talking about 1001 Nights, the Super Skrull, and Fictional African nations ruled by someone who’s brother is plotting overseas against him.

We also discuss Cass messed up the time zones so it’s really late for Kendall and he’s running on 6 cups of Coffee, Lovestruck’s challenge day, Cass’ first Pride, there’s one very bad thing, the bar is taking the subway, Gus is here, bad car assassin, is that a good comics reference?, Endurance Elliot is now Many Punch Man,  The Italian returns, the Reason for the Season,  Mythology episodes, the Stradivarius Trombone, The Brothers Moto, Let’s Flash a Podcast, Dirtbag Seinfeld podcast, Justin Fakedoe, Canadian Bacon, Kendal has thoughts about computers vs violin for success with ladies,  Kendal has thoughts about the sounds of string instruments, Scheherazade is just as loud as the 1812 Overture, Centigrade vs Epinephrine, Kendal’s Beethoven’s 9th Symphony joke, it’s no Chopin, where’s that Timmy kid?, Frankie guesses what we’re stealing next week.

Kendal’s new Album Who Cares About Halloween?
13 Demon Princes
Drawfee Channel
The President Luthor Collection on Comixology

X5: Charlie’s Angels with Ashley and Emily

We’re watching Charlie’s Angels (2000) staring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore, with Ashley and Emily! We’re talking about Union Dommes, Shake’N’Bake, and sword canes.

We also discuss that this isn’t a comeback, just as horny and racially insensitive as Totally Spies, Cass is ignorant of US celebrities, we’re already in unfortunate implications zone, Cass broke down in editing at the same time in the show, Chekov’s (the) Chad, Tom Green is here, Joey from friends  is here, Bill Murray is here, Tim Curry is here, was Quentin Tarantino here?, there’s nuns here at the burg place, this film was surprisingly un-gay, Tim Curry voice “Anime”, Creepspin Glover, a bad heist, Socialism Dominatrices, Cass mentions the Village People again, Soul Train, Vivian’s new wardrobe, Chekov’s (the) Chad goes off, straddling a missile, lots of trivia, that’s a plot point in the sequel, we can’t be funny at 1am, there’s no such thing as too many swords.

The clip that inspired this episode.

Fantasy Name Generators.com
Punch Up the Jam
The Film: Saving Face

X4: The Dungeon Job

This week on the podcast, we’re doing something a little different. We’ll be discussing Demon Worship, Feudalism, and our very own Con. So, let’s go steal an Adventure.
The theme this week is an altered version of “Malicious” by Kevin Macloed, liscenced under creative commons: by Attribution 3.0.

Cassidy and Frankie are Joined this week by Lexi of Audio Entropy, Ryan of WYFcast, and friend of the show Jasmine to play a Leverage themed D&D adventure.
During the adventure we also discuss: We have witnesses, Dragons as cats, Cass takes a Lore dump, that pesky bean dip, the trouble with centaurs and climbing, would a centaur wear pant like this?, strategic rats, a team baby. Master Blaster, Ky’s 3 life size monster high dolls, Selwyn Swinton the Hentai Knight, they take the squid, this is just Hitman, the DC to pursued the squid was 24, if a centaur wore a dress, Lexi disagrees with a quilt, comedy damage, old man strength, sleep, and the Wife cast.

21: The Ice Man Job With Ryan

We’re watching the Ice Man Job, we also talk about Sodey pop, Ferraris, and the artificial inflation of the value of diamonds.

We’re also joined by Ryan @replacewythy.

We also discuss: We finally get another Hardison episode, did our call just go down?, Frankie gives a recap of season 1, the first instinct of a cop, Bonano should’ve been replaced, wrestling in Jimmy Choos, the return of Jim Sterling, Hardison will be fine as long as the guys aren’t Russian, while editing this my audacity glitched so that I have to solo all the tracks to hear everything, anyone know why that might have happened?, Friends at this table, our very first sponsor, Frankie and Ryan decide to tangent into Kingdom Hearts, the Liberal National Party continues to be fuckwits, Ginger Beers, Blood Zirconium, Gayveler, Bobby blows cool Ice breath onto Wolverine’s open beer bottle, Parkour.

Tusk The Gay Orc Dating Sim
Ocean’s 8
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drops Distance

20. The Two Live Crew Job with Zack from TWA

We’re Watching the Two Live Crew Job, ask us about the Kobayashi Maru, Instant Pudding, and Kestrels.
We’re also Joined by Zack from TWA.
We discuss: Magitek hacking, handling the heavy stuff, a woodchipper’s purpose, Zack avoids Redneck media, Katherine is dead, Adrian’s A-Team Headcanon, Hannibals, Frankie makes history by being the first one other than Cass to point out Parker’s clothes, Starke is a grifter spec’d into a forger prestige class, Mikel Dayan’s Actress is unfortunate, also staring Apollo as Nate’s hands, we all imitate Dennis Nedry, Wil Wheaton’s forgettable face, Hardison continues to be unfortunate, the wider cultural dissemination of the Kobayashi Maru, the Worf Effect, and cheat or don’t play.

Apollo Robbins: The Art of Misdirection TED-Talk

Hailstorm, I Miss the Misery
In This Moment, Big Bad Wolf
Studio Killers, Party Like it’s your Birthday

X3. Lupinranger VS Patranger with Mike and Emily from Teenagers with Attitude

We’re Watching the first 2 episodes of Lupinranger VS Patranger. We’re also Joined by Mike and Emily from Teenagers With Attitude!

In which Cass puts her best foot forward, but forgets to do the pre-planned bit, Cops VS Rogers, Japan and Lupin, this show is stylish, Pordermen are cool as heck, we have no love for law enforcement, masticating the scenery, Emily’s Angry Dork Boy, sexism in Ranger assignment at the GSPO, we all <3 Commander Hilltop, Keiichiro’s Angry eyebrows, Cass and Emily love Gauche, is he a cat? , Umika’s galpal, and Toei is experimenting.

And in Episode 2 we talk about: some cliffhangers from later in the series, there’s a cool AF vehicle sequence, the death toll is catastrophic, the Thieves’ Promise, Mob drama, what if Mr Freeze is a cowboy, we unfortunately witness the “refusal to comply strike”, Goodie’s a free agent, we discuss Tokus for a bit.

We read off a lot more trivia than normal. Cass has some fun with clarifications in trivia. ASCASB.

Overwatch retribution
Final fantasy XIV
Mabel Podcast
Binging with Babish

Find us at:
The Podcast: @letsstealcast
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Lupinpurple: Cass @whatiscosplay
Lupingraphite: Frankie @Frankiextra
PatrenGogou: Emily @thisisemeralds
PatrenRokugou: Mike @mikelovesrabbit

11. The Juror #6 Job With Tina from Welcome to Storybrooke

We watched the Juror #6 Job, and today we’re talking about Herbal Supplements, Jury Duty, and unfortunate Aliases.

We’re Joined by Tina from ILoveTVZines and Welcome to Storybrooke!

We also talk about Impossible merchandising, Final destination 3: the one with the elevators, gratuitous product placement, chess as a metaphor,  peanut butter, lava lamps are(n’t) cute, ixnay the raisingpay the theroay odcastpay, Artistic liscence: Law, parker makes a friend, the expert witness, ParkerXPeggy fanfic, a good supervillain moment, Luck of the pizza, Chess at the Olympics, Yugioh at the Olympics, and Bad names based on our superpowers.

Jessica Jones Season 2
Let Me Tell You About Homestuck
Drop Dead Diva
Grey’s Anatomy Season (5?)

The Other Leverage Podcast can be found at: LGSaP

Tina on twitter @IloveTVZines



X1. Catch That Kid With Luke From DCOMedy

It’s our very first Bonus episode! We watched the 2004 film “Catch that Kid”. We also have our very first guest! We’re joined by Lucas from the D-COMedy podcast. Prepare for Go-karts, Rock Climbing, straight boys pinning after lesbians, Robert DeNiro impersonations and NOS and Bad Acting.

We discuss many more things, like Luke’s first argument win against his parents, we return to the L Word well, Frankie hates Gus, WWE films, this 14-year-old has a cell phone in 2003, “Do the tides command this bank?”, Go-Karts!, bad and forced romance subplots, Frankie and Lucas are ignorant of lesbian memes, how are they this strapped for cash?, the kids who need money have decided to rob a bank instead of selling their hologram technology, [Maddy will remember that], Austin invented the Tacticalneck, cameras that don’t record footage, this film could be better like this, Nicholas Cage’s National Treasure (2004), Cass couldn’t find the right Simpsons audio, direct aktion, Fish or chicken, Slowly building up an immunity to Disney Channel Original Movies, and the Mexican remake of High School Musical.

Grace and Frankie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDv6PRi1SgQ
Queer Eye on Netflix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZMrivD2Aok
I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats http://www.nightvalepresents.com/ionlylistentothemountaingoats/
Critical Role Campaign 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1cjdslm6xMk

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