54. The Queen’s Gambit Job

We’re watching the Queen’s Gambit Job, we’re talking about Chess, Nuclear Power, and Goth Boots.

We also discuss schools of memes, did we actually ever forget to introduce ourselves?, things are bad online (imagine), Jason Todd exists, M***** K***** puzzles, Beast Morphers, Captain Marvel, Furries giving piggybacks, moving in on the Amory Score’s Territory, Haku from Naruto, Cass <3 time travel shenanigans, the Coward John Rogers, everything’s bad, Fabby sees a cute boy, this plan was never going to work, Something that was never up for debate, Hardison is either incompetent malicious or scatterbrained, SUCH good friends, the Lipstick Balm Chess Machine Scandal, this show loves toxic masculinity, the team very much did make a new Chernobyl, Ministry of Silly Gaits, Castle and Leverage crossover: tell ‘em they’re dreamin’, is Nathan Fillion homophobic?.

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan: The Katering Show
Divine Mundane Hack for Firebrands

28. The Maltese Falcon Job

It’s the Season 2 Finale! We’re watching the Maltese Falcon Job, ask us about room service, bodies in bathtubs, and reunions. And oh boy do we have an episode for y’all.

We also discuss: Spoilers, notetaking, the good but also copaganda show Brooklyn 99, Leslie Knope; of the people, Parker likes girls, nudity and power, Tara is very good (yet again), that smuggler played a cop, mini bobka bobbles, 420 Elliot Spencer, hard hitting fusion commentary, Parker goes on HGA, Hardison’s 90s collection of Banshee comics, the people don’t need to know, the dark web, Parker has killed before and shall kill again, Tara vanishes into thin air, we are all digging Dug, letsstealapodcast.com-not.com.tumbr.au-not.au.com, Cass has to research the ownership of her local theme parks on the fly, a distinct lack of Zerg, the success/lack of success of Solo: A Star Wars Story, Cass’ revenge, the sound a helicopter makes.

Postgame of thrones
War on Waste: Season 1 Recap
Let Me Tell You About Evangelion

25. the Zanzibar Marketplace Job

We’re watching the Zanzibar Marketplace Job, we’re talking about Faberge eggs, Chicken Kiev, and weird elevators.

We also discus: Stone cold in Austin, we have to discus Hardison’s scripting, Friday $13 tattoos, Jim is back, Diplomatic immunity, we continue to see horrible capitalists, water is wet, ParkerBatman, Tara continues to be very good, resituating the egg, Maggie’s bad taste in men, Cass grabs the grenade, TELL HER THE TRUTH, eggs in utopia, Griffin likes Vore, one of Cass’ ants tries to escape.

Kiki and Kitty
Super Zero
Got it memorised Interstitial actual play podcast

13. The Second David Job

We’re finishing season 1 of Leverage with the Second David Job, we discuss curses, reunions, and coffee.

We also talk about era accurate mobile phones, Emmy Award Winning Actress Viola Davis, Corner offices, live foley work, we sort of empathise with Nate, Hardison is being creepy again, Parker chemist headcanon, Sophie drops the C word, a Mountain Goats reference for the Mountain Goats fans, the Pink Panther, Juicy Fish Ass, we always were a Doctor Who podcast, conventions sickness, we have the same X-Men, but different opinions on the Beatles.

The Rusty Lake Hotel
The Spectacle of Excess

12. The First David Job

Hey! Food talk inside. Also sorry about the whirring in the background on this episode.

We’re watching the first part of the season finale, ‘The First David Job’. We’re probably talking about Shrimp, little-naked men, and the long con.

We also discus, the similarities between the above 3 things, the show my have redeemed some earlier characterisation missteps, water based food, Oscar winning film “angels and demons”, Australia isn’t real, the team holds in intervention for Nate, Elementary with my dear Lucy Liu, the hill this podcast will die on, Little Mikettes, French National Banks and French Nationals, Frankie’s Request, collar tug, Cass’ make out and crime fantasies, horny boy Elliot, tell her the truth!, brunch is a thing people do, it’s a red state but not as we know it, how many times over this 2 parter does Cass call Blackpoole the name Blackwell (the school from life is strange), WWPD?, Bonus episode incoming, PUT ANOTHER SHRIMP ON THE BARBIE, MATE!, Frankie’s promise.

Matt Colville’s Youtube channel
One Night Hot Springs

10. The 12 Step Job

We watched the 12 step Job! We talked about Gangs, Rehab, and Tacos.

MAJOR WARNING: this episode takes place in a mental care hospital, and there is discussion of addiction and mental illness. Please only listen to this episode if you think you can handle this.

We also discuss Celtmetal, Blue drinks are best drinks, Sinèad and Mr Webley, The lack of nuance inherent in the genre, nice boots, Parker is straightedge, Kofi Kingston, bad musicals with good music, explosive or advert, Jim’s here, Plausible Impossibilities, Jack Hurley Will Return, Hardison is creepy again, trivia, Questions, Frankie does manage to bring up wrestling again.


Sexplanations on Youtube
Into the Breach

3. The Two Horse Job

This episode we’re discussing Horse Racing, Horse Rearing, and Insurance Fraud.

In which we forget to introduce ourselves, this season was shown out of order, we talk about power rangers for a bit, Felicity’s roommate is a witch, maybe? The horses scream, more of young Parker, creepy heterosexual euphmisms, Cass is trying to do a sexy voice throughout Sophie’s scenes, C U, the episode ends, IYS’s D&D alignment, evil Nate and rude Nate, Frankie prefers their revolutions to be red, M’Horse, we have a completely unnoticeable cut where we talked behind the scenes for a bit, Sophie’s cola, numbers, Pharlap and drop bears, Parker makes a good face, the Indiana jones theme is a thing, Jims Strerling, we plan some extra episodes, we go back and record some questions we got after we finished, excellent radio, and night-hobbits.

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