61. The Radio Job

We’re watching the Radio Job, we’re talking about Inventions, Doctor Who, and Die Hard.

We also discuss cold, Sausages as inuendo, Girlpool, all we wanna do is see Fabby turn in to a giant woman, Bill Nighy the secret Pokeman actor, Hardison can see all your porn, Nate Googles ‘boob’, Cass got to the yawn at 19 minutes in while editing and yawned, they kinda torture Hardison, ‘Dad’, this episode is weird about Parker’s neurodivergency, we get a Die Hard, Uncle Scam, this isn’t the first time Eliot has tied three men to a pipe, “Acceptable Losses” said the cop (a bastard), Sophie uses racism, big Leverage problems, Sophie escapes with pregonate, ominous medic, Alec Mcallister, they reference Doctor Who did you catch it?, anyone can die, “Oh this fuck”, Fabby being a DWEU nerd, we get side-tracked listing things the government should nationalise, guillotines are in the public domain, right?, Armadillo Run, the Wargames but it’s the Podcastgames, you gotta have Seven, Baba is Doctor, Doctor Bingo, companions post-credits scene, Ace’s furry girlfriend.

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