62. The Last Dam Job

We’re watching the Last Dam Job, we’re talking about Substitutes, Cool Swords, and Shellfish.

Detective Pikachu Spoilers/discussion from 2:00 to 7:10.

We also discuss better things than the 2019 Australian Federal election, Detective Pikachu is a good movie but uhh, put Phoenix Wright in SSB6, Happy Birthday Emily, Pepper is angry on Cass’ behalf, screw the government mandate, good villain, Victor Dubenich is a capitalist, open invite to the coward John Rogers, they all killed, ‘Big Building’ Parker, respecting Potato Juice, the gay vibes are here, Parker get dad, fashion expert Fabby, the return of the centrist, the team may have done an environment crime, Eliot became a better person after killing, Nate voice: Mahy Wife, they bone, Maggie Bi discourse, my kid wouldn’t want his death to drive me to murder, my dad would be stoked, Nate does still do a double murder, bad season good finale, Parker playing Archie in a flashback, Archie Leach says “Trans Rights”, egg substitutes, we’re tofu stans, we’re soda water antis, Cass goes to shellfish school, meat allergies, we return to Doctors on a leverage team, that’s a good boy, you’re not a sword girl?, Tomb Raider Excalibur, there’s a zombie on your lawn , annual Santa Claus vs the Devil, there are no rules, the sleep paralysis demon, egg of the geek.

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Plants Vs Zombies
Orcs Must Die II