Season 4 Retrospective: Consequences

We’re recapping season 4! We talk about Consequences, bookends, and everything else from this season!

We also discuss the worst season, LL Cool J redux, nonspecific season theming, this season is too long, she forgot what she was about to say for a full minute, this season and cheap jokes, is Nate an Alcoholic? John Rogers doesn’t care, fuck that ‘depression makes great artists’ bullshit, we say “it’s bad” a bunch, explain the joke to us John, Frankie blacks out (not actually), we discuss the bad show (Leverage not Game of Thrones), (but also Game of Thrones), John Rogers looks good compared to David Benioff and Dan Weiss, spelling correction came later, Elliot has friends this season, Parker and Elliot are 2009 era AMVs, Aldis Hodge continues to be fantastic,
“I have become angry youtuber yelling, destroyer of content”, top/bottom 3 episodes this season, Scott Steiner redux, good finale, the roast of Nate, Leverage is often Racist, thank you listeners, Danny Devito impressions, season finales as series finales, the Donut Button, long episode, Game of Thrones is a bad show, Lena Headey hates Bronn’s actor because they had a bad breakup.

Dust Wardens by Nora Blake

62. The Last Dam Job

We’re watching the Last Dam Job, we’re talking about Substitutes, Cool Swords, and Shellfish.

Detective Pikachu Spoilers/discussion from 2:00 to 7:10.

We also discuss better things than the 2019 Australian Federal election, Detective Pikachu is a good movie but uhh, put Phoenix Wright in SSB6, Happy Birthday Emily, Pepper is angry on Cass’ behalf, screw the government mandate, good villain, Victor Dubenich is a capitalist, open invite to the coward John Rogers, they all killed, ‘Big Building’ Parker, respecting Potato Juice, the gay vibes are here, Parker get dad, fashion expert Fabby, the return of the centrist, the team may have done an environment crime, Eliot became a better person after killing, Nate voice: Mahy Wife, they bone, Maggie Bi discourse, my kid wouldn’t want his death to drive me to murder, my dad would be stoked, Nate does still do a double murder, bad season good finale, Parker playing Archie in a flashback, Archie Leach says “Trans Rights”, egg substitutes, we’re tofu stans, we’re soda water antis, Cass goes to shellfish school, meat allergies, we return to Doctors on a leverage team, that’s a good boy, you’re not a sword girl?, Tomb Raider Excalibur, there’s a zombie on your lawn , annual Santa Claus vs the Devil, there are no rules, the sleep paralysis demon, egg of the geek.

Summer Rose Court
Plants Vs Zombies
Orcs Must Die II

61. The Radio Job

We’re watching the Radio Job, we’re talking about Inventions, Doctor Who, and Die Hard.

We also discuss cold, Sausages as inuendo, Girlpool, all we wanna do is see Fabby turn in to a giant woman, Bill Nighy the secret Pokeman actor, Hardison can see all your porn, Nate Googles ‘boob’, Cass got to the yawn at 19 minutes in while editing and yawned, they kinda torture Hardison, ‘Dad’, this episode is weird about Parker’s neurodivergency, we get a Die Hard, Uncle Scam, this isn’t the first time Eliot has tied three men to a pipe, “Acceptable Losses” said the cop (a bastard), Sophie uses racism, big Leverage problems, Sophie escapes with pregonate, ominous medic, Alec Mcallister, they reference Doctor Who did you catch it?, anyone can die, “Oh this fuck”, Fabby being a DWEU nerd, we get side-tracked listing things the government should nationalise, guillotines are in the public domain, right?, Armadillo Run, the Wargames but it’s the Podcastgames, you gotta have Seven, Baba is Doctor, Doctor Bingo, companions post-credits scene, Ace’s furry girlfriend.

Detective Pikachu
Sailor Sundays

60. The Gold Job

We’re watching the Gold Job, we’re talking about Games Design, Treasure Hunts, and… Gladys?!

We also discuss fake geek boys, Plant Clippings, FFXIV update, Waypoint charity livestream, good episode (Mainly), good Parker fashions, Hardison goes on strike, Hardison runs a con, Hardison watches Totally Spies, Hardison uses Twine, Mr Rogers are you good?, Hardison go on ARGonauts, “Subaltern”, Parker wuvs donuts, Tommy Madsen said “All Women are Queens.”, this episode is a bit sus about Chinese people, environmental storytelling, too invested, fake CGI water, how is Hardison familiar to them?, Nate is a Gamer, Ghost Facers, Gladys and her wife Smart House play Diner Duo, Austin Walker Pride and Prejudice Fanfic, video killed the sing along, Pepper doesn’t like the rain.

Hearts of Magic: Threads Entangled
72 Hour Waypoint Charity Livestream
Be Good and Rewatch it

59. The Lonely Hearts Job

We’re watching the Lonely Hearts Job, we’re talking about The Bachelor(ette), Alcohol Tasting, and Charity Auctions.

We also discuss meow meow meow meow, dogsitting, acceptable boy Harry Potter fanfics, AAAB, Cactuar get, RWBY problems, the duck was my squeaky chair, bird twitter poll, who is Anya from Buffy?, the libertarian episode, Rich Man Long Name IV, the boys are scared of emotions, Nia Jax entrance theme, the premise is sus, the writers think Parker doesn’t know about sex, Black Widow, Patty Jenkins and Cate Shorthand, Parker is tall, we miss the beach-beach, Eliot/Hardison = all ship dynamics, Parker’s great outfits, Nate and Jimmy bonding time, the team didn’t think this con through, Eliot is a good bro for his bros, oh THAT Anya from Buffy, Flossing to get the hip new cool audiences, we’re doing the thing, what happens in Nacho Libre?

4th Curtis - Chicken
The Healing Magic of Caldo De Pollo
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

58. The Boys Night Out Job

We’re watching the Boys Night Out Job, we’re talking about Poker Nights, Madonna, and Puppies!

We also discuss “funny” podcast have technical difficulties, Power Rangers Comics, Interstitial, the new PokéRap, XIV meets XV, a song of blah and huh, Cass was on the news in costume, messrs Moore, Hardison is overcompensating this episode, this episode is shitty about group therapy, iPod Touch, this episode has problems but its pretty funny, Hurley go on the Good Place, cool umbrella trick, “I had dreams too, Liam”, who is Shelley?, bottles of soda, medicine is expensive (shocker), Bi-olet and Worm, good (bad) Irish accents, you want your fave priest but need the big venue, Eliot does a weekend at Bernie’s, Uniform kink or hiccupping while being flirted with is cute, who is Shelley?, there are problems with Hurley going out with Peggy, Madonna’s looks, Pepper was right behind her, Frankie and the ARGonauts, “hey loser do you wanna teleport”, Exit 69 (nice).

4th Curtis – Ur the Right 1
Suburban Legends Covers
Frozen (2010)

57. The Girls' Night out Job with Erika

We’re watching the Girls’ Night Out Job, joined by @fadingroots, we talk about Online Dating, Tango, and ‘Unbridled Debauchery’.

We also discuss three girls one cast, two Parkers, rough season, Captain Marvel disc horse, El Santo, an intrinsic association with Sarah Kerrigan, 15 DLC 4 14, Cass can’t see faces, inconsistent Parkerisation, Nate ‘Daddy Issues’ Ford, the fursona of Craig, Dog-o-Tronic, biscuits, a legitimate strategy, the sole boy-liker, don’t hang your dry-cleaning in the bar, mixing fanfic and canon, we don’t know the situation in Venezuela but John Rogers doesn’t either, why is the Professor buying this USB?, bland good people are idealist teachers, Parker has killed before and will kill again, cold feet, Peggy will kill soon, the Texan in the chat, ‘Book Club’, Argentina isn’t a scary socialism country, the dying platform Tumblr, spicy edit, dance troupe story, lesbian vampire dating online, Long-distance U-Haul lesbian, nothing is gayer than brunch, Sans Interstitialtale, funny, let’s play games, Fabby-Ann’s postcredits scene.

Left at London Revolution Lover
Interstitial season 2
Power Rangers: Beast Morphers
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
For the Honor! She-Ra RPG

56. The Office Job with Chatzpod

We’re watching the Office Job, joined by Magellan and Allen from @Chatzpod, ask us about Talking Heads, Football, and Drama.

We also discuss reverse Rugratz All Grown Up, Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’, Smalltalk economy, the magic of Board Games in positive environments, stealing from TNT, Sunflower by Post Malone, James Corden is here, Fabby kidney stone live reaction, FFXIV school, Leverage background and basics, we flash back to San Lorenzo, Best Buds = men version of Gal Pals, your ex-coworker Christian Kane, Parker gets sexually harassed this episode, Community did this concept better, the coward Dan Harmon, Science Lesbian, that doesn’t sound like a good sandwich, Nate ‘Loves Foreplay’, Tara’s gonna be back soon, please call me two takes, Mr Frakes was my father, so few gridiron fans in America, accidently attending church instead of voting, 2008 AU, Trivia in synchronicity, Faux-cumentaries, the Grim Adventures of Cass and her lion wife, Matt Damon’s Downsizing was a movie, wtf Is a Dodge Durango, Chatz of SHIELD, fake ads good, she meant Cheez-its, Australia bad.

Bon Appetit’s Gourmet Makes
The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley
Go for a great walk/drive in the all new Dodge Durango
Breakup on Re-entry
Song: Cut your Bangs by Girlpool

55. The Experimental Job

We’re watching the Experimental Job, we’re talking about the Prisoner’s Dilemma, Nepotism, and Pretentiousness.

Warning: this episode deals with PTSD, depictions of torture, and bullying.

We also discuss the nice Yokozuna, shame on you Square Enix, Dr. Strange is best as a consult, the titular Grey Goo, we don’t trust AAA studios, Zero Escape = Dangan Ronpa ;P, a short Beast Morphers tangent, Bullies = bad, Judy Hopps abortion comic, this episode misses the point, I don’t trust neurotypicals who study psychology, B99 bad, “Eliot, she’s lesbian.”, the absolute coward John Rogers, Nate horny?, a tender side of butt, buying the Pope videogames, this episode is weird about PTSD, Fish Blops, FFXIV lesbians, this episode is weird about toxic masculinity, *Garfield Voice* you don’t get pregnant from blowjobs, they let the villain go at the end, Netflix bad, it’s the yawncast, Hardison had an eight pack, the Monty Hall problem at Sacrifice, Crypt of the Necrodancer, all the _ small things.

Uncaged Vol 1
Indie Mixtape

54. The Queen’s Gambit Job

We’re watching the Queen’s Gambit Job, we’re talking about Chess, Nuclear Power, and Goth Boots.

We also discuss schools of memes, did we actually ever forget to introduce ourselves?, things are bad online (imagine), Jason Todd exists, M***** K***** puzzles, Beast Morphers, Captain Marvel, Furries giving piggybacks, moving in on the Amory Score’s Territory, Haku from Naruto, Cass <3 time travel shenanigans, the Coward John Rogers, everything’s bad, Fabby sees a cute boy, this plan was never going to work, Something that was never up for debate, Hardison is either incompetent malicious or scatterbrained, SUCH good friends, the Lipstick Balm Chess Machine Scandal, this show loves toxic masculinity, the team very much did make a new Chernobyl, Ministry of Silly Gaits, Castle and Leverage crossover: tell ‘em they’re dreamin’, is Nathan Fillion homophobic?.

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan: The Katering Show
Divine Mundane Hack for Firebrands

53. The Cross my Heart Job

We’re watching the Cross My Heart Job, we’re talking about Crabs, the Weather, and Transplants.

We also discuss this episode (ugh), the Spook School’s Out, Fallout Boy, Boruto’s Dad, Senor Sabotender Progress, LEGO Batmans, the Colony (ant themed wrestlers), LatinXplosion, Harlivy Halloween costumes, we missed the beach episode, the Crab Shack, OJ everywhere, Horny Eliots should not have rights, it’s bad times ten, Pepper is here, it’s another episode about Nate’s dead son, Nate makes a model ship while threatening a dying war profiteer, it’s so difficult to find the geeks and gamers in this airport, mondo star trek refs this episode dude, and now: the weather, better compilations, Sizzler was erased from Cassidy’s memory.

My Stolen Soul Was Sold To A Nurturing Demoness In Need Of An Apprentice And I’m Starting To Like This Arrangement?!
Podcast Nine and Three Quarters
Sugar we’re Going Down Podcasting

52. The Boiler Room Job

We’re watching the Boiler Room Job, we’re talking about Chocolate, Wall Street, and Sharks.

We also discuss the Wachowski Sisters, FFXIV Netflix tie-in show, Premium Dapper Cactaur Mount, when Cass was a Wii Lass, Super Princess Peach, Solo Mario Party, Game Game Game and another Game, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games series, the absolute best conman, Wolf of Wall street, #NotAllGrifters, it’s not Christmas, Makos throughout entertainment history, LatinXplosion, Scam Squad, Midnight Oil, Blowjob mishearings, the return of Irwin R Schiester, the very best sex demon, Nate and Sophie are Nasty, the Moonwalking Bear, Friendship Haiku, we make cakes on air, Jon Talain with Weregarurumon’s markings, we’ve got a rough scene coming up next week, Fabby’s Spellbooks.

Carmen Sandiego
Spooks School – Can you Ever Trust a Man that Thinks Matt Damon’s Really Cool?
Polygon and Brian David Gilbert’s Unraveled

51. The Grave Danger Job

We’re watching the Grave Danger Job, we’re talking about Buried Alive, Friendship, and Death.

We also discuss the weather, goof feedback, One Day at a Time is a good show and its super important, a good 9/11 episode, Syd is good, FFXIV X-Over quests, Tiny Rabbit is obsessed with Girlfriend 4 times his size, Ass Creed Libspill, One (Pod)cast at a Time, Victor is here (he’s only slightly less of an asshole), Bones and the Gravedigger, Cass talks about Autism in the media, the Good Doctor and vocal Cadence, the use of archetypes outside of explicit representation is erasure (the Jughead Principle), hey good writing, sometimes you gotta be a cold lesbian, Magneto is like wine (gets better and bitterer with age), did this writer think Parker doesn’t like people?, Sophie and Parker have romantic chemistry in this episode where the writers want us to ship Pardison, we repeat “its bad” ten times each because its bad, Hardison gets buried alive, Javier is kinda extra and that could have been very good, shoutout to the director and Aldis Hodge for the coffin scenes, Hardison gets fridged, I heard Parker had an eight pack that Parker was shredded, it’s an American taunt, fuck ICE, only seeing yourself in media as stereotypes and monsters is really dehumanising, the Proposal (2009), Jean Val(Donate)jean, Nonbinary Luchadore Batperson (LatinXplosion).

Fandom Musings
One Day at a Time
Spook School – Less than Perfect

50. The Carnival Job

We’re watching the Carnival Job, we’re talking about Fairy Foods, Sideshow Alleys, and Daredevil.

We also discuss the Barnaked Ladies, no guests, days since White Yoda, Gaymer Grrls, Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy starring Ellen Page, ODAAT, Halls of Mirrors, this client is… unfortunate, Nate steals dirt, Molly is cool, the Ekka, Parker is a good Rogue, this show won’t and shouldn’t do a trans narrative, just for plot reasons, Snipers on Ferris Wheels, this episode wasn’t well written, did someone give Eliot fear toxin?, the bad horny Eliot returns, rest in pepperoni, bread opinions, Squid hat, fried dough treats, Broodje, it was Screaming Mimi.

Barry Lewis’ Kitchen Gadget Testing
One Day at a Time Season 3
Summer Twilight Book Club
Fabby-Ann’s Twilight Fanfic

49. The Hot Potato Job with Erika

We’re watching the Hot Potato Job, joined by Erika, we’re talking about Field Trips, GMOs, and the 300 Club.

We Also Discuss Erika’s games and Kickstarter, GAYmers, Apex Legends, FFXIV knows their target audience, Blue Mage bad, Sweet and Sour, Alice in Problematic Land, Heist episode, “POTATOES”, Cass is GLADoS, These good good potatoes, Sophie and Nate did it again, did SophieD come on the podcast? (Not yet), “that’s you!”, this season is the transphobic one, seeing the show in a new light, judgement upon the flashmob, the Playstation Magic Wand, Hacking Photosynthesis, Downloading Potatoes, “More Female CEOs”, Hormone Sandwich, Hardison goes too far, Eliot ‘Nerds from the aether’ 47, biting commentary here, winning at sacrifice, treating kids like people, a real mole, ‘Valerian security’ is not a reach, Parker Jungles with a healer, Scott Steiner’s weird muscle, Magneto’s TF machine, the pronoun chocolate (Her/She), Water Bottle story, what’s the AFLW?, LatinXplosion’s Masks livestreams, we gotta remember our bits.

How Good’s Footy and the AFLW
Dingo Doodles (Tentatively)
Sad Mecha Game Jam
The Orange Groves Podcast Network, 294 Note streak, and their pilot episode for RPG Design Friends
Spooks School – I want to kiss you

48. the Van Gogh Job with Nora

We’re watching the Van Gogh Job, joined by Nora from the Export Audio Network, we’re talking about Pipe Organs, Roller Skates, and Cursed Objects.

Parts of the episode takes place in the 1940s and depicts period-approximate racism, as well as Nazis.

We also Discuss this plush gif from an anime, the Kingdom Hearts tangents begin, without Depp and Rush, Bad Yoda images (Again), Mistew Obama, Nora’s Final Fantasy XIV experience, Totes Vidya Livestream for PGDC, Girl-flavoured LaCroix, Mahjong (Again), half and hour in we start recapping the episode, Recapsmon, Tieflings are cooler than Aasimar, Fabby-Ann hates Roleplaying Games, Bakura == Astaroth, another one episode friend of Nate’s, the lost Van Ghost, windows paid for this episode, Vincent Van Gogh to the Polls, audio logs, bits are happening, Oregan is basically the same as Ontario right?, the L Word returns, Texas = big, Hast Thou Considered the Skelopod?, the problem with the Parker/Hardison relationship using the Dorothy/Charlie romantic subplot in this episode as development when Beth and Aldis are playing completely different characters, Leon Kennedy’s Date with the President’s Daughter, Spy Kids 3D is Noire?, Nora <3 Vampires, Cass wants to do an M-Day on Kingdom Hearts, Hewwo darkness my old fwiend, Lexca play Kingdom Hearts, too many Xehanorts, cursed objects list, Vincent and the Doctor, Willem Defoe Vincent Van Gogh Biopic, high school hats, Brink, Sonic Vapedriver, Mario: Grinderz, Happy Birthday Pseudomuse, cursed podcast.

Call the Midwife
Exodus by Erika
The Spook School - Binary
Being a Girl (or Girl-adjacent being)

47. The 15 Minutes Job

We’re watching the 15 Minutes Job, we’re talking about Magic Photoshop, CGI Yoda, and Milkshake Duck.
We also discuss PAX South, Dicey Dungeons & Swapette, Cheesy Rollups, connection issues, we try and fail to talk about our weeks for twenty minutes, speedrunning LSaP, its finally happened, Fabby Ann watched the wrong episode, Nate’s vanishing friends, Hardison Hates New Yoda, The FamAsser, the show certainly made a choice, Mark Hamil good, Justice League Action: Missing the Mark, Mr Jameson the 80 year old Firefighter/Kidney Donor, there’s a transphobic joke in this Leverage, hey John Rogers, a 250k dollar extortion is good actually, a real shiny foil in this episode, 24601 is released on parole, Guy Fieri (Reverse Milkshake Duck), Smash Mouth & John Romero say Trans Rights, smooth Yoda’s Tom Hardy lips, Luke of MCUCM’s Tom Hardy impression, our impressions of Tom Hardy/Venom, trio of bad leverage moments.

A Crap Guide to D&D by Youtube user JoCat
Netlfix Fyre Festival Documentary

46. The Ten Lil' Grifters Job with Jordan and Emily

We’re watching the Ten Lil’ Grifters Job, joined by Emily and Jordan, we’re talking about Murder Mysteries, Secret Passages, and Nate in the Library with the Wrench.

We Also Discuss how Gregatron has fallen, Emilyscream will now lead the Decepticons, the Indie videogame Final Fantasy XIV, trance/trans music, you need oxygen to live, Jordan’s (a different one) cover of Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Earth Australia, hey kinda weird how the cat in Disney’s Cinderella is named Lucifer, Robin says “Fuck Batman”, this show is darker than Batman, Fabby-Ann’s Tile Matchmaking game, the strawmanning of the Union boss by the coward John Rogers, Beck’s Daughter is acting at a twelve, Murder Mystery Home-onculus, ‘Lite Treason’, ur a blizzard Harry, Pirates of the Post-Depp universe, a sneeze lead to restarting the call, Emily says “Fuck Batman”, Fabby-Ann’s Handcuffs story, bacon wrapped things, we might have made a “Bonano Phone” joke before, the show’s two (2) references, capitalism kills our dream of secret passages, Sex Gundam, we restrain ourselves from making bondage jokes, Emily sings the “Big Wolf on Campus” theme, we forget that “Topping/Bottoming” was originally coined by gay men.

Lesbians on Ecstasy (band)
She/Her/Hers (Twitter Post)
Jessie Cooper’s Creepy Critter’s Podcast
Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

45. The Long Way Down Job

We’re watching the Long Way Down Job, we’re talking about Green Lantern, Mountaineering, and jet skis but for snow.
We discuss abuse from: 1:08:17 to 1:10:40.
We also discuss those John Green books, We Placed, DC Cities, Latinx superheroes, What happens when Frankie dies, Our 1 year anniversary, Shapeshifters and Genderfluidity in superhero comics, the show has evil CEOs again, Ice themed DC supers (Many), Ice themed Marvel Supers (one), Ice-Man got screwed over, Evil Australians, Cassidy is a Tweener, “Do you see me as a younger sister figure, Garza?”, everyone is doing really well this episode, a Wrestling Troupe, fun with German, is Nate ok?, Parker and Elliot, Cass does a Mr Freeze impression vs Frankie in a Batman impression, even when he’s a criminal Nate’s still a cop, Sophie and Nate pretend they didn’t boink, our Lantern Corps, She’s got the link.

Your Geeky Gal Pal