60. The Gold Job

We’re watching the Gold Job, we’re talking about Games Design, Treasure Hunts, and… Gladys?!

We also discuss fake geek boys, Plant Clippings, FFXIV update, Waypoint charity livestream, good episode (Mainly), good Parker fashions, Hardison goes on strike, Hardison runs a con, Hardison watches Totally Spies, Hardison uses Twine, Mr Rogers are you good?, Hardison go on ARGonauts, “Subaltern”, Parker wuvs donuts, Tommy Madsen said “All Women are Queens.”, this episode is a bit sus about Chinese people, environmental storytelling, too invested, fake CGI water, how is Hardison familiar to them?, Nate is a Gamer, Ghost Facers, Gladys and her wife Smart House play Diner Duo, Austin Walker Pride and Prejudice Fanfic, video killed the sing along, Pepper doesn’t like the rain.

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