Episode 36: The Fabulous Screech

WE'RE BACK. After a break that's been long enough that we're now averaging less than one episode a week, Let's Place has returned for Season 2! We got a new website, a new method for sourcing guests, and a new logo! Also I'm gonna stop writing these descriptions in the third person so I hope that's cool. Anyway, I'm joined by longstanding guests Tal and Dina, along with previous guest Tyler and a brand new friend, Fionna! Tal's attempt to be more positive is immediately destroyed by a bad Professor Layton knock-off, we learn how to LIVE FAST and DIE WET, Fionna MOCKS ME INCESSANTLY FOR THE PERFECTLY NORMAL WAY I PRONOUNCE "CRAYON," we get into some straight up Spongebob talk, and for the encore, we return to one of our favorite topics: horrifying children's games. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil, for PC; Dead in the Water, for Playstation; The Fabulous Screech, for PC; Nickelodeon's Spongebob Squarepants: Spongebob's Truth or Square; and Elsa Dentist Surgery Simulator. You can find the up to date list of ranked games at bit.ly/letsplace. Follow @SSJSpeedRacer on Twitter to suggest games for us to rank and to have a chance at guesting on the show!