Episode 37: Tecmo World Wrestling

Okay, look. LOOK. This episode was RIDDLED with technical problems. It might be the single most technically fraught episode of Let's Place yet, and I'm including the one where I had to re-record the audio for over half of an episode. It was just a mess. Don't use Discord to record podcasts! It does a bad job. Anyway, if you can bear with us, I'm joined this week by Dina and new friends Josh, Jules, and Matt. We talk about seminal RTS games, terrible PC shovelware, morally dubious Atari games, awesome wrestling games, and we finally decide between Final Fight and Final Fight Guy. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Command and Conquer: Red Alert, for PC; Splash, for PC; Battle of Shiloh, for PC and Atari; Tecmo World Wrestling, for NES; and Final Fight, for SNES. You can find the complete up-to-date list of games at bit.ly/letsplace. Be sure to follow @SSJSpeedRacer on twitter for show announcments. You might be a guest on the next Let's Place!