Peer Review #2


Well, we finally did it. We got 16 people together, and we brought Skype right up to its breaking point as we re-placed 16 games on the Let’s Place list. Just a heads up, because of the… ridiculous, nature of this episode, it might not be the best-sounding episode??? Regardless, strap in, and listen to us pay tribute to one of the most important parts of the scientific process.

You can see the full spreadsheet of votes cast during this episode here:

You can find the full list of ranked games at

Episode 80?: Company of Heroes

A brand new Let's Place crew tests out a brand new Let's Place algorithm. YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Wonderland Adventures, for PC; Hot Wheels: Velocity X, for PC, Gamecube, and Playstation 2; Sea Hunt, for DOS; Company of Heroes, for PC; and Pathfinder, for Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. You can find the complete list of ranked games at

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Peer Review #1


Take a magical journey with all nine of us as we each take a game out of the list and re-place them like they're new out of the box, and bring justice to the world by doing so. Sonic shuffle is taken out of the bottom ten--but will it end up back where it started? Undertale has been given a second chance--how high will it go? And can Final Fantasy X-2 make it to the X-2nd spot on the list? Let's all find out, together. You can find the current list of ranked games at