Episode 49 - Instead Of An Airbag, It's Clowns

Episode Discussed : S01E49: Return of an Old Friend: Part 1

Episode Discussed: S01E49: Return of an Old Friend: Part 1

Join us and our friend Liz for the momentous, epic, and not at all comically overplayed return of Tommy! It's Parents Day in Angel Grove and that means we meet the hilariously dressed parents of our main characters, discover Jason's dad's arms are literally full hams, learn about the hereditary nature of Bulk's curse, and begin the Great Billy's Mom Debate of 2016!

While we go over what there is of the plot, we also discuss Accepting Zordon Into Your Heart, the wherabouts of the Dragon Dagger, Goldar's greatest moment to date, Ernie's Insurance Insurance Policy, and for the first time ever Zordon forces the rangers to make their own decisions. Good thing he left that to like, literally the most important decision they've ever faced!