Episode 35 - Chef Goldar Ramsey

Episode Discussed : S01E35: The Green Candle Part 2

Episode Discussed: S01E35: The Green Candle Part 2

Join the original 6 Ranger Squad as we witness the end of the Green Ranger and absolutely, 100% for sure the last time Tommy Oliver will ever be on the show. We kind of ignore that to mostly talk about how sad it is Goldar is constantly surrounded by incompetent morons. HE JUST TRIES SO HARD DAMMIT!

Highlights: The Rise & Fall of Blockbuster Video, First Movie Cast Photo, Zordon's Cold Reads, Super-Fly-Cool-Guy Award, Science Poles, Everyone Is Stupid As Hell, Senator Jason Underwood, Funeral for a (not dead) friend, Dragonzord's A Rockin, Fuzzy Sausages, Garden of Weedin'