Episode 29 - Boba Fett Doesnt Do Shit

Episode Discussed : S01E29: Island of Illusion Part 2

Episode Discussed: S01E29: Island of Illusion Part 2

Wade returns to lay down some sick rhymes and help us close out the Island of Illusion as we work through the Rangers darkest fears. Or at least a version of them that can be introduced and resolved in like, 30 seconds tops. Also, Pierogis.

Along the way: Genesis Acapella, Zyuranger Recap, Freaky Friday but with a Dinosaur and a Tree, Live Studio Audience, A Beetlejuice, Mr. Mxyzptlk Reference Ban, Luke rains on Zack's Parade, Zord OTP, Dragon Ball Z Attacks, The Simon Cowell of Dance Contests, Bulk & Skull Vs. The Yeerk Invasion

You can find Wade's Let's Play Youtube channel at Kruse Control!