Episode 24 - Zordon's Cloaca

Episode Discussed : MMPR S1E24: The Spit Flower

Episode Discussed: MMPR S1E24: The Spit Flower

This week Rita's plans plunge into straight up Mean Girls territory as she attempts to become as petty as physically possible in her campaign to mentally break down Kimberly. Join us and our new friend Graham as we delve into this sad story, Talk about the newly leaked next Sentai Costumes, and discuss the indescapable terror of Flowers with Cheap Vampire Teeth

And as a bonus join us for our Best of The Year awards: The... The Teenies. The name was not my idea. 

Points of Discussion: Very Personal History, Ron Wasserman Appreciation Station, Ernie's Business Plan, Constantly Bonered Putties, Lowered Expectations, Slamming Some Daquiris, The back of Zordon's Tube, Hit it in the Sack, Eeyore the Power Ranger, Luke's Spider Adventure