Episode 25 - I Love To Get Nasty

Episode Discussed: S01E25: Life is a Masquerade

Episode Discussed: S01E25: Life is a Masquerade

This week join us for the Halloween Episode that's not a Halloween episode as we get our favorite Bulk & Skull montage ever, Alpha escapes the command center, and the costuming department sideways steps into accidental racism once again.

Oh and also Rita flies around on a giant mud ball or something.

Graham joins us again to help us close out the year (yeah ok we're late on this one) with our Worst Of awards: The Tudies

Along the way: Monster Mash Ownership, Clown Slander, Ernie of the Fifth Dimension, Bulk's Defensive Eating Techniques, Carmen Miranda's Ghost, Japanese Party City, Double Elvis, Stabbing Party, Alpha the Ladykiller, Cracker Barrell Nunchucks, Throwing a Robot into Another Robot