Episode 20 - You're Not Thinking Morphdimensionally!

Episode Discussed : MMPR S1E20: Green With Evil - Part 4

Episode Discussed: MMPR S1E20: Green With Evil - Part 4

We are joined by Jorge in the fourth episode of the Green Ranger Saga, as Haim Saban aims a tactical dissappointment missile directly at Luke's... let's go with heart.

Highlights: Tommy: The squeaky cleanest lone wolf bad boy, Morphactnewsnimal, BOOM! Studios MMPR Comic, Spaghetti Headspace, Far Too Much Scorpion Information, BEWORE, Skull Hotwires a bus, Power Rangers: a psychosexual fantasy, Activate Puppy Petting Mode, Extremely Specific Dick Tease, An episode about dissappointment, Evil Sword Laser Attack Is So Fucking Dope, Alpha Steps up the game, Extreme Slammu Dissappointment

You can find Jorge on his podcast, South Figaro