Episode 21 - I Have No Mouth But I Must Morph

Episode Discussed : MMPR S1E21: Green With Evil - Part 5

Episode Discussed: MMPR S1E21: Green With Evil - Part 5

Jules teleports in from Australia as we complete the first step in our quest to end our eternal podcast curse! As Tommy becomes a good guy, we mourn the passing of the Radbug and wonder just exactly what kind of tunes Tommy is playing on that flute.

Make sure to stick around after the end of the episode. Lyrics by Jules, Vocals by Joel.

Listen, you'll know when you get there.

Along The Way: Luke says no to Power Ranger Semantics, Goldar the Functional alchoholic, Australian Boxed wine drinking games, Don't Drink and Dragonzord, Dragonzord Exchange Student, 10,000 year delayed surprise party, and... M.A.S.H.?

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