Bonus Episode 6: *Barbie Chuckles* You Mean The Chaos Emeralds?


We were all together for PAX West so we decided to record an ep, but knowing how the quality was probably gonna suck it couldn’t be part of the main canon. So we watched a Barbie movie that is basically a Totally Spies ep stretched to its breaking point. Don’t worry, there’s still a lot of feet. We talk about: Off PAX West, Bored Games, Gamer Party, Hell Bathroom, Bad Candy, Link Baby, Kyle Katt’s Cooler Little Sister, Gymnastics Bias, Turn Into A Gilf, Are They Related?, Lazlo Sucks, Southern Accent Robot, Giggle Taser, Barbie’s Lightsabre, Mandy Fusion, Lazlo Fucking Himself, Miss Z If You’re Nasty, Eternal Barbie, Arkham Asylum Is Good, Fired For Being Bad, Patrica Good, Megabytes, K-no, Like If You Do, Butch Barbie, Veggitales Podcast