Totally Reprise 144: Dude, Lil


An old skater boy says see you later to national landmarks. Yeah that didn’t work well. Anyway a dude’s putting cement everywhere and Clover wants to fuck a skater. Sara joins us for a… weird episode. We talk about: Fantasy Football, Chelsea’s Babies, Control Stuff (No Actual Spoilers But We Talk About Some Gameplay/Setting Stuff), Smash Bros Stats, River City Girls, I Hunty, So Many Games, Himbo Flip, Hot Wheels Canyon, Grand Canyon Collapsing [Bass Boosted], Library Hot Dogs, Drawing Is Hard, Bummer Tony Hawk, Kidnapping Skater With Weed, Bob Burnquist: Super Villain, Shaun White, Dean Capris, A Bad Show Name We Don’t Say, Wife Guy Ken, Skateboard Errata