Alpha Episode 54: Tell Me Your Final Thoughts

It's all over! There currently is no more Homestuck to get told about. Instead we look back at the comic as a whole. What are our favorite parts and characters? What parts do we think should have been cut and what characters we would do better without? What's our ships????!!!! All these answers are told in the very tired finale of LMTYAHS Alpha!

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Alpha Episode 52: Let Me Tell You About Sprites Squared

Vriska get debriefed on what happened in the dream world. Tavros actually does something. Jasprose goes on a date until Davesprite fucks it up like a piece of shit. Dave and Dirk talk about each others past and telling friends things. Jane learns about star stuff. John gives one last big speech. Terezei remembers.

Alpha Episode 51: Let Me Tell You About Brothers

Roxy and Callie have some alone time as they figure out the mysteries of space, void, spikey balls and being Space Gay. Dave finally opens up about his life with Bro and he and Dirk wade through the murky waters that they find themselves in. Kanaya gets a helping hand from a friend. Vriska tears herself down as a relationship collapses. Jane meets Nana and Jake wonders if this is it. Tavros eats a button.

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Alpha Episode 50: Let Me Tell You About Planning

Gather round everyone!!! We've got a final battle to prepare for. Everyone gets their assignment. Calliope meets an other her. Rosesprite gets a big hug. Karkat and Kanaya have a talk. Dave and Dirk finally meet. Vriska has a talk with herself.

Alpha Episode 49: Let Me Tell You About Family Bonding

It's about to get awkward as families finally meet and get to know each other. Roxy finally meets her mom and her daughter. Two weenies talke to each other. Terezi and Vriska get gay. Dave meets his mommy, wait SHIT. The trolls have shit talk. Dave talks to his computer brother. Two weenies talk about how Batman sucks.

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Alpha Episode 48: Let Me Tell You About Masterpieces

Caliborn spoils Homestuck for us, the jerk, as he reveals his masterpiece. Vriska checks her timeline of three years on the meteor. Dave and Karkat get close. Vriska has a plan. John and Roxy return to hugs and emotion. Dave lays down the law on toxic masculinity and compulsory heterosexuality. Really. Also Luke is here!

Alpha Episode 46: Let Me Tell You About Game Over

Sometimes people don't like your art no matter how much you improve. Sometimes you mess up and discussions have to be had. Sometimes people you love die. Sometimes you never got to say I love you. Sometimes you have to fix things. Sometimes you make new friends. Sometimes you can fix things. Sometimes you can change destiny. Sometimes you can choose a third option. Sometimes you can go home.

Alpha Episode 45: Let Me Tell You About Healing Timelines

We are thrust back into the award winning satire that is Homosuck. We meet the alpha male and his entourage of girls. Pay no attention to the male with blue jammies who appeared out of a flash of light. Back in the session Gamzee reveals that he has stolen the ring for a new villain, but an old favorite. Everything begins to break as we go down a doomed path. Hope is unleashed, witches are crushed, souls are ripped and a conversation about abuse in unfortunately had.

Alpha Episode 44: Let Me Tell You About Web 3.0

We are given the illusion of choice once again, but sadly the glitches have messed even that up. Dave is confronted by Jade who say he must be the one to kill Lord English. When Dave refuses a mayoral threat is made. Kanaya gets very mad at Jane before succumbing to unfathomable bloodlust.  Dave is confronted by Jade who say he must be the one to kill Lord English.  Then John comes in and makes things awkward. Rose and Kanaya try to have a talk and Terezi goes clown hunting.  Dave is confronted by Jade who say he must be the one to kill Lord English.  John is confronted by John who tells him to meet a girl. John meets a girl and tells her about Homestuck

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Alpha Episode 43: Let Me Tell You About Homosuck

Caliborn reveals that he has gone mastered the thing known as the narrative and that he will use this to rip Homestuck a new one. Andrew Hussie provides us a game cart to continue the kid's adventure but not before Caliborn makes it "special." The new session is overtaken by glitches, big animations are skipped, and memories are lost. Dave laughs at his own jokes. Roxy has to make a egg. Jade and Jane are being evil. Karkat demands answers and gets forks. Rose and Terezi get over a hangover. John is missing.

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Alpha Episode 42: Let Me Tell You About The Ultimite Weapon

John continues his pirate adventure as Vriska's crew pulls a mutiny. John realized Vriska is dangerous and that when the opportunity for her to come back to life is in his hand her refuses. Rose is only getting drunker and Kanaya is very disappointed in her. Caliborn starts loving his lepercauns, but not in that way. Spade Slick gets a different gang back together and returns to an apartment with a view. After Hussie tries to stop her Vriska reveals the ultimate weapon. John lends an arm, goes fuzzy and travels the worlds.

Alpha Episode 41: Let Me Tell You About Cherub Fucking

Karkat and Dave (through speaker crab) decide it's finally have an intervention. No not for Rose's alcoholism that is getting worse every day but for Terezi becoming a juggalo. Caliborn is making his way through a series of planets and picking up some green gnomes/leprechauns/Felts along the way. John falls asleep and Davesprite flies away like a piece of lovable shit. John meets up with a roving band of pirates and gets told the story of just how cherubs do it. Terezi wakes up and sees her friends, Karkat relates to teens, Dave finds out about communism.

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Alpha Episode 40: Let Me Tell You About Hangovers

After the kids mess around more in trickster mode Andrew Hussie steps in to put a stop to it and speed up the plot. The kids wake up in their respective moons and start getting real about their problems. Jack gets a little English on him and Betty Crocker is cooking up something. A window is cracked, a dog attacks her friends and capitalism wins.

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Alpha Episode 39: Let Me Tell You About Trickster Mode

Roxy has a family reunion that is cut short. Jane walks around her house but is only reminded of her sad life. Roxy escapes from a Derse prison due to a Void Ring. Jake has a pretty gay conversation with Caliborn. Dirk breaks down and AR almost just breaks. A new STRONG sprite is made. Jane has a lick of a sucker and we aren't feeling peachy.

Alpha Ep 38: Let Me Tell You About Birthdays

Jake is having relationship issues and that means that everyone has to hear about it, but especially Jane. Jane crosses a line that will be hard to walk back. Caliborn hits on Jane in the most backward manner and explains his artistic method. Roxy is kidnapped by GCAT and locked up in jail. DD visits a very important prisoner and gets fashion advice. Meanwhile in the past Roxy reads a story about characters stuck in a story who are desperately trying to change their destiny. A little firefly comes in the window and speaks in code and Ashley reveals some secrets to Molly.

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Alpha Episode 37: Let Me Tell You About Dead Sessions

Vriska and Meenah finally meet and end up throwing the party of their afterlife. It's a mess and also kind of the best. The Alpha go through their Sburb game for much longer then the beta kids ever did but much quicker from our perspective. Caliborn investigates his session and finds a computer, a collection of locks, a clown and the asshole who seems to be pulling all the strings. 

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Alpha Episode 36: Let Me Tell You about Maps

Vriska shows John and Tavros how tough it is to hunt for treasure in the Furthest Ring and how the giant reality destroying monster following you can be your biggest help. Meenah talks to the last of her pals and we learn about a secret relationship that can only cause problems. Dave works on his raps, Kanaya turns on the dark and Rose makes a move.

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Alpha Ep 35: Let Me Tell You About Dancestors

Meenah meets up with her friends finally, and I can't lie to you they mostly all suck. Mituna and Kankri especially. Porrim is cool though, she's got all those tattoos and stuff. We make it through memories, meet a cult and just generally kinda fuck around. John and Jade watch Con Air and John has a upsetting revelation, Davesprite takes a joke to far and Bec Noir needs a rest but isn't getting one anytime soon.

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