Season 4 Retrospective: Consequences

We’re recapping season 4! We talk about Consequences, bookends, and everything else from this season!

We also discuss the worst season, LL Cool J redux, nonspecific season theming, this season is too long, she forgot what she was about to say for a full minute, this season and cheap jokes, is Nate an Alcoholic? John Rogers doesn’t care, fuck that ‘depression makes great artists’ bullshit, we say “it’s bad” a bunch, explain the joke to us John, Frankie blacks out (not actually), we discuss the bad show (Leverage not Game of Thrones), (but also Game of Thrones), John Rogers looks good compared to David Benioff and Dan Weiss, spelling correction came later, Elliot has friends this season, Parker and Elliot are 2009 era AMVs, Aldis Hodge continues to be fantastic,
“I have become angry youtuber yelling, destroyer of content”, top/bottom 3 episodes this season, Scott Steiner redux, good finale, the roast of Nate, Leverage is often Racist, thank you listeners, Danny Devito impressions, season finales as series finales, the Donut Button, long episode, Game of Thrones is a bad show, Lena Headey hates Bronn’s actor because they had a bad breakup.

Dust Wardens by Nora Blake