54. The Queen’s Gambit Job

We’re watching the Queen’s Gambit Job, we’re talking about Chess, Nuclear Power, and Goth Boots.

We also discuss schools of memes, did we actually ever forget to introduce ourselves?, things are bad online (imagine), Jason Todd exists, M***** K***** puzzles, Beast Morphers, Captain Marvel, Furries giving piggybacks, moving in on the Amory Score’s Territory, Haku from Naruto, Cass <3 time travel shenanigans, the Coward John Rogers, everything’s bad, Fabby sees a cute boy, this plan was never going to work, Something that was never up for debate, Hardison is either incompetent malicious or scatterbrained, SUCH good friends, the Lipstick Balm Chess Machine Scandal, this show loves toxic masculinity, the team very much did make a new Chernobyl, Ministry of Silly Gaits, Castle and Leverage crossover: tell ‘em they’re dreamin’, is Nathan Fillion homophobic?.

Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan: The Katering Show
Divine Mundane Hack for Firebrands

53. The Cross my Heart Job

We’re watching the Cross My Heart Job, we’re talking about Crabs, the Weather, and Transplants.

We also discuss this episode (ugh), the Spook School’s Out, Fallout Boy, Boruto’s Dad, Senor Sabotender Progress, LEGO Batmans, the Colony (ant themed wrestlers), LatinXplosion, Harlivy Halloween costumes, we missed the beach episode, the Crab Shack, OJ everywhere, Horny Eliots should not have rights, it’s bad times ten, Pepper is here, it’s another episode about Nate’s dead son, Nate makes a model ship while threatening a dying war profiteer, it’s so difficult to find the geeks and gamers in this airport, mondo star trek refs this episode dude, and now: the weather, better compilations, Sizzler was erased from Cassidy’s memory.

My Stolen Soul Was Sold To A Nurturing Demoness In Need Of An Apprentice And I’m Starting To Like This Arrangement?!
Podcast Nine and Three Quarters
Sugar we’re Going Down Podcasting

52. The Boiler Room Job

We’re watching the Boiler Room Job, we’re talking about Chocolate, Wall Street, and Sharks.

We also discuss the Wachowski Sisters, FFXIV Netflix tie-in show, Premium Dapper Cactaur Mount, when Cass was a Wii Lass, Super Princess Peach, Solo Mario Party, Game Game Game and another Game, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games series, the absolute best conman, Wolf of Wall street, #NotAllGrifters, it’s not Christmas, Makos throughout entertainment history, LatinXplosion, Scam Squad, Midnight Oil, Blowjob mishearings, the return of Irwin R Schiester, the very best sex demon, Nate and Sophie are Nasty, the Moonwalking Bear, Friendship Haiku, we make cakes on air, Jon Talain with Weregarurumon’s markings, we’ve got a rough scene coming up next week, Fabby’s Spellbooks.

Carmen Sandiego
Spooks School – Can you Ever Trust a Man that Thinks Matt Damon’s Really Cool?
Polygon and Brian David Gilbert’s Unraveled

51. The Grave Danger Job

We’re watching the Grave Danger Job, we’re talking about Buried Alive, Friendship, and Death.

We also discuss the weather, goof feedback, One Day at a Time is a good show and its super important, a good 9/11 episode, Syd is good, FFXIV X-Over quests, Tiny Rabbit is obsessed with Girlfriend 4 times his size, Ass Creed Libspill, One (Pod)cast at a Time, Victor is here (he’s only slightly less of an asshole), Bones and the Gravedigger, Cass talks about Autism in the media, the Good Doctor and vocal Cadence, the use of archetypes outside of explicit representation is erasure (the Jughead Principle), hey good writing, sometimes you gotta be a cold lesbian, Magneto is like wine (gets better and bitterer with age), did this writer think Parker doesn’t like people?, Sophie and Parker have romantic chemistry in this episode where the writers want us to ship Pardison, we repeat “its bad” ten times each because its bad, Hardison gets buried alive, Javier is kinda extra and that could have been very good, shoutout to the director and Aldis Hodge for the coffin scenes, Hardison gets fridged, I heard Parker had an eight pack that Parker was shredded, it’s an American taunt, fuck ICE, only seeing yourself in media as stereotypes and monsters is really dehumanising, the Proposal (2009), Jean Val(Donate)jean, Nonbinary Luchadore Batperson (LatinXplosion).

Fandom Musings
One Day at a Time
Spook School – Less than Perfect

50. The Carnival Job

We’re watching the Carnival Job, we’re talking about Fairy Foods, Sideshow Alleys, and Daredevil.

We also discuss the Barnaked Ladies, no guests, days since White Yoda, Gaymer Grrls, Gerard Way’s Umbrella Academy starring Ellen Page, ODAAT, Halls of Mirrors, this client is… unfortunate, Nate steals dirt, Molly is cool, the Ekka, Parker is a good Rogue, this show won’t and shouldn’t do a trans narrative, just for plot reasons, Snipers on Ferris Wheels, this episode wasn’t well written, did someone give Eliot fear toxin?, the bad horny Eliot returns, rest in pepperoni, bread opinions, Squid hat, fried dough treats, Broodje, it was Screaming Mimi.

Barry Lewis’ Kitchen Gadget Testing
One Day at a Time Season 3
Summer Twilight Book Club
Fabby-Ann’s Twilight Fanfic

49. The Hot Potato Job with Erika

We’re watching the Hot Potato Job, joined by Erika, we’re talking about Field Trips, GMOs, and the 300 Club.

We Also Discuss Erika’s games and Kickstarter, GAYmers, Apex Legends, FFXIV knows their target audience, Blue Mage bad, Sweet and Sour, Alice in Problematic Land, Heist episode, “POTATOES”, Cass is GLADoS, These good good potatoes, Sophie and Nate did it again, did SophieD come on the podcast? (Not yet), “that’s you!”, this season is the transphobic one, seeing the show in a new light, judgement upon the flashmob, the Playstation Magic Wand, Hacking Photosynthesis, Downloading Potatoes, “More Female CEOs”, Hormone Sandwich, Hardison goes too far, Eliot ‘Nerds from the aether’ 47, biting commentary here, winning at sacrifice, treating kids like people, a real mole, ‘Valerian security’ is not a reach, Parker Jungles with a healer, Scott Steiner’s weird muscle, Magneto’s TF machine, the pronoun chocolate (Her/She), Water Bottle story, what’s the AFLW?, LatinXplosion’s Masks livestreams, we gotta remember our bits.

How Good’s Footy and the AFLW
Dingo Doodles (Tentatively)
Sad Mecha Game Jam
The Orange Groves Podcast Network, 294 Note streak, and their pilot episode for RPG Design Friends
Spooks School – I want to kiss you

48. the Van Gogh Job with Nora

We’re watching the Van Gogh Job, joined by Nora from the Export Audio Network, we’re talking about Pipe Organs, Roller Skates, and Cursed Objects.

Parts of the episode takes place in the 1940s and depicts period-approximate racism, as well as Nazis.

We also Discuss this plush gif from an anime, the Kingdom Hearts tangents begin, without Depp and Rush, Bad Yoda images (Again), Mistew Obama, Nora’s Final Fantasy XIV experience, Totes Vidya Livestream for PGDC, Girl-flavoured LaCroix, Mahjong (Again), half and hour in we start recapping the episode, Recapsmon, Tieflings are cooler than Aasimar, Fabby-Ann hates Roleplaying Games, Bakura == Astaroth, another one episode friend of Nate’s, the lost Van Ghost, windows paid for this episode, Vincent Van Gogh to the Polls, audio logs, bits are happening, Oregan is basically the same as Ontario right?, the L Word returns, Texas = big, Hast Thou Considered the Skelopod?, the problem with the Parker/Hardison relationship using the Dorothy/Charlie romantic subplot in this episode as development when Beth and Aldis are playing completely different characters, Leon Kennedy’s Date with the President’s Daughter, Spy Kids 3D is Noire?, Nora <3 Vampires, Cass wants to do an M-Day on Kingdom Hearts, Hewwo darkness my old fwiend, Lexca play Kingdom Hearts, too many Xehanorts, cursed objects list, Vincent and the Doctor, Willem Defoe Vincent Van Gogh Biopic, high school hats, Brink, Sonic Vapedriver, Mario: Grinderz, Happy Birthday Pseudomuse, cursed podcast.

Call the Midwife
Exodus by Erika
The Spook School - Binary
Being a Girl (or Girl-adjacent being)

47. The 15 Minutes Job

We’re watching the 15 Minutes Job, we’re talking about Magic Photoshop, CGI Yoda, and Milkshake Duck.
We also discuss PAX South, Dicey Dungeons & Swapette, Cheesy Rollups, connection issues, we try and fail to talk about our weeks for twenty minutes, speedrunning LSaP, its finally happened, Fabby Ann watched the wrong episode, Nate’s vanishing friends, Hardison Hates New Yoda, The FamAsser, the show certainly made a choice, Mark Hamil good, Justice League Action: Missing the Mark, Mr Jameson the 80 year old Firefighter/Kidney Donor, there’s a transphobic joke in this Leverage, hey John Rogers, a 250k dollar extortion is good actually, a real shiny foil in this episode, 24601 is released on parole, Guy Fieri (Reverse Milkshake Duck), Smash Mouth & John Romero say Trans Rights, smooth Yoda’s Tom Hardy lips, Luke of MCUCM’s Tom Hardy impression, our impressions of Tom Hardy/Venom, trio of bad leverage moments.

A Crap Guide to D&D by Youtube user JoCat
Netlfix Fyre Festival Documentary

X7. The Ampersand Job

This week on the podcast, Cassidy is joined by Cameron as we sit down to play some D&D. We’ll be talking Kill Lists, how the impact of natural disasters is only reduced by timely government intervention, and how this our first episode without Frankie. So, let’s go steal an Adventure.

The theme this week is an altered version of “Malicious” by Kevin Macloed, liscenced under creative commons: by Attribution 3.0.

We also discuss Tanakha Maryam, this motivation is just Arrow, this city is a hell zone, Bedrae’s tavern, smuggling, I don’t think you know how ‘on top’ these drow ladies are, airplane rules, killing with Kindness, the Three Tish islands, Cass returns to the well of ‘old man strength’, driving music, friendly and unfriendly bandits, TSwift vs a song about holding on, Kluth protection squad, M***** K***** no longer exists, Bye bye Steverfree, the Scottish zone, Bathrae’s bathouse, current events, Cocaine of age regression, Beyondrae’s tavern.
All Along the Watchtower

46. The Ten Lil' Grifters Job with Jordan and Emily

We’re watching the Ten Lil’ Grifters Job, joined by Emily and Jordan, we’re talking about Murder Mysteries, Secret Passages, and Nate in the Library with the Wrench.

We Also Discuss how Gregatron has fallen, Emilyscream will now lead the Decepticons, the Indie videogame Final Fantasy XIV, trance/trans music, you need oxygen to live, Jordan’s (a different one) cover of Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Earth Australia, hey kinda weird how the cat in Disney’s Cinderella is named Lucifer, Robin says “Fuck Batman”, this show is darker than Batman, Fabby-Ann’s Tile Matchmaking game, the strawmanning of the Union boss by the coward John Rogers, Beck’s Daughter is acting at a twelve, Murder Mystery Home-onculus, ‘Lite Treason’, ur a blizzard Harry, Pirates of the Post-Depp universe, a sneeze lead to restarting the call, Emily says “Fuck Batman”, Fabby-Ann’s Handcuffs story, bacon wrapped things, we might have made a “Bonano Phone” joke before, the show’s two (2) references, capitalism kills our dream of secret passages, Sex Gundam, we restrain ourselves from making bondage jokes, Emily sings the “Big Wolf on Campus” theme, we forget that “Topping/Bottoming” was originally coined by gay men.

Lesbians on Ecstasy (band)
She/Her/Hers (Twitter Post)
Jessie Cooper’s Creepy Critter’s Podcast
Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition

45. The Long Way Down Job

We’re watching the Long Way Down Job, we’re talking about Green Lantern, Mountaineering, and jet skis but for snow.
We discuss abuse from: 1:08:17 to 1:10:40.
We also discuss those John Green books, We Placed, DC Cities, Latinx superheroes, What happens when Frankie dies, Our 1 year anniversary, Shapeshifters and Genderfluidity in superhero comics, the show has evil CEOs again, Ice themed DC supers (Many), Ice themed Marvel Supers (one), Ice-Man got screwed over, Evil Australians, Cassidy is a Tweener, “Do you see me as a younger sister figure, Garza?”, everyone is doing really well this episode, a Wrestling Troupe, fun with German, is Nate ok?, Parker and Elliot, Cass does a Mr Freeze impression vs Frankie in a Batman impression, even when he’s a criminal Nate’s still a cop, Sophie and Nate pretend they didn’t boink, our Lantern Corps, She’s got the link.

Your Geeky Gal Pal

Season 3 Retrospective: Patience

We’re recapping season 3! We’re talking about Patience, season arcs, and a Diamond in the rough.
We also discuss post-Christmas blues, Giantbomb Fantasy League results, Critical Role’s new animated intro, hey there Delilah what’s it like in Dunwall Tower I’m a thousand miles away etc, No Vines for Fabby-Ann, Knife Dad & Gay Daughter: Origins, Laura Kinney is very good, Whomst amongst us can watcheth the television?, it’s like episode one all over again, the Hets are at it again, Recording’s on first, we understand how hosts don’t remember their bits now, Mr Leech, Mr Sejic who can make Cass care about het relationships (18+ Twitter link), AvaLance 5 evar on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, what did Elliot do when the team took down Moreau, Anger Tirade, MCU Completely our new MCU Complete Me Review Podcast, we talk about Captain America: the Winter Soldier for five minutes, Janet Van Dyne pitch, our top and bottom 3 episodes, Mr Cena’s Time is now, Australian Politics Corner with #libspill, our fave bits, we should discuss Hot Fuzz, Disney Plains, Prince Charming, Fables spoilers from 1:16:00 to about 1:17:41, Bloody Mary <3, Possible Nacho Libre episode upcoming.

Fabby-Ann’s top ten Queer games of 2018
Mystery Show and creator Starlee Kine

X6. Santa Claus vs the Devil

We’re Watching Santa Claus vs. the Devil, the greatest movie ever made (according to Frankie) we talk about Santa Claus, The Devil, Evil Dolls and Merlin.
Jingle Bells: Public Domain
Body Horror Caution Warning
We also discuss the just past international holiday, Cassabella, the can of worms that is Metal Sonic Lore, Cass’ ‘Happy holidays’ pet peeve (it’s the opposite of the conservative peeve about happy holidays), the mysterysciens thetre 3ooo, the 3 act structure, the biblical Samson, Jesus’ baby photos, why’s gun there?, we like the makeup and sets and worldbuilding, Santa works like Goku in the Bu saga, Lupita is good and needs to be protected, Droku on a Gone, the Homunculus Children Hypothesis, the body-horror telescope, We’ll honor every part of her, you better watch out, He’s Batman!, we cut to the heaven, Pedro Infante, Cass’ brain genius jokes, dolls with 2 faces, old man yells from sky, how Santa gets your letters, the liar’s box, the Santa/Merlin/Samson ship, Duracell’s Spider-Claus, we get dangerously close to talking about the Problem of Evil, the origin of milk and cookies, Santa does a leverage, Santa Claus is Happy and Gay, DC’s Muppets of Tomorrow, John Constantine, Cass just gushes about Legends of Tomorrow, the Legion of Doom vs the Black Flash, the Santavengers, released on the twenty fifth.

Export Audio Podcast
Fanfic rec: Child of Azkaban

44. The San Lorenzo Job

It’s the season 3 finale! We’re watching the San Lorenzo Job, we’re talking about public speaking, elections, and ironic echoes.

Extensive food talk from 1:05:00 to 1:10:50
We’re also discussing humidity puns, Giantbomb fantasy league, treat your girl right, San Lorenzo is Gibraltar, the best of Dubertech, Hardison saw Kim K’s sex tape, support ethical porn, pls give voting pls, strawfeminist Britta appears, chemist Parker returns, Cass promises free maid Aprons, Hardison says the thing, Nate acts like an American and topples a foreign government with little to no regard for its citizens, Sophie’s dying in his arms tonight, Textbook Mexican Moustache, Ribera gets off scott-free, who are you?, Smooshing booties, which Leverager would be best to elect to public office?, there’s only 2 real candidates choose the one who will fuck you up less, fixin it in post, Espresso BBQ sauce, SupaidaMan and Spiders-Man.

Patterns, by Mx. Ace Fucking Jaycee
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Halcyon Station
Fanfic Rec: Underwater (Overwatch Shape of Water-eqsue AU)

43. The Big Bang Job

We’re watching the Big Bang Job, we’re talking about train heists, bad boys, and converging plot threads.
We also discuss: Cass is drunk with power (and lewd this episode), Chris Pyne, Giant Bomb’s GOTY discussion, Austin Walker’s Uncle Ben’s advice, the filter comes off, Tumblrs retreat here (per application), Spanish swears acceptable on American TV, that’s VORE!, Yuri recs from the Yuri Librarian, our Quirks, darling of the podcast: Pepper, turn turn tentacle, it was Steve Jackson who made Munchkin, earmuffs, One fear edit please, no interest in fire and/or psychic aliens, Lab Lesbian, military bad, a good French accent, noted woman disrespecter Damien Moreau, suck that chair, just like in my fanfics, why are people acting like Elliot doesn’t kill?, over the top evil or implications for tragic backstory?, Parker/Livewire good shit, Robert Rodriguez’ wild ride, The Italian makes something out of nothing, Pepper is worried about the Italian, Bonano ex Machina, Cass’ plan to steal a time machine, turn based roguelike recs pls.

Hardcoded (18+)
Press Buttons ‘n’ Talk: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team LP
Fanfic Rec: Muckraker! (Venom Fanfic 18+)

42. The Ho Ho Ho Job

We’re watching the Ho Ho Ho Job, we’re talking about making a list, checking it twice, and finding out who is naughty or nice. But seriously, we’re talking about Dickens, Merry Chrysler, and Eggnog.
We also discuss Pepper barking, Internet issues, Everhood, Christmas rashies, Jeff Stormer’s Talking Nog, the infantilization of autistic and neuroatypical characters, this is a good Santa, This episode could have been better in these ways, Sophie’s name, Elliot is grumpy, Sophie’s good Chauffer disguise, Shithead Grinch Wil Wheaton, Elliot’s gonna kill Sean Bean, Parker’s lost Childhood, David Copperspoon, Stan Lee stole CM Punk’s Catchphrase, we don’t care about Now You See Me and the podcast devolves into Alfred Pennyworth (Micheal Cane) interpretations, Pavlova’s Dog.

Bohemian Rhapsody
There’s this Girl
Fanfic Rec: The Armourer and The Living Weapon

41. The Morning After Job With Jordan

We’re watching the Morning After Job, joined by Jordan, ask us about Hockey Enforcers, Baseball bats, and matte blue lipstick.

We also discuss that red hot Australian summer, a comfortable climate of grey, the thanksgiving bit, McSweeny Todd the demon FBI agent of flint street, Frankie tries to sink our IMDB bit-tleship, language is important, wrestling is the only real sport, known Beatles hater Cassidy, series overarching plot? What series overarching plot?, making reference to children’s things, Tangent central, we discuss Eeveelutions, I’m in this picture and I don’t like it, a Frankien slip is when you accidentally say the name of a wrestler in an unrelated conversation, grumpy Elliot, too many bugs on Nate’s bed (AKA is Nate Kinky?), the guys do a police brutality threat (they’re in character),  the Italian’s legs, our poor neglected e-mail and Tumblr, blue lips(tick), Democratic meat grounds inside a cellulose casing, Vriska and (Vriska), Cass gets sent to hell, El Word.

Jenny E Nicholson’s Youtube Channel
She-Ra on Netflix
What’s McCracken
She, Her, Hers
Fanfic Rec: The Many Faces of Har--er, Adira Potter

40. The King George Job

We’re watching the King George Job, we’re talking about Knighthoods, Protecting kids, and the Mystery of Miss Deveraux.
We also discuss rating the team members out of 10, it’s the Moreau plot, Nate thinks Sophie might be getting emotionally invested, Parker seduces the vault, he loves that monarchy, the Sophie’s name subplot returns, Hardison is weirdly buff?, taking out idiot, they stole Frankie’s bit, hey Tom47 on IMDB fuck your Leverage sins, Micheal Bay (Alolan form).

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix
The Three Secret Cities by Matthew Reilly
Fanfic Rec: Carrion (Venom 2018)

39. The Rashomon Job

We’re watching the Rashomon Job, we’re talking about acclaimed Japanese film-maker Akira Kurosawa, Shrimp Allergies, and Novelty Mugs.

We also discuss taking advantage of capitalism, videogames are sometimes good, Cass watched some live wrestling, Wrestling and children’s theatre are the same, this was a really good episode, what happened to the Italian?, The Deveraux identities, kudos to Mr Coswell’s Actor, shrimp is good, shrimp and prawns are different things apparently, Pax Australia send us an invite, Sophie’s memories are super Shakespearian, Elliot’s been typecast, fun with accents, cracking the ol’ Tanuki, BIG KNIFE, the Sophie chef, Hardison was underage drinking, Cass saw John Barrowman live, Steven Borden wielded by Bilbo Baggins, Ikiru spoilers end at 1:17:27, how to make handles, free food power move, please good people somehow find a way to get the Vampire: the Masquerade licence.

Free stuff on your Birthday
Scrambled: Syd City
We Know the Devil
Fanfic Rec: The Night is Ours (Life is Strange Mythical Creatures AU 2 part series)

38. The Underground Job

We’re watching the Underground Job, we’re talking about Miner 49er, Country Roads (take me home), and the United Mine Workers of America.

We also discuss the Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream, Claremont-isms, fuck deregulation, the Lesbian Soul Reaper, the Mike Schur problem, unions are good, Nate does a misogyny, oh wow actually we can see why some people might ship Parker/Sophie, some weird ableism, what happened to the Italian? We actually ask this this time, the second Kingsman movie is big on misogyny but it has a good rendition of Country Roads, That scene in Shrek 2 where they discuss unions, F/F category triumph, The Audio Entropy Fanfic Network.

Miracle of Sound Youtube Channel
Audio Entropy Extra Life Stream Archive
Cass’s Fanfic rec: A Place in the Sun by Sapphic_giraffic (Naruto Fanfic)