74. The White Rabbit Job

We’re watching the White Rabbit Job, ask us about Jefferson Airplane, Game Masters, Party Girls!

CW for those episode for manipulation, gaslighting, panic attacks, and an attempted suicide.

We discuss an attempted suicide from 1:01:15 to 1:5:15, and 1:12:13 to 1:14:50

We also discuss: Good MORNING CASSI-DY, bug news, Fabby’s good selfies, the Doctor’s big finish, live transgending, it’s an Alice in Wonderland homage (DO YOU GET IT?), Chekov’s energy drink, the team gives this guy a panic attack, DO YOU FIRETRUCKING GET IT?, take the estrogen pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes, its your line bro, straitjackets in mad-max times, Hardison is getting stretched thin, 5 hours on repeat, the gig is up, Cass “I’m Baby”, oh hello ‘the Finns’, Weird al clip, chekov’s energy drink returns, DID YOU GET IT?, trivia wants us to think that inception is relevant, this questionable bop, shapeshifting is the idea trans power, Nu-Who, the best lets steal deal, Alamo Furry Convention.

Season of the Bitch
Doctor Who Book Guide

73. The Low Low Price Job

We’re watching the Low Low Price Job, joined by @HauntingtheMorg, ask us about Chain Supermarkets, Unions, and Heavy Metal Toxicty!

We had some audio errors, Cass and Fabby’s tracks are a little echoey this episode, but it will be back to normal next episode.

Cass recounts the story of Henrietta Lacks from 1:00:57 to 1:03:25, warning for discussion of consent issues and systemic racism in medicine).

We also discuss Fabby’s Meowing, Morg’s Steal Let’s Cast, Brooklyn 99 and video essays, perchance to doggy dream, self ID with scientist, pls @ us, Teasing Emily day, analytics on-air, the podcast baby, Cass might be Sabaning Fabby, Mr Gorbachev tear down the pay wall, Wall;mart suks, bad horny, this podcast recognises only the one true Wolverine (and it’s Laura), working 9-4:55, flexing science muscles, Henrietta’s Tumor, self-care is including a fact about the composition of a metal-adhering protein in your podcast, the first ever Elcor Podcast, IASIFeelingsville, Protect Martin, high-school military club, State Farm memes, Big Boss = Jango Fett, Hurley amnesty, transgendered by the Saddle Club, You know who invented unions? Wamen, that’s Britney Bitch, laconic Ned Kelly, finishing the time.is.

Steven Universe: The Movie
5 Grams of Iron
Pop Arena Nick Knacks
Spindle Wheel

72. The Frame Up Job

We’re watching the Frame Up Job, joined by Kat, we’re talking about Life Painting, Parties, and Third Wheels.

We also discuss Fabby + 200% hotness, Cass asks about Kingdom Hearts for some reason, Since Kat was last on the show, everyone is a scientist, timeline democracy, #KatonCast, this episode is an Agatha Christie, desensitized to weird, DO YOU GET IT?, Dracula X-Overs, ‘Manservants’ are a rich white people thing, a Mark Shephard character, Doctor Names, She wears the strap, 1pm on the dot he looks at this nude, why wine, Nate can’t boink if crime is unsolved, Nate has indirect killed before and he will indirect kill again, Sophie’s nyudes, tiddy out cosplays, Mafia for theatre kids, Bob Barker?, vampires don’t poop, World Wide Westling, Kat’s Chris, one dollar, the O ring holds the strap to the straps.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf
On a Sunbeam
GO GO Godzilla

71. The Rundown Job

We’re Watching the Rundown Job, we’re talking about Thrillers, Pork, and the Antiseptic Method.

There’s some discussion of squick/gore from 28:57 to 29:24

We also discuss Catwishes (based on a real story), Cass’ group video assignment, Pub trivia, trans required watching, the manga is unfortunate, Let’s plays but TV, Pepper is the ONLY doggie in the neighbourhood, good episode*, the deepest Leverage dive, Vance is just Colonel Jessup, John Rogers advocates for war crimes, we invoke the Hydra twist then instantly go back on it, Superheroes vs just over-levelled, when an episode takes place in both season 1 and season 5, big HMMMM, completely forgot to mention that Vance shoulda been behind the bioterrorist attack to justify his little taskforces, Aldis Hodge Jordan Peele collab, there is also a Zelda, ‘well intentioned extremist’ is a strawman of any resistance efforts, Cass explains vaccines, So Good almond milk, trompo is spinny pork, Bacteria: not as complex as us, the legacy of Guillermo González Camarena, tired of war crimes, consulting your FBI agent who lives in your computer to find Fabby-Ann’s twitter,

Anh’s Brush with Fame
The Farewell
Wandering Son
Praxis what you preach by ThePedanticRomantic

70. The Broken Wing Job

We’re watching the Broken Wing Job, we’re talking about Sick Days, Chicken Parm, and Coffee Shop AUs.

We’re also discussing candor, Goodwill to all trances, Rocko get iPhone, Wednesday get GF, Christianity ruining songs, Fabbayonetta, John Rogers become John Egberts, Tokyo tangent, Parker has many hands, network infighting, McElroys we but our thumbs but not at thee, Pardison is not Beauty and the geek, we prefered the war crime talk, Cass watched next episode already, Parker says ACAB, the true loyalty of weapons is to bloodshed, privacy issues, deadwifeitis, They Might be Bastards by the Mountain Goats, Fallout Boy references, Leverage is good except the parts when it isn’t, Whom reference the Doctor?, it was the C-Section and the chocolate that made me hurl, Overwatch OTP truths, (Winnie the) Poohcast, Cass doesn’t drink so her fave drink is a fruit juice, The Rockdown job, region-locked dvds, itunes reviews, Fabby rages out, a purely Metaphorical Straight man, types of cats to turn into, surprise guest appearance.

Mermaid Splash! Passion Festival

69. The Real Fake Car Job

We’re watching the Real Fake Car Job, we’re talking about Mr & Mrs Smith, Mussolini, and the Mafia.

We also discuss EVO, Nice episode (the funny sex number), She-Ra S3, simple sports, Soul Caliber, Cassie’s life is boring, Matthew Lillard? Shaggy is here, Get-Out-of-jail-free Cards, a Spoilerer, grabbin pills, none of the Scooby gang is cishet, the American Gunpla, the Lost Miyazaki tapes, what are cars?, Elliot is being a shit-stirrer, this show dislikes Portland for some reason, Shaggy regret, these situations are completely different and it’s morally bankrupt to suggest that Nate who does good things is like Gabe Erickson who does bad things, these dang straight people, Hitman and Hitma’am, Hipsterson, Sophie loves being suspicious, the theme of this season is war crimes, bad joke about smuggling soda across the border, what beverages use real sugar?, the national disgrace (Cane Toads), the discography of Mr Cicierega, Werewolf games, La Gran Ratonas and Earmuffs, George Calombaris and Joe Biden retire, Age of the Shaggy, Hot Dog Water, Postcredits EVO.

Boonta Vista Podcast
Progressive Podcast Australia
EVO Top 8
Waypoint watches Evangelion

68. The DB Cooper Job

We’re watching the DB Cooper Job, we’re talking about Tommy Wiseau, The Odyssey, and Christmas lists.

We also discuss Far From Home Spoilers go from 1:00 to 8:24, SHAZAM, Talos and Talos’ Wife (Soren), Cass can’t articulate that people are innocent sometimes, the team decide to help a cop instead of people this week, fun with photoshop, I Super believe in you Dan Cooper, Sophie’s type, multilingual ‘Death’, Re-enactment episode, this crime happened, DB Cooper drew Dickbutt, Fabby calls out the Lesbian, some people are cops so pobody’s nerfect, losing bikes but finding dogs, bad opdics, Pepper sees a doggy in the window, a fraught pairing, Divergent/FIOS and Leverage parallels, Dan Cooper bought the farm, the homophobic kiss, XKCD, legtail, breaking Marvel news, Tessa Thompson we stan, protect Pepper.

Buzzfeed Unsolved: The Strange Disappearance of D.B. Cooper
YuMe Dreams
Girls By Beatrice Eli

67. The Gimme a K Street Job

We’re watching the Gimme a K Street Job, we’re talking about Cheerleading, Congress, and Divide & Conquer.

We also discuss big sneezing hours, the combiner combiner, Dr Mario World, making our way through the Orange Groves, Uni-environmentalist Depression, good episode, weird plot format, the cheerleader movie, Robin Williams voice ‘Neon Genesis Evangelion’, new podcast, Dance Academy, imitating America, charger bit, Nate isn’t doing much this episode, Parker’s alienation from a mainstream adolescence is resonant, Parker’s torture subplot, Cheerleading Sport, Smash cut to congress shooting down a bill to protect young girls, Wetting the throat break, Sophie goes on a Zelda quest, JJ Legrange tries to take Do Nate from us, what is congress?, both sides-ism (BSE is a big deal), Sophie joins the Leverage war crimes club, Parker sees the air vent on the ceiling, Pep Talks, dealing with overstimulation, who is John Cornish?, I’ll explain later, Community Funko Pops, Britta the straw-feminist.

DGR Mario Maker
Neon Genesis Evangelion feels Explicitly Queer thanks to this trans voice actor

66. The French Connection Job

We’re watching the French Connection Job, ask us about Truffles, Community Theatre, and Molecular Gastronomy.

We also discuss a great week, Shadowbringers solo, Fabby-Ann’s first Pride, Glitter and Axes, pills that make girls pee a lot, hair-passing, let’s go watch Spiderverse, Cass solves a murder, Shawshank Redemption and humanisation of Prisoners, ‘Celebrity’ chef guests, Don’t trust John Rogers or Cops, Eliot’s unfortune backstory, Hardison is a total jerk this episode, tipping and taxes, Pepper is the only dog, the only good Randy (maybe), Is This Racist?, projecting, I can’t believe I forgot what spreader bars were called, food is life, Hardison being childish, when Parker loves her job she never works a day in her life, gold leaf doesn’t change physical taste but commodity fetishism is extremely yucky, Alec Hestonson, Pepper is a rowdy boyo, why doesn’t Parker like Jazz?, Eliot murderman, Palmer and Snead are good, we’ve never played Stardew Valley, the rapping door, Cass is always Dick Van Dyke, Noble Gases, how to get Fabby-Ann to watch something: invoke One Day at a Time, one George Washington.

Mr Iglesias
Summer Depression by Girl in Red

65. The First Contact Job

We’re watching the First Contact Job, we’re talking about Sci-Fi, Cyphers, and Mr Musk.

We discuss depression and suicide from 27:00 to 28:12

We also discuss dour moods, good news, ladies like strong teeth, pokefusions, Live Astrology, Hercules, Skatune Network, Good Gwenpoole Ebooks, Sin-Sister Six comic, Gay wrath wedding, Parker is mean, substitute podcaster, completionists, this episode is ableism cordial concentrate, Eliot is a war criminal, DNC debate part 1, Bleach, they don’t love the characters, for a second it’s good, Nate doesn’t remember it’s never about the money, the client sells his design to weapons manufacturers, Fermi and Drake, how to ruin a con with 1 bad alias, Charlie Xavier’s Angels, the Bad John Job, an Alien goes out for lunch, Michi Pro the Great Space War Vol 10, we refuse to let all things be bad, lots of trivia, Cass added trivia to IMDB, Marvins, Yeet me up Scotty, Elon’s Extraterrestrial Ejection, Non, how we conned a podcast network into thinking we were a good podcast, Epsilina watches Charlie’s Angels, Lucy Liu is great.

Mental Health in Video Games: The Good and the Bad
How Brooklyn Nine-Nine makes a joke and Riley J. Dennis’ YT Channel
I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend by Girl in Red

64. The Blue Line Job

We’re watching The Blue Line Job, we’re talking about Enforcers, Concussions, and Turtles that are Russians.

We also discuss TMNT 2003, cooking/food talk from 2:10 to 8:55, Slow cooking is good, Double Indian beef and Aloo Gobi, the Surviving Culinarian, Monk vs Gold, Gun House vs the Dogbot, Podcast Law, Randy Pitchford should be in jail right next to Bryan Cogman, full contact sports are fucked up y’all, John Rogers handles something okay but pretends that this is an individual problem instead of a systemic issue, Dr Karma Houdini, shout-out to Danny Marko, Mick Foley, “Women be knowing things?”, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Parker and Hardison do a sneaky, what is good internet?, we go off on a big tangent, Calcifer coaster, Horny Scared, My Neighbour Del Totoro, Fabby Ann reacts to the One Piece Rap, Vlad good, Nate likes hockey, a fanciful turn of phrase, S&M&M, Elliot renounces the Leverage team, disparagement of nice character scenes for being “Fanfiction-y”, Loving your characters, Grey’s Hammer lifting contest, Petunia Evans joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in Oleander, Nate and Sophie casual intimacy, Hockey =/= Christmas, as the Zamboni goes, changing the culture of sports, door foley, the eight Ranger, early recording next week, Special Kiss, at the end of the episode…

Sleepless Domain
Girls by Girl in Red
The Disney Brain

63. The (Very) Big Bird Job with Tina

We’re watching the (Very) Big Bird Job, we’re talking about Flight Simulators, the Spruce Goose, and Teddy-Bears. We’re also joined by Tina from Welcome to Storybrooke.

We also discuss Portland, (mostly) a good episode, (mostly) a bad movie, Jean Grey’s Aliases, the Best Omens, Kate Leth as Picard voice “Make it Gay”, Sophie/Nate good, “Less is More, John”, another of Elliot’s friends, we don’t trust Mr Rogers, Interpol and Pretzels joke, Microbrewery, Be gay do Mouth Crimes, Word Salad, Westley?!, Dropped plots, Days of Future Stealcasts, Cass is in the episode, there can only be one (pilot), Kylo comparisons, Sophie hates Portland for some reason, Sophie bad acting when?, a Sheikh-y disguise, good heist/treasure hunt, Roemer thinks he has endurance, Nate’s son was named Sam, “Drink our Juice!”, chili is the human condition, the real Spruce Goose, gimmicks for days, Tina Stark, Plushies for days.

Wolverine and the X-Men
The Chef Show
Best Friends Whenever
The Strange Case of Starship Iris