Episode 97: Rogue


Scheduling conflicts force Crystal to host another ROGUE EPISODE, this time with guests Maxie and Jasmine ranking five games with the word “Rogue” in the title! YOUR GAMES THIS WEEK ARE: Dick Marcinko: Rogue Warrior, for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC; Assassin’s Creed Rogue, for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PC; Rogue Galaxy, for Playstation 2; Rogue Ops, for Playstation 2, Gamecube, and Xbox;  and Rogue, for Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Android, Atari 8-bit, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, GP2X, GP32, Linux, Macintosh, Mainframe, Roku, TRS-80 CoCo, and ZX Spectrum. You can find the current list of ranked games at bit.ly/letsplace