Daddy-o Entropy: Give This Episode Five Stars or We're Turning This Podcast Around


It's Father's Day! As befits the holiday, the dads of Audio Entropy have assembled for our annual pod-moot. Riveting topics are discussed (regional grocery chain differences, consumer electronics expos, how that lawn be lookin'); games are played; hopes, fears, and banal observations concerning the kids are shared freely in this fatherhood forum. Join us, won't you? 

Your fathers this year:

Mitchell - can be found co-hosting All Along the Watchtower, a DCAU rewatch podcast. Conflates the movies Four Brothers and Knockaround Guys at one point in this podcast--please, don't send him any more hatemail about it, he feels bad enough as-is. Also wrote and performed the Teenagers with Attitude theme song, hire him if you need a Zordon impersonator for your birthday or whatever.

Greg - currently devoting all his time to mastering the blade, having recently completed his stint as host of War and Beast, a Beast Wars and Beast Machines rewatch podcast. He watched it all! It done!

Simon - intermittently co-hosts Teenagers with Attitude, also does other stuff? I don't know the dude's life. He's often talking about doing another rewatch podcast that has yet to materialize and I'm not gonna blow his spot up any more than this but I mean, come on, do it already, Simon!

Eric - Host of Inside the Masters Studio, a DM/GM interview podcast concerning the processes of our generation's great tabletop masters. Also just started Basho & Tell, a sumo podcast, and somehow finds the time to edit Teenagers with Attitude every week and put in more appropriate SFX than Mitchell managed here.


Intro and outro music is Yellowcard's Life of a Salesman. They'd probably be fine with it? Listen, just, don't narc on us.