Episode 36 - Emily Rose Jacobson

This week (year) we’re joined by Emily Rose Jacobson, GM of the Rat Queens TTRPG on Hyper RPG. Make sure to go through the Hyper RPG archives if you want to see her GMing different shows, or as a Player in Bloodcurdling Tales In Time and the new podcast Mass Effect: Adventum.

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Closing Theme is Ilos: Archive from Mass Effect

Episode 35 - Malika Lim

I've finally returned from the Peace Conference I was at and I come bearing gifts! This week we're joined by the GM of Power Rangers HyperForce, Malika Lim. HyperForce uses a system of her own design, is officially sponsored by Saban, and airs Tuesday nights at 6pm Pacific Time on twitch.tv/HyperRPG . Non-Subscribers to the channel can catch it in Video Form on the Hyper RPG Youtube page a week after airing, or in podcast form on iTunes, Spotify, or however you listen to podcasts.

Listen as we talk about what it's like to introduce new players to roleplaying, meeting actors you've been fans of for years, and how it feels to have Jason David Frank ask you to rap.

That last bit probably won't be helpful for most GM's listening along, but hey, it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

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Episode 34 - Tom Harrison

So three Adventurers from Faerun are Chosen/Kidnapped by Olmec and told they're needed to go into different Fictional Realities to fix something that's gone wrong in them and the first Fictional Reality they go into is the Men In Black RPG.

If that didn't get your attention then I don't know what I could possibly say to get it.

This week The Studio is pleased to welcome Tom Harrison, GM of the aforementioned Shuffle Quest , Host and Producer of The Skewer, and Host of You Don't Understand. Tom's real busy, y'all. 

His tabletop RPG experience started with Fourth Edition (I still love it) but moved quickly to Fifth Edition (I mean, whatever, I guess) and now thanks to a fortuitous find in a temple of thrift, Olmec is rapidly expanding Tom's RPG Horizon. How far will his RPG travels take him? I don't know, but I'll be listening and I can't wait to find out! 

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Closing Theme is Cloud Atlas Finale by Tom Tykwer

Episode 33 - Brian Crenshaw

This week we're joined by Game Developer, and Narrator, Brian Crenshaw. He's constantly been building the games he wants to play before he even knew he was in the Tabletop RPG scene, and we talk extensively about his upcoming game Survive The Night.

I'm a Chicken Boo when it comes to scary stuff, but I'm very intrigued by the system and would be thrilled to get a chance to be lead through the game by Brian with a team of AE hosts. 

See below for a prototype character sheet, courtesy of  Megan Jerbic. Any questions about Survive The Night can be sent to survivethenightgames@gmail.com . 

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Episode 32 - Jim McClure

This week we're joined by the young, talented, innovative Game Designer, Jim McClure. It starts off with Nerd on Nerd Passive Aggression, but it gets better! Half of the D&D 4e Fan Club have a nice talk about that system as a way of bringing in new RPGers, Systems that might not be the best intro to new RPGers, and we talk about the upcoming Satanic Panic by Jim McClure.

Check out his website Third Act Publishing for more of his work, or The One Shot Podcast Network for his show Talking TableTop where he sits down and talks to notable people within the TableTop Industry.

We talk about Wrestling in this episode, and you can listen to Jim play a World Wide Wrestling session at The One Shot Podcast Network .



Episode 31 - Strix Beltran

The stars have aligned and we're pleased to announce this week we're joined by Strix Beltran. Thanks to her work on Weekly Affirmations I've been introduced to so many new Systems that have captured my imagination. Some people hold up Austin Walker as their ideal GM, but I believe that's because they haven't had a chance to see Strix work her magic.

You can head over to StrixWerks to read her Published Articles, find out more about the Gaming as Other initiative, and find out if Strix will be in your area as part of a Panel at a Con. November 11-13 Guest of Honor at U Con in Ann Arbor! Woo, finally someone's coming to Michigan!

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Episode 30 - Sarah M

This week in the Studio we're joined by Sarah M. We briefly talk about her first game as a GM where the players beat up a skeleton and stole its retirement fund, the DMs/GMs that she enjoys listening to and is inspired by, and her current game and podcast: The Wheel and The Way

It's currently in Season 02, using the Urban Shadows system in The Streets of New Morceau, a city inspired by New Orleans, but with an occult twist.

But let's get serious for a sec:

Come on, y'all. Don't beat up Skeletons and steal their Retirement Funds.



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Episode 29 - Brian Marr

Brian went to play Magic, but when a Dungeon Master offered to run them through a game of D&D they discovered the Magic was in them all along...in their imagination!

Ok, that might be a little too much of a TV-Movie synopsis, but it was certainly an interesting start that lead them down the road to becoming a GM. We talk about running two games simultaneously, breaking the players against the rock that is Darth Vader, and be on the lookout for great things from Lacerated Spleen Productions!

You can follow Brian on Twitter, or talk to them in the All My Fantasy Children Discord

If you're interested in Party Of One you can check out Episode 66 where Jeff and I play the Boxing RPG, Contenders. 


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Episode 28 - Morgan

This week we're joined by a newcomer to the game of GMing, Morgan. They share some of their stories of the table, concerns about their planned campaign, and we gameplan ways to make sure the sessions run smoothly.

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Closing Theme is from Sly Cooper


Episode 27 - DM Pseudomuse

We're joined by DM Pseudomuse in the Studio this week. We talk about Neverwinter Nights being the gateway D&Drug, why you should never be quick to trust an NPC, and the luxury of having Players that go with the flow of the Supplement's Adventure.

Follow them on Twitter, their Personal Tumblr , and check out Luetin09's Zeus mode Arma gameplay.

Warforged are da bes.

Chainsaws are da wors.

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Episode 26 - Bert Jennings

A long time ago in a galaxy far,

far away...

It was one week ago, but Michigan's pretty far away from California, you gotta give me that.

This week we're joined by Bert Jennings, host of Pencils and Parsecs, HyperRPG's Edge of the Empire Star Wars game. We talk about the challenges of adapting to Fantasy Flight's Dice System in front of a live audience, learning how to affect a Character's AND a Player's decisions, and possible plans for the future of the show.

If you'd like to watch it live, or even affect the game by donating to the Light Side or Dark Side of the Force, head to twitch.tv/hyperrpg Friday night's at 9pm Pacific, or head over to their Youtube page, or you could even take a gander at their SoundCloud page!

Stay tuned at the end of the episode for an ad for All My Fantasy Children, a personal favorite of mine. I recommend starting at the Pelter episode because it's a self-contained gem.

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Artwork by  Veldrin  aka Coolest Dude Ever

Artwork by Veldrin aka Coolest Dude Ever

Episode 25 - The Blind Gamer

This week we're joined in the Studio by The Blind Gamer . 

We start this story at a Summer Camp for the Blind and Visually Impaired, playing an impromptu game of Call of Cthulu purely as Theater of the Mind. Fast forward to today, DMing a game that could spill into any one of a handful of universes at any moment! We talk about knowing when to off a character, when to intervene in Player drama, and when to avoid touching a cursed staff.

The answer to that last one is when your deity makes a personal appearance and tells you not to touch the dang Cursed Staff.

Ah well. You can lead a Character to a bear trap and tell them it's a bear trap, but you can't make them not stick their foot in it.

The Blind Gamer also recommends checking out Koibu on Twitch / website and you can go to The Blind Gamer's website to check out their myriad content creators.


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Episode 24 - Dan

Ah, yes, May 15th: Brother's Day!

I don't think that's actually true, but I choose to Houserule it. I'm joined in the Studio by my younger Brother Dan. He talks about his first attempts at DMing, learning to look at Adventure Supplements as Suggestions more than Gospel, and move over Last Week's Vin Diesel 'cause Dolly Parton's taking your place! 

What would Dolly Parton's class in D&D be if she wasn't a Bard? Guess you'll just have to listen to find out.


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Episode 23 - Taylor LaBresh

This week we have the privilege of welcoming Taylor LaBresh of Riverhouse Games into the Studio. We talk about his Proto-GMing in the form of Create Your Own Adventure stories, his first hit of Dungeons and Dragons, and how he creates new games some of which are available on Drivethru RPG.

Taylor also discusses the process of making The Leviathan Files, a Mass Effect RPG Actual Play Podcast, and From The Jackals to the Shepherds, a 5-7 minute microplay podcast of The Quiet Year.

Vin Diesel also comes up, more than you'd expect.

Opening Theme is Master of Puppets Performed by Viktoriya Yemolyeva

Closing Theme is Fishin' Hole by Earle Hagen and Herbert Spencer

Episode 22 - Chris Ode

This week, the Studio is honored to have Chris Ode as a guest. His work GMing Death From Above: Renegades and Masters of the Metaverse on HyperRPG is sublime. We chat about his early days of Roleplaying, how Masters of the Metaverse came to be, and the importance of Shared Stories to a community.

Follow him on Twitter , find out more about Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, and keep an eye out for him if you're at Emerald City Comic Con, GenCon, or PAX Unplugged (TBD).


Opening theme is Master of Puppets performed by Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

Closing theme is Exodus from the Mechwarriors 2: Mercenaries OST. 

Episode 21 - Aaron Catano-Saez

Heeeeeeey Insiders!

One of my favorite shows to listen to right now is All My Fantasy Children and I'm thrilled to have Co-Creator Aaron Catano-Saez on today's episode. We talk about his early characters, how to pick the best free-range grass-fed antibiotic-free prompts to craft a Fantasy Child, and he has some strong words to say about his Co-Host Jeff Stormer.

They're nice words, though. Sorry for trying to bait you into listening to the episode, that was low of me.

If you give All My Fantasy Children a listen and enjoy it, make sure to get involved with their Discord server. It's full of awesome people being excellent to each other, and you can go into the headcanon channel and Suppose 'til your heart's content.

Opening theme is Master of Puppets performed by Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

Closing theme is Orinoco Flow (Cello Melody) by Enya

Episode 20 - Luke Varner

Some call him the Pillar of Audio Entropy.

Some call him Speed Racer.

Today we call him Luke, and we ask him about the FateCore game he's running centered around a Pizza Shop on a Mountain owned by a Time Wizard, and then someone has sex with a Pizza Monster? Look, it's all very messy (No, not in that way, but yeah, probably) but it's also engaging as heck.

Follow Luke on Twitter @SSJSpeedRacer  Or listen to him on

Cosmic Call, Let Me Tell You About Homestuck, PAMMN's Speed Racer Review, or Teenagers With Attitude


Opening theme is Master of Puppets performed by Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

Closing theme is Let Us Drink Milk from the Speed Racer OST by Michael Giachinno

Episode 19 - GM Dan

Welcome, Creatures of the Night...err, early morning? To another Inside the Masters Studio! This week we talk with GM Dan about his experience behind the screen. When do you try to save a player from themselves? What happens when a beloved NPC has to face the music? Ever get so mad you went behind a building and smashed bottles? (Only understandable from a Teenager; if you adults are doing this, tsk, tsk.)

Make sure to head over to https://twitter.com/ElZee3 or http://elzee3.tumblr.com/to check out awesome art made by GM Dan's friend. She's super talented and her combo drawing of the Music Meister and Sweets from Buffy The Vampire Slayer is DOPE.


Are the kids still saying dope?

Episode 18 - Joe

Who ya gonna call and then interview about their Ghostbusters RPG game? Joe's Busters! But actually just Joe.

Joe's love for this game makes me want to go to Dragoncon just to play at his table. I won't because I can't afford it, but it's a nice sentiment anyways.

Make sure to follow The Atlanta Ghostbusters. You can find the Ghostbusters RPG materials and listen to the Ghostbusters Resurrection Actual Playpodcast at http://nerdyshow.com/gbrpg/ 

Opening theme is Master of Puppets performed by Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

Closing theme is Bustin' by Neil Cicierega


Episode 17 - Frankie Garza

Hurry into the Studio and grab a seat for our talk this week with Frankie Garza. The highest compliment I can give them is that their passion for the "Nedoverse" their Masks game is set in is contagious and makes me want to be a player in their already stacked NINETEEN PLAYER GAME!

I get counseling from a man-sized Duck with a Scottish accent, Retcons are Retconned, and more in this episode of Inside The Masters Studio.

Follow Frankie on Twitter.

Check out Totally Reprise

Definitely head over to All My Fantasy Children


Opening theme is Master of Puppets performed by Viktoriya Yermolyeva.

Closing theme is Persona by Blue Man Group