Episode 132 - Zedd Tops Santa

It's Christmas in March Y'all! Cassie joins us to talk about Santa Bondage, Elves who are very concerned with production schedules, Santa's relationship with the moon crew, Goldar Snowball Fights, Christmas magic's interaction with the morphing grid, and Bulk's Little Helper. 

Also we talk about personal present disappointment, Amy Jo Johnson's slightly too real digital series pitch, getting rid of mistletoe once and for all, and Zack's simply horrific soda habit.

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Episode 131 - Love Potion Number Nay-yi-yine

Love is in the air! Prepare to shakeup your OTPs, because after we get a Stunt Coordinator spotlight and a Pataranger V Lupinranger update, it's love potion shenanigans! See Kimberly break Skulls heart for the... 4th time? Witness Rita and Goldar's true love! See how much teens love Celery! And finally, Zack's love for Brendan Fraser is revealed!

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Episode 130 - Legends Are Batting A Thousand

Join a full house as Eric and Frankie join us for the most Are You Afraid of the Dark style monster yet. Where the hell DOES it get that baby face?!?

Also theres actually news this week! Saban shifts Toy manufacturers, and the next Power Rangers series is announced. Also we somehow dredge up Pre-Youtube Power Rangers Parody "Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers".

Plus: Canada's Cream Barrells, Squatt's Functional Status, Baffled Zordon, Horrible Special Effects, and an Excess of Butt.

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Episode 129 - The Opposite of a Peace Frog

Join us for Joel's Serious Time and Emily's Kakuranger Time as we discuss the conclusion of the Hatemaster two parter, during which we solve all hate, forever!

Along the way we agree that comic books are still stupid, that putties may in fact be the apex of the mooks in the whole series, that kiwi burds are cute, that Rita's face glitter is Very Good, and that we will elect Frog Zord President, and you cannot stop us.

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Episode 128 - Grandma Magic Makes Everything Better

This week we talk give you what you all demanded: Ninja Turtles News! Hey, they’re still tightly colored teens! Also, for some reason Power Rangers decides to try and tackle societal systematic inequality? Plus, we get a Rap that makes us long for the days of Pumpkin Rapper, we discuss the usefulness of Grandma Magic, and Zack totally does not mispronounce Angel Grove.

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Episode 127 - Zedd Hate Me

Arrre you ready for some footbaaaall? We talk about a wide range of Football topics like the XFL, Zedd and Goldar tossing the old MonsterSkin around, and Uncle Joe, best Quarterback in the game! Oh also, this is a very special episode about dyslexia? 

We also discuss Mike's encyclopedic CSI knowledge, Zack's codeword ("reverse space-jam"), Nickelodeon Guts minigames, and like, way too much Dragonball

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Episode 126 - I Like Your Tie

Dustin and Jeff join us for an episode so great I'm actually going to summarize it in the description!

Rocky and a Hulked out Chemistry Teacher swap places for a day as Rocky uses his Chemistry know-how to save the rangers, and Mr. Wilton demeans his fellow faculty and picks up girls!

Rito leads the moon crew for the day and Zedd takes a vacation! Bulk and Skull evolve to their final form: Trash Boys! Jason David Frank has a good line reading!

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Episode 125 - Angel Grove Roadshow

Kay and Andrew join us on another journey to the land of Cultural Insensitivity! Billy Proves he's an Otaku! Bulk & Skull harsh the Gym & Juice Bar's Mellow!, Squatt and Baboo do stuff! And the return of Mike The Game Master! All on this week's Teenagers With Attitude!

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Episode 124 - The Joy of Morphing

The Chuckle train pulls into the station as we discuss the French-est monster ever, and with Simon's help talk about Pepe Le Pew, French Canadian Stereotypes, and Bad accents in general.

Plus, Jason David Frank's script notes, Zordon finally erodes Billy's resistance, Bad morphing catch phrases, Zack doesn't know what bread looks like, Ninjor's underhead, and the 3rd Annual Tudies!

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Episode 123 - Ninjor's Bogus Journey

Zack is too busy flying to PAX South to write this blurb, but don't worry, because Mike found enough time in his busy schedule of being incredibly handsome and clever to write one for him.

This week: Ninjor goes to hell, Bulk and Skull doom themselves to an eternity in hell by becoming cops, and the panel experiences the living hell of voting for our Third Annual Teenie Awards!

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Episode 122 - 6 Ninjas: High Noon at Ernie's Juicebar

 S03E06: Ninja Quest Part 3

S03E06: Ninja Quest Part 3

Our buddy Fletcher joins us to discuss what else but the horrific Transformers spinoff Kiss Players. Oh, and part 3 of Ninja Quest.

Along the way we discuss Fletcher's daily Rita-inspired ritual, the existence of More Differenter Aliens, everyone's intense love for Ninjor's motivational speaking, Brenden Frasiers career, organizing a neighborhood putty watch, and the greatest power rangers soundtrack song to date.

Bonus 31- Ultimate Kristmas Kombat 3

As our Kuest komes to an end, and a new year starts, I can't help but remember Abraham Lincoln's immortal words: "Be excellent to each other, and party on."

Really puts things into perspective.

I'm stalling for time because I didn't make sure Zack put a blurb and picture in here before last night. Here have this picture. Pretty weird, right?

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Bonus 30 - Kombat Kristmas II

Join zack and most of the war and beast cast for part two of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation! 

We talk about the most 10th grade thing you can do, The upside down jenga pyramid that is Mortal Kombat's lore, angry wolf-men and overly sexualized ninja women, pointless mud wrestling, terrifying CGI monsters, wanting to make your dad happy, and oh god Baraka looks so bad

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Bonus 29 - Kombat Kristmas

Merry Khristmas, putty patrol! Continuing our Movie Christmas tradition from last year, and based on Listener Votes (damn you all), we watched Mortal Kombat: Annihilation!

Join us as we discuss horrifically bad costumes and acting, magical transportation balls, the best scene exit of all time, and the rest of the crew tries to figure out why Zack likes Mortal Kombat.

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Episode 121 - Just One Big Nipple

As we deal with the fallout from the destroyed zords, we also discuss the newly announced Sentai, Simon's Season Rankings, and the Ranger's quest through some bad traps to get new powers.

While we walk there, Luke sings us some persona 5 songs, Zack crafts a Low Self Esteem Zedd theory, Bulk & Skull hate exercise, and we discuss exactly what form Master Vile's nipples take.

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Episode 119 - Dr. Pleprechaun: The One Fans Crave

This week Frankie rejoins us to discuss the end of the Friend In Need 3 parter and what will CERTAINLY be a long and fruitful friendship between the Power Rangers and Masked Rider. 

We'll also discuss misleading toy advertisements, our pitch for insect based power rangers, Zordon's Starfleet Degree, and Bulk FINALLY giving up on his Power Ranger based schemes.

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Episode 118 - The Fun Is In The Challenge

Join us and our friend Frankie to help discuss Prince Dex and his horrifying 90s commercials as we get to the bottom of the mysterious Simon Murders.

On the way Frankie fills us in on the Spanish dub of Guardian Del Poder, Joel is very mean to Yogi Bear, the moon crew performs a Three Stooges Bit, Masked rider fights some body pillows and TOMMY KICKS A MAN OFF A SPACE HORSE

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Episode 117 - Hi Rez Cocoa Puff

Mitchell Joins us to discuss the back door Masked Rider pilot, tell Power Rangers stories, and tell us about his Time Share Investment.

While we discuss it, Luke gives us the strange story of Sensurround, Mike tells us about JCVD v JDF, Luke explains Saban's "Two Whole Moneys" plan, Emily is excited about Kimberly's on-brand bedroom, and Joel pitches a fixed Masked Rider show (AKA Zedd and Count Dregan Mean Girls)

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