Bonus 36 - Clockstoppers Part 1

Seasons Greetings! This week to celebrate (?) Luke leads us in a discussion of the 2002 Jonathan Frakes “Classic”, Clockstoppers. How much do we hate this kid? You may be surprised!

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Episode 169 - Hey-La-Day-La

Hey everyone! We wind down the year with Sentai announcements, some rumors, and a quick rundown of the tokusatsu landscape.

Meanwhile in the episode, Lt. Stone narrowly stops an alien invasion, King Mondo is irritated noone called him for this episode, and Billy leaves the planet in a spaceship with a stranger who is twice his age, which his parents sanction.

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Episode 167 - The Measure of a Puppetman

Join us for Simon Updates (Arthur hates clowns!) And Zack Updates (Zack saw butts!) before we discuss the existential horror that is The Puppetman!

In this episode, Tommy makes a tactical error, the power rangers are woefully inadequate for nonlethal conflict, and the Defender Wheel is… something, thats for sure.

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Bonus 34 - Turkeys With Attitude

SURPRISE! Many thanks to the friends and Putty Patrollers that contributed to this episode, and apologies to those who would have contributed but didn’t because of my deception. Whether you’re busy watching the Lions suck at football, an MST3K marathon, or just having a normal Thursday because America’s NOT actually the center of the universe I hope you have a great day and know how thankful we are for you.


Episode 166 - Just A Buster Wannabe

Emily joins us for a DOG EPISOOOODE! Also we’re all sick so enjoy that while we discuss bad 90’s trading cards, motorcycle graveyards, sergeant dog, Ernie’s geothermal power plant, demorphing from embarrassment, murdering mini-me, King Mondo’s high Oil Pressure, and DOG QUESTIONS.

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Episode 165 - Mooncrew Graham

This week, join us for the return of everyone’s favorite Jerk! Also, we critique baseball technique despite not knowing basically anything about it, and we increase the show’s Vore Count by 1!

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Episode 164 - Amp Up The Baby

Luke and Greg join Zack to discuss Sandwhiches, Ketchup, and Cheese! And Power Rangers too, I guess?

Lt. Stone is nearly killed in a ketchup incident, Tommy and Kat take on a cliche Home Ec assignment that makes Kat’s characterization get real weird for a bit, and theres some horrific clown robots!

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Episode 163 - Future Westwood College Alumni

Matt returns, as always, for Street Fighter content as we do an episode within an episode about the weirdest and somehow most official fanfiction. Its pretty good! But they fucked up one MAJOR thing!

In the episode itself we discuss how little time Rocky’s lab partner has for his shit, some all time good “misunderstanding computers”, our new favorite character, and the Megazord gets some cool hats!

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Episode 162 - We Cut To TBD


We have the whole crew together and Zack’s in a hotel in florida, but he refused to miss the chance to do the weirdest actor spotlight ever and talk about weird ass modern marketing for 10 minutes!

In the episode, Luke figures out a way to explain away his own bits, Billy looks sexy as hell, Skull makes a whole loaf of toast, Tanya’s new boyfriend sucks a lot, Tommy can’t drive, and BIG FEET WITH GUNS

Episode 160 - Bandora's Has Fallen

Hey guys good news! I found a backup podcast in the basement! Now that we are re-established its time to get down to whats really important: Using Tanya’s backstory to confuse and torture Luke!


Episode 159 - This Is Fine

As we discuss the last episode of Alien Rangers, Lexi pulls out all the stops to avoid talking about the show her podcast is about!

We also discuss Rita’s Unified Field Theory, earthquake readiness, feeding pretty ladies water, The Tanya/Aisha problem, and for some reason Rito gets Toon Powers?

Oh also, spoilers, we all die at the end!

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Episode 158 - Limping Towards the Finish Line

Simon returns and pogs get discussed, because of course they do? Also, we take a full and complete inventory of what is in Africa (Apparently its just Lions), Zedd devises a new(ish) plan, try to understand the command center’s basement, discuss the dichotomy between the very competent and also very stupid alien rangers, and finally talk about the horror that is Gwyneth Paltrow

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Episode 157 - What The Hell Is Kats Backstory

This week we delve into the episode we are perhaps least equipped to talk about, both because of some poor portayals of indigenous people and also because we literally do not fucking understand what the hell is going on in a good 50% of the episode!

Buckle up cause it gets rocky. Errr… Kat. And Tommy.

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Bonus 33 - Simons in Danger: 25th Anniversary Special

Well, half the crew was at PAX West, Zack's Sister Got Married, Mike Moved, but SIMON IS HERE AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Simon gives his thoughts on the 25th anniversary special of Super Ninja Steel, his thoughts on the season so far, and, of course, revives the Fan Favorite Segment Simon Sorts as he ranks every theme song!

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