Episode 198 - Tanya's Mapquest

Its time to delve deep, DEEP into the Jungle of confusing Tanya lore! And also the actual jungle!

We go to the mysterious Mysterio Island! You know what that means, right?!?!

Oh also, Auric is here. He’s like a worse version of Ninjor. Its fine, I guess. We just miss him.

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Episode 194 - What Time Is It?

The universe conspires to keep Zack off of the episode of the final “reveal” of the gold ranger, and Mike steps in to host! Jordan of War And Beast guests as we discuss Jason’s Return to the show!

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Episode 182 - Punitive Hot Sushi

We roll off of one problematic series of episodes and on to another one!

Also, Blue Ranger is cemented as “the one what gets all the love interests!”

Also our “before we close the show” segment continues to get weirder and weirder?

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Episode 181 - Bblooblbblooblbbloobl

We finally and mercifully bring the arrowhead saga to a close, talk about the power rangers audition process, and once again raise the cieling of how gay Bulk and Skull can possibly, possibly get on screen.

Also, at some point Simon is bodily posessed by Eric.

(Please everyone give mad props to Eric for saving the last 20 minutes of this episode!)

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Episode 180 - Weedleyweedleyweedley


Tommy continues his quest of questionable cultural sensitivity and we are just VERY confused about what the hell the arrowhead is supposed to do, other than make extremely frustrating noises!