Episode 165 - Mooncrew Graham

This week, join us for the return of everyone’s favorite Jerk! Also, we critique baseball technique despite not knowing basically anything about it, and we increase the show’s Vore Count by 1!

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Episode 164 - Amp Up The Baby

Luke and Greg join Zack to discuss Sandwhiches, Ketchup, and Cheese! And Power Rangers too, I guess?

Lt. Stone is nearly killed in a ketchup incident, Tommy and Kat take on a cliche Home Ec assignment that makes Kat’s characterization get real weird for a bit, and theres some horrific clown robots!

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Episode 163 - Future Westwood College Alumni

Matt returns, as always, for Street Fighter content as we do an episode within an episode about the weirdest and somehow most official fanfiction. Its pretty good! But they fucked up one MAJOR thing!

In the episode itself we discuss how little time Rocky’s lab partner has for his shit, some all time good “misunderstanding computers”, our new favorite character, and the Megazord gets some cool hats!

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Episode 162 - We Cut To TBD


We have the whole crew together and Zack’s in a hotel in florida, but he refused to miss the chance to do the weirdest actor spotlight ever and talk about weird ass modern marketing for 10 minutes!

In the episode, Luke figures out a way to explain away his own bits, Billy looks sexy as hell, Skull makes a whole loaf of toast, Tanya’s new boyfriend sucks a lot, Tommy can’t drive, and BIG FEET WITH GUNS

Episode 160 - Bandora's Has Fallen

Hey guys good news! I found a backup podcast in the basement! Now that we are re-established its time to get down to whats really important: Using Tanya’s backstory to confuse and torture Luke!


Episode 159 - This Is Fine

As we discuss the last episode of Alien Rangers, Lexi pulls out all the stops to avoid talking about the show her podcast is about!

We also discuss Rita’s Unified Field Theory, earthquake readiness, feeding pretty ladies water, The Tanya/Aisha problem, and for some reason Rito gets Toon Powers?

Oh also, spoilers, we all die at the end!

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Episode 158 - Limping Towards the Finish Line

Simon returns and pogs get discussed, because of course they do? Also, we take a full and complete inventory of what is in Africa (Apparently its just Lions), Zedd devises a new(ish) plan, try to understand the command center’s basement, discuss the dichotomy between the very competent and also very stupid alien rangers, and finally talk about the horror that is Gwyneth Paltrow

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Episode 157 - What The Hell Is Kats Backstory

This week we delve into the episode we are perhaps least equipped to talk about, both because of some poor portayals of indigenous people and also because we literally do not fucking understand what the hell is going on in a good 50% of the episode!

Buckle up cause it gets rocky. Errr… Kat. And Tommy.

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Bonus 33 - Simons in Danger: 25th Anniversary Special

Well, half the crew was at PAX West, Zack's Sister Got Married, Mike Moved, but SIMON IS HERE AND THE SHOW MUST GO ON!

Simon gives his thoughts on the 25th anniversary special of Super Ninja Steel, his thoughts on the season so far, and, of course, revives the Fan Favorite Segment Simon Sorts as he ranks every theme song!

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Episode 155 - Putting the Quest in Questionable

Lexi lets Junior Coorespondant Zack do an actor spotlight so that she can avoid the news segment again before we really dig into the problematic Zeo Quest arc.

Along the way we discuss Time Hole Accidents, Zedd's thing for witches, Zack finally breaks in the face of the show's logic, Goldar finds an unlikely concessions stand, and a fish gives Cestro vague directions.

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Episode 154 - Wet and Wild Mr Wilton

Cassie guests as Zordon sends the young rangers to release their pent up energy and get wet... at the water park! Look, Zordon gets gross this episode, its not my fault.

The alien rangers have some great fight scenes, Skull rounds up a posse, Bulk shoots the moon, and we get mad about time travel again!

Along the way we discuss how English was invented, Science Hoards, what the hell it is Zordon actually does, and imaginary cereals.

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Episode 153 - Zordon Enters Screensaver Mode

Join us as Lexi finally begins to regret her chosen format of news segment, Eric exerts his editing power, Zack discusses his long history with soda, and Emily nearly blushes herself into nonexistance!

Plus, An old lady is mean to kids, the Aquitians bully some small children, Rito proves he's even dumber than we previously expected, and learn why we ship Bestro!

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Episode 152 - We Will Never Forget You... Kamborly?

We are joined by Frankie, Jordan, and... Zack?!? to discuss the most Alien Rangers of things: a quick Michael Myers career retrospective.

Okay yes we also talk about the show: Frankie loves the Alien Rangers and begins a battle of wills with Lexi, Rito and Goldar fail to commandeer a bus filled with small children, the rangers fail to do anything whatsoever to stop the worst thing that's happened to them so far,  Cestro is the Blue One, and the Alien Rangers are rewarded during what appears to be an extremely LGBTQ Positive Ceremony?

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Episode 150 - Aliens With Battleborgs

As we enter a new era, we get new rangers, a new host, and a new, clearly not hastily overdubbed theme song!

We also discuss all your favorite normal and not weird at all topics, like Funko pops, the death of our previous host, the best small blunt force objects to use in combat, and everyones favorite small child antics!

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Episode 149 - Apostrophe Catastrophe

It's another episode of Teenagers With Attitude.  There's some jokes, a bunch of shouting over one another and general abuse piled onto the main host, and Power Rangers is kind of bad, you guys.  Look it's been three years, you know the score by now, right?

Okay fine, Zack finally abandons his audio child after three years, leaving it in the hands of... three time guest Lucas!?  He's joined by a handful of regulars to discuss what's technically the last episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (how's that for timing eh? Whole series in exactly 3 years, go us!)

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Episode 148 - Its A No From Me, Dog

Ryan guests and we talk about Shakespeare, Crush 40, and a power rangers work-life balance before diving into the episode for the week!

Once there, we discuss Bulk & Skull's disrespect for police property, Power Ranger Dancing, how sad we are that Ninjor is god, why the rangers are such squares, and ALL THE MEGAZORDS (Lexi's note: half the megazords at best)

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Episode 147 - Master Viles 50 Turn Plan

Frankie joins us for Master Vile's Murder party and helps razz Zack about his Zackcidents.

We also get to hear Frankie guess about what like part 1 and 2 were like, Mike makes a new ring tone, we talk about the new creative team for the comic, the show attempts to really make the Zords feel like machines, Zordon continues to not follow OSHA regulations, and we have an extended Mario Party discussion where Zack discusses his favorite Goombas.

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