Episode 17 - Tommy Oliver And The Smash Mouth Covers

Episode Discussed : MMPR S1E17: Green With Evil - Part 1

Episode Discussed: MMPR S1E17: Green With Evil - Part 1

Dustin joins us once again as we begin the Green Ranger saga and are introduced to the character with the most luxurious hair and the most delightful evil laugh and we learn that none of us are very good at impressions.

Points of interest: The Spookiest Abs, Dustin's Hair Experiments, The most important thing Zordon has forgotten yet, The Zordonsleep, Squat the Script Kiddie, Buyin DIldos at the mall, Another take on what the hell Goldar is, A fucking hadoken?!?, Dame Judy Dench as Tommy Oliver, French Canadian Southern Baptist Preacher

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