66. The French Connection Job

We’re watching the French Connection Job, ask us about Truffles, Community Theatre, and Molecular Gastronomy.

We also discuss a great week, Shadowbringers solo, Fabby-Ann’s first Pride, Glitter and Axes, pills that make girls pee a lot, hair-passing, let’s go watch Spiderverse, Cass solves a murder, Shawshank Redemption and humanisation of Prisoners, ‘Celebrity’ chef guests, Don’t trust John Rogers or Cops, Eliot’s unfortune backstory, Hardison is a total jerk this episode, tipping and taxes, Pepper is the only dog, the only good Randy (maybe), Is This Racist?, projecting, I can’t believe I forgot what spreader bars were called, food is life, Hardison being childish, when Parker loves her job she never works a day in her life, gold leaf doesn’t change physical taste but commodity fetishism is extremely yucky, Alec Hestonson, Pepper is a rowdy boyo, why doesn’t Parker like Jazz?, Eliot murderman, Palmer and Snead are good, we’ve never played Stardew Valley, the rapping door, Cass is always Dick Van Dyke, Noble Gases, how to get Fabby-Ann to watch something: invoke One Day at a Time, one George Washington.

Mr Iglesias
Summer Depression by Girl in Red