64. The Blue Line Job

We’re watching The Blue Line Job, we’re talking about Enforcers, Concussions, and Turtles that are Russians.

We also discuss TMNT 2003, cooking/food talk from 2:10 to 8:55, Slow cooking is good, Double Indian beef and Aloo Gobi, the Surviving Culinarian, Monk vs Gold, Gun House vs the Dogbot, Podcast Law, Randy Pitchford should be in jail right next to Bryan Cogman, full contact sports are fucked up y’all, John Rogers handles something okay but pretends that this is an individual problem instead of a systemic issue, Dr Karma Houdini, shout-out to Danny Marko, Mick Foley, “Women be knowing things?”, Lyudmila Pavlichenko, Parker and Hardison do a sneaky, what is good internet?, we go off on a big tangent, Calcifer coaster, Horny Scared, My Neighbour Del Totoro, Fabby Ann reacts to the One Piece Rap, Vlad good, Nate likes hockey, a fanciful turn of phrase, S&M&M, Elliot renounces the Leverage team, disparagement of nice character scenes for being “Fanfiction-y”, Loving your characters, Grey’s Hammer lifting contest, Petunia Evans joins the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in Oleander, Nate and Sophie casual intimacy, Hockey =/= Christmas, as the Zamboni goes, changing the culture of sports, door foley, the eight Ranger, early recording next week, Special Kiss, at the end of the episode…

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